Digital Course Creator


The online course that shares our entire step by step process of getting a course or group program up and running.

Learn how to map out, record, produce, edit and bring your vision to life STEP BY STEP.

Do you have an idea for building an online course or group program, babe?


"I want to design a program but I have no idea how to do it or where to start."

"I want residual income (hello, time freedom) but creating a product feels overwhelming."

"How much should I charge? Where do I host it? Is there a right way to launch this thing?"

"Tech stuff overwhelms me... where do I start?"



Sound familiar...

  • "I don't know the right way to make a course"

  • "I am worried I'm doing this wrong."

  • "What do I charge, where do I host this thing, how do I create automation?"



Never wonder about designing a course or question how to create an online offer ever again.


This course uses the exact formula we use to create, launch and sellout all our  Badass Business Babe products..

Streamline your vision into an online program that helps thousands of people.

Take a small idea and turn it into a path of gold.




program benefits

what's inside Digital Course Creator?

program benefits
  • 20 course modules that cover a step by step course creation process (for Passive evergreen products and live group coaching programs) 
  • 17 Video trainings that walk you through screen shares and tutorials of how to do all the tech stuff (learn how to create your offer with or without a membership site)
  • 6 PDF Guides to help you gain clarity about your product and the vision you have of making an impact
  • Life time access to this course and all of it's upgraded content forever.
  • The Sacred Success Creators Community (ask any questions and our team is here to help!)



I used to struggle to design and launch online courses. Now, they are the bread and butter of my income!

I know exactly which format to use for selling out my content.

I know how to outline a program and get my clients the end results they want.

I know how long a program should be, how much to charge, or how to promote it.

I know how to launch into a program with the intention of helping as many women as possible and selling out each offering! 

This is a self lead, six-week online course that allow you to launch in a week or a month, it's up to you! 

Plus, as I learn and expand my strategy for launching, you learn too with lifetime access!

take a peek


mapping out your program/course

In this six module section of DCC, I show you how to create content for a program (even if you just have a random little idea.) Learn the three types of courses you can create in the online space. I'll show you how to pick the perfect type of course to honor your needs as an entrepreneur and to also honor your customers. You'll learn my secret content creation strategy and even get to watch me coach a client though mapping out her own course so you can too! I also show you how to properly price and structure your programs with a method that feels intuitive, and removes the icky salesy feeling.


producing your course content

This three part section of the program walks you through every single option available to you for designing your courses. I show you how to record videos, how to produce PDF guides and journal worksheets (on Mac or PC computers) and how to produce audio trainings. This is tech made sooo easy even your grandma could do it. I share my screens and walk you through more than one way to do the damn thing.

Whether you want to build your offer through a membership service like Kajabi, a professional website, or if you don't want to do either of those things (I show you how to do the damn thing without a website) this training is for YOU.


automation made easy, receiving payments, and delivering your offer

Gone are the days of manual work. In this three module section of the course I teach you how to create SEAMLESS automation even if you don't have a website. These trainings are recorded based on whether you are using a website or not (there is a step by step automation training for the person who doesn't have a website too!) I also map out the three decisions you must make before launching your offer and how to get all the automation connected so you never have to manually deliver your product to a customer ever again.


designing your offer, email, and sales page copy

Copy is SO important when you create the sales page or sales PDF for your product (again, you don't need a website.) I show you how I create sales copy step by step so you know EXACTLY what to say in your sales copy, and in your email copy when someone purchases your product. (This I also the section of the course where I show you how to put a sales button on your website if you have one.)


how to sellout and launch your offer

The most important question of all: how do I get people to buy my product? What's a launch strategy and do I need one? What five things must I know before opening my cart?

This training (a bonus excerpt from my Secret Sellout Strategy Course) walks you through a launch method overview that works seamlessly every time.

client stories

I just finished the outline for the entire first week of my course! This is giving me lifeee, I'm feeling so much more confident about writing the entire course!

Ally Jones Life Coach

This program was awesome! It filled in a lot of the holes that I had in my business and launches. After taking this course, so much more made sense to me and now I launch with ease!

Laura Thomas Intuitive Mindset Coach

Before I started DCC, the idea of creating my own courses and group programs was just that, an idea. Within the first week of the course, not only did I gain clarity in what I wanted to create but I was able to blast through the blocks that were holding me back from starting in the first place! On top of being packed with value, you get to learn from Lauren who is one of the BEST coaches and teachers I've ever had the pleasure of learning from! If you haven't gotten this course yet, stop waiting and jump in!

Brooke Kathleen Relationship Coach and Empath Lightworker
Breakthroughs inside

about digital course creator


DCC is an online course for entrepreneurs who are serious about making passive income in the online space. 

Digital Course Creator (DCC) is a DIY Course that teaches you how to create your own digital product from start to finish. In DCC, you will learn how to plan out, design edit and produce ever green products, group coaching programs and DIY courses for your audience. I also share my fool proof launch strategy with you so you can sell out with ease! 

Once you purchase, you'll get instant access to the trainings, audio recordings and PDF guides that walk you through the entire process step by step.

Come with a half thought out idea and finish this course with a complete designed offer with all the bells and whistles! I'll guide you through a process that answers every question you have about designing your offer.


what to look forward to...


how to map out a course, determine pricing and structure

Together we will walk through a complete a high-level overview of designing your vision. Through a step by step process that we use for our own online courses, I'll show you how to take an idea and turn it into a crystal clear offer. I'll also show you how to identify the pricing and structure of your offer.


how to create video, audio trainings, PDF guides and worksheets for your students

If the tech stuff has stopped you in your tracks before, this section is for you. You'll learn step by step how to record and create your online trainings for each section of your course. We talk programs, tools and everything you'll need!


how to host & publish your online courses or group programs

You've got it all mapped out and recorded but how will your client access it? In week three we walk through the best platforms for hosting and how to set everything up seamlessly. This takes the stress out of launching a program! 


how to design the perfect sales page for your audience

We're almost there! Now that you have your course fully created and living online, it's time to solidify your pricing and design a sales page that converts. We'll discuss sales copy and make sure everything is working flawlessly!


how to market and sellout your offer with ease and flow

What good is a course that doesn't actually sell out? 'll show you how to easily share your beautiful creation with the world and attract ideal clients to your offer with ease. Gone are the days of trying to find clients... let the clients come to you!

FIVE bonus trainings you get in this course!

  • The difference between designing an evergreen and a group coaching program (and knowing the RIGHT one to pick for your unique offer.)
  • How to put your product out there without paying monthly for Kajabi or Teachable or any membership site (or even without a website!)
  • How to create automation so that the minute someone purchases they automatically get access to your product.
  • How to strategize a launch of a product and the step by step process to filling an offer.



launching has never been easier enroll in Digital Course Creator today!


Is this a live course?

No this is an online course that you are able to take at your own pace. With your daily life calculated in, you are able to do this program in your down time, when the kids aren't home, or right before bed.

Do you offer refunds?

Lauren Eliz Love & What is Perfection LLC. do not guarantee specific results inside this program. It's up to you to put in the work, show up fully, and give it your all to apply these principles!

How long will it take for me to complete this?

The course itself is broken up into 5 sections. Each section can include video, audio, and PDF worksheets. It's best to set up a time to dive into the content each day.

Do I have access forever?


What platform is this hosted on?

All of our courses and programs are hosted on Kajabi which you can access from a desktop computer or the mobile app.

Are there payment plans?

There is only a one time payment for this course due to its affordable price point.

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