You know the Universal Law of Manifestation?

Well guess what.... there are actually 12 Universal Laws of Self Healing... and when you know them, the GAME changes.

Welcome to the HEAL Foundations Program.

If you've seen my life transformation six month group container The HEAL Program,

you might be wondering, "what's inside Heal Foundations" and how is this program different? 

So let's start there: 

This program, Heal Foundations, contains content that is not included in any other program.

Nothing is duplicated. No content is repeated.

You won't find this information ANYWHERE ELSE.


This is the most important information you will EVER have on your healing journey.

This program teaches you

the 12 Universal Laws of Self Healing.

Why are these laws the MOST Important information you can have on your healing journey?


You can't become the victor of a game you don't know how to play.

And these laws are the RULES of the game my friend.

Knowing them changes EVERYTHING.


It's like...

trying to play a basketball game without a rule book...

or struggling to figure out a puzzle without having the picture to know what it looks like...

or... trying to get to an end destination with a blindfold on.


Here's the truth:

You can only master healing yourself when you master the LAWS of self healing that guide the entire process.


These are the laws that govern your entire reality and dictate your transformation process.

Don't know them? You need to.

They are the literal reason why you create what you want in your life or you don't.

*If you have been trying to heal your body, your business, your bank account, your relationships, your self confidence...

and you wonder,

"why is it so hard to get the transformation I want?" 

"Why do I keep attracting the things I don't want?" 

"Why are these patterns still coming up?"

"When am I ever going to break out of this vibration?" 

"Why can't I heal this?"

It's simple: You don't know the 12 Universal Laws. 

So let's master our self healing and learn these secret laws.

Knowing these laws changes the entire game of self healing. 

Knowing these laws teaches you whats happening in your world, why it's happening, and how to change it to get the outcomes you want.

Knowing these laws allows you to collapse time and get results faster than ever before.

The 12 Universal Laws are the entire foundation of what we need to know to transform our lives.

And now you can learn them in this program.

12 videos and a 53 page workbook.

That's it.


Because self healing is simple. And so is this program.

P.S. Did I mention you get lifetime access when you enroll?

"I had breakthroughs I never thought I’d have in my life! I cannot recommend this program enough!" - Stacey


MOST REQUESTED NEW PROGRAM: Join the hundreds of students becoming MASTERS of their own self healing!
In this brand new lesson by Lauren Eliz Love, Founder of the HEAL. Program — You will discover the 12 principles of self healing that fully activate your ability to completely shift your reality, your body, your bank account, and your self!
Taught over 12 simple video lessons & journal workbooks — These important foundational studies will show you the most powerful principles of self healing, exactly how to align your emotions and energy with your soul's deepest intentions, help you release the blocks that have been holding you back, and ultimately, heal and rewrite your entire reality.
What You Get:
  •  12 x Video Lessons with Lauren Eliz Love (the 12 Universal Laws of Self Healing)  
  •  ​2 x Step-by-step New Self Healing Protocols for Wealth, Health, and Self Love
  •  The Heal Foundations Downloadable Workbook
  •  Heal Yourself Self Healing Rituals That Work!
  •  BONUS: 1 x Self Healing Self Love Meditations (worth $19.90)

In our most intense hours, we are asked to remember our Divine power to create

ANY reality we dream of.



We can have health and vitality in our bodies without poor patterns. We can have financial wealth and freedom without stress and pressure. We can flow towards our goals and heal our relationship with ourselves and others (and our past trauma) to call in the life of our dreams.


We deserve to heal our relationship with our past, our family, our upbringing and the things we've been through.

We deserve to break the ancestral patterns our parents have unknowingly passed down to us.

It is our birthright to have a desire and create it as an outcome effortlessly and in total alignment in our life.

We deserve to have bodies free of chronic health issues, poor patterns, and addiction.

We deserve to break patterns of self sabotage, personal limitation and the way we've been blocking ourselves from having the life of our dreams. 


So, what if for the first time ever you could receive the secrets of self healing that have allowed hundreds of others to transform their bodies, bank accounts, and their relationships with themselves.   


It's time to HEAL.


You'll learn how to awaken your divine ability to heal your mind, your life, habits & health.


HEAL FOUNDATIONS is the fundamental study of self healing mastery that every self healer should have. I'll walk you through the 12 Universal Laws of Self Healing and you'll learn how to create lasting change in your life, reality and 3D world.

Sharing the 12 Universal Laws of Self Healing, a small piece of study inside the BIG  HEAL. METHOD process with you, this digital training study, will teach you how to completely rewrite and rewire your relationship with yourself and finally heal aspects of your life that have been holding you back. Whether it is your relationship with yourself, your body, your business, bank account, food... anything, you can HEAL it.

If you feel the desire to heal an area of your life, or if you are a self healing TEACHER, guide or support for others, the Heal Foundations program will provide you the tools, structures, and steps simply by learning the 12 Universal Laws. This is the study you've been waiting for to take immediate action on rewriting your reality. 

My firm beliefs about this program: 

  • This is the study that every woman doing the "inner work" should have. 
  • The game changing information that finally gives you the miracle shift you've been waiting for.
  • The foundational study of how to shift your reality, heal yourself, and transform your relationship with WHO YOU ARE.


If you are ready for the secrets to mastering your reality to heal yourself, HEAL FOUNDATIONS is the place to start!



How the course works:

- Once you enroll in Heal Foundations, you will get instant access to the course modules to dive into your study! 

- This course is go at your own pace! You get lifetime access to this healing experience and can call on your study whenever you need!

- Inside the series, you will receive video trainings, recorded slides, and journal workbooks that will awaken you step-by-step in this process.

- You will learn the full process of the HEAL. METHOD and how to fully activate your own power to heal yourself.



Hi, I'm Lauren. I healed my life.

I used to be the girl who struggled with a laundry list of things....alcoholism, anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, chronic illness, severe financial stress... just to name a few.

Healing any area of my life always felt hard. Whether it be my relationship with my parents, my partner, myself, or even my relationship with money. It felt like the steps weren't clear and the journey felt long and complicated. "How do I navigate this?"  

I felt lost in the process of "overcoming the struggle." I was tired of constantly trying to be a better version of myself without ever fully reaching my limitless potential.

No matter how much I tried, I still felt stuck in the same patterns. Whether they were patterns of insecurity and limiting belief, or they were patterns of physical self-sabotage or even upper limit (like the Universe just wasn't throwing me a break) ... they felt like patterns that were truly impossible to break. Patterns that I needed to heal, but didn't know how to back then.

 Most days I felt at the end of my rope emotionally and financially. I was spending thousands of dollars on therapists, reiki healers, chiropractors, supplements, personal development programs, and coaches trying to "feel better." But the more support I received and the more information I had, the more overwhelmed I became with my process.

Then I found the 12 Universal Laws of self healing and my ENTIRE world opened up. I was able to create HUGE transformations in my life that literally made me a different person. Now I walk the path of sharing this medicine with the world.


"I feel called to do great things again and this is the first time in a while since I actually feel CAPABLE of doing great things again."

- Shari Kaeding


"There's ZERO judgment in this place where you can feel completely safe. I feel lit up just thinking about how many light bulb moments I had and continue to have with Lauren. If you want to be the change you wish to see around you, go sign up!!"

- Kristen Cary


"Omg Lauren I am so happy I have made the decision to follow this study. I have had so many ah ha moments with the law of I AM, it's incredible. I have watched that video I don't know how
many times. 16 minutes full of so many insights and I have been working on it for the last 2 weeks. Very hard at times but truly worth it."

- Heal Foundations Student


"I'm finally finding MY truth & freedom which has helped me speak my truth and find more of my authenticity! The more I heal, the more I'm becoming who I'm meant to be!"

- Tatiana Fernandez






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