Millionaire Mindset
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Release the internal struggle and resistance that is blocking you from infinite abundance.

Rewrite your old inner monologue of "money is hard to come by," or "hard work pays off."

You know you are blocked, and you are ready to fix it.











If you're ready to...

sound like you?
  • Step into next level worthiness and your souls true desires, how would your business change if you believed whole heartedly in yourself and in your work? This program will help make that your new reality. 

  • Often times we're not even aware of the beliefs that are holding us back. The audio recordings in this program are designed to help you uncover fear, doubt and other beliefs that are holding you back from becoming your most aligned, infinite-self. 

become a magnet for success 

You are desiring more, but your conscious brain is only allowing you to receive so much. This is why we dive into the subconscious to manifest from a place of worthiness and high self worth. 

Millionaire Mindset will guide you through 28 days of deep inner reprogramming and visualization work to allow you to step into the million dollar you that you crave. 

Millionaire Mindset was designed to walk you through an overhead view of our secret ninja growth strategies so even the newest business woman can show up with confidence on social media. 

check it out


check it out
  • Millionaire Mindset comes with 28 transformative audio trainings 
  • 4 journal workbooks to take things into the 3D and start manifesting in real time 
  • Whether you are mastering your creative channel or letting go of fear and self-doubt there is 28 days of mindset work readily available to you
  • Community support from like-minded women inside the Sacred Success Community 
  • Lifetime access to the content and all updates!

the person
the program

how I went from a news anchor to a self-made millionaire  

My business used to feel like a struggle. I spent hour after hour working at my desk but it felt like no matter how hard I worked my results came slowly. It felt like everytime I looked at Instagram there was another coach talking about her $10,000 month and I couldn't help but wonder why I couldn't get exponential results in my business. I kept hiring coaches, taking courses, and looking everywhere to learn the secret strategy to get my business to grow. While I was implementing every strategy under the sun to grow my business I had deep rooted limiting beliefs that were keeping me stuck. 

Can I tell you a secret?

I didn't start to get BIG results in my business until I started to reprogram my subconcious mind. 

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into the episodes.

Day 1

Becoming Deserving of Success

Day 1 you will learn how to unleash every feeling of success in your life, body, and business. We will open up and expand the feeling of being worthy of everything you desire. Here we unblock the ways we have been sabotaging our innate success.

Day 10

Unhealthy Relationship With Money

On Day 10 you will learn how to heal your unhealthy relationship with money by releasing the limiting beliefs that you have carried in your subconscious since you were a young child. This is the most important episode of the course!

Day 20

Overcoming Fear of Taking Risks

Learn how the fear of failure can prevent you from receiving your desires in the first place. Release and overcome your fear of failure and taking risks to allow for more success in your business.

client stories

Day 9: I had one of the biggest breakthroughs after today's lesson, the penny has dropped! Thank you so much

Charlotte B. Business Coach

All the fear I had before is gone. No more fear for me, I am doing things in my business I couldn't do before. I am passionate about how I can step forward without feeling any fear. I can't wait to go far! 

Deolinda Lela Rodriguez Student

I have never had an issue with giving until it was all I did. Touching into the first few lessons about worth I always feel guilty for taking and this course has completely changed my life so far. The amount of inner healing going on is phenomenal. 

Amber Teller Psychic Business and Brand Artist
Breakthroughs inside

What you'll learn inside


  • Deep subconscious reprogramming to align with success that feels good to your soul 
  • A guided visualization to let go of fear and self-doubt
  • What your limitations could be and how to identify and overcome them in your life and business
  • How to navigate masculine and feminine energy inside your business 
  • Plus so much more! 
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client stories

Money is one of the biggest blocks to me, I tried multiple methods to heal this relationship, but nothing yet was as powerful as the one created by Lauren. Within just a few days I started to think more different and felt how my mindset shifts, slowly but surely. You can do and create whatever you want, it all begins in your mind! Financial freedom starts with the right mindset.

Kerstin Daut Life Coach


I bought this course, how can I access it?

Simply head to to sign into your account and start your mindset work.

Is this a live program?

Nope, this is an online course that you are able to take at your own pace. With your daily life calculated in, you are able to do this program in your down time, when the kids aren't home, or right before bed.

Do you offer refunds?

Lauren Eliz Love & What is Perfection LLC. do not guarantee specific results inside this program. It's up to you to put in the work, show up fully, and give it your all to apply these principles!

How long does it take me to complete this course?

The course itself is broken up into 28 days. It's best to do these consistently to really reap the benefits of brain rewiring of this new information.

Do I have limited access to this information?

Nope! You have lifetime access to all the amazing content.

What platform is this hosted on?

All of our courses and programs are hosted on Kajabi which you can access from a desktop computer or the mobile app.

Are there payment plans available?

There is only a one time payment for this course due to its affordable price point.

Do I need to buy anything extra for this course?

Nope, just you and your device. But we do love our Magic of I journal to record all our breakthroughs in. There is a discount code located on our essentials page!

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