The ABC'S no one ever taught you about building a successful creative online business.


Look... I am going to tell you right now....
There are a million ways to build a business.
There are a million strategies out there....a million marketing tactics... and a million different youtube videos to follow for the "secret" steps to getting rich and successful in the online space.
But if what you've been doing HASN'T been working...
If it's all felt really forced...
Or you've been waiting on the sidelines to show up and actually take the steps...
(Or yo-yo rollercoaster committing to your dream)
It's probably because the strategies and practices you have been taught haven't felt aligned to you.
OR ... you haven't been following a strategy at all.

Let me be real with you: It is time for the new way.

The Aligned Business Creator Way.

I am a firm believer that working towards your passion should be a fun-filled process full of creativity, inspiration, joy, and YES... a lot of WEALTH.
If you haven't been feeling those things recently, If you have felt like your offers aren't selling, if you don't know where to start...or you have been putting yourself out there just to get little to no engagement in the online world...
Let me welcome you to my world where we do things in a new way, with ALIGNED BUSINESS CREATOR.

"After taking Lauren's Aligned Business Creator Program.., I just realized I've seen explosive growth in my business in just the last few weeks alone. I've seen 1000's of new Instagram followers and 1000's of new email subscribers, People are enrolling in my courses, my programs, and my containers every single week. And this is something that I have been dreaming about for years now."


-Amanda May

Welcome to Aligned Business Creator.


Aligned Business Creator (ABC) is a do-it-yourself, self-paced program that walks you through every important element of building a successful, sustainable, freedom-based business from start to finish. I share my most important strategic foundational studies with you - the ones that have built the structure of what I have today.
Whether you are inspired to create a business and haven't quite figured it out yet, you're just starting your entrepreneur journey, or you've been in the game for a while and are looking to create a solid foundation that allows you to really scale your business, this DIY Program is for you.
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Inside Aligned Business Creator.


ABC is a step-by-step program walking you through all the strategic elements of business, entrepreneurship, and personal brand creation. You can see the topics you'll learn and the experience you'll have in the training list below.
Once you enroll, you get instant access to all the content and lifetime access to any, and all updates.
This DIY course is delivered in an 11+ Video Training Series complete with journal workbooks to guide you through taking massive action and gaining massive clarity.
Every step of the way, we are going through the deep foundational pieces of business, leadership, sales, marketing, etc. that create a profitable online mission.
No more guessing the game. The HOW is right in front of you inside this program.


Things you need to know and will come to know in this program:


  1. Aligned Business Creator (ABC) is for anyone who is wanting a successful profitable mission in the online space.
  2. Healers, Coaches, Creatives, Facilitators, Guides, Light-workers, Network Marketers, Course Creators, Spiritual Teachers, Writers, and even those who are inspired to BECOME these things are all welcome and are a perfect fit for this study.
  3. This DIY course is not for any specific level of business. You can be curious, new, entry-level, or experienced. The more you know the better your outcomes, so I welcome all of you.
  4. This is a deeply feminine approach to business STRATEGY. I am sharing all the true foundational strategic elements that have built what I have today.
  5. This study holds you accountable, ensuring you take action steps. No more waiting in overwhelm; this simplified step-by-step approach keeps you on track.
  6. "The more you thrive, the more your business thrives," is a true statement. And you'll learn how to fully embody it through this work.

Trainings inside of ABC:


  1. Who You Are and What You Stand For: A training for identifying your true soul's mission.
  2. Your Offerings: What to do when your heart is calling you to multiple layers of service
  3. Values of Your Business: Identifying the true elements of your brand that sell.
  4. Power of Three - Ideal Client Exercise: How to identify your niche.
  5. Serving Your Clients: The key to being embodied in your leadership and truly helping others without the fear of failure.
  6. The FLOW Formula: How to create multiple revenue streams that continue to serve your community and make passive income.
  7. The Linear Test - Identifying Your Pricing: Never worry about what to charge again.
  8. Becoming A Personal Brand: How to establish the most marketable elements of your work and how to make them shine.
  9. Content Creation, Vision & Social Media Strategy: The secrets to creating a successful social media platform
  10. BONUS - My Launch Process: How to continue to thrive and promote with alignment
  11. BONUS - Spiritual Sales Strategy: My methods for selling with soul instead of feeling icky or sleazy in your sales practice.

What past students have said about working with Lauren



It started with a personal development DREAM: I was healing my life and I wanted to help others do the same. I had spent years following bloggers and influencers who were growing so quickly in the world of online marketing and I felt a deep calling in my body to be a part of this world and its freedom. Plus I really wanted to help people.


So in 2015, I made a big decision to quit my job and start an online mission called "What is Perfection." Having NO idea how the online space worked, I was simply throwing spaghetti at the wall for the first two years trying to make something work. In less than 18 months I had built a multiple six-figure brand. And that's when I realized I was attracting a TON of women who wanted to do the same!


So I built a second company called Badass Business Babe helping women build successful online businesses. I watched clients go on to create their first 10K months. I saw women who had NO idea how to put their businesses together come to work with me and then go off to create six-figure empires. I even had clients who became multimillion-dollar brand status! My teachings were working!


But I felt a deeper calling to abandon that business because I knew in my soul I really wanted to offer deeper healing work to the world. There was a big myth in the online space that you could only really "make money" if you were helping people make money... and I wanted to challenge that belief with every bone in my body to become successful with my spiritually-centered work. So I closed that door and stepped into the Lauren of Love brand that you see here today.


Everything I do is soul-aligned, heart-centered, and PROFITABLE. And I truly believe that every woman out there has the ability to be financially prosperous with her God-given gifts, passions, and callings. I knew in my heart when I left Business Babe that I was not done helping women create financial freedom. And so I birthed the Wild Wealthy Feminine Program and now, this amazing do it your self paced study, Aligned Business Creator.


Wild Wealthy Feminine is a much different study. These are totally different bodies of work. Check out the details of what's inside to feel into the alignment of this work and the magic it has to offer you.


Learn the ABC's of business!


Aligned Business Creator


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