$9.00 USD

A Mind of Your Own - The Masterclass

The training to heal your mental health and come into the right relationship with your emotions & thoughts.

The secret strategy to how I have been able to heal anxiety, depression, disassociation, and most importantly, feeling unworthy, insecure, and not good enough.

Healing your mental health is the key to true abundance and freedom in our lives. Imagine living every day having everything you dreamed of but not feeling truly balanced, happy, peaceful, and open. To me, that is the source of all suffering. In my journey of self-healing, learning how to heal my mental health - to eliminate depression and anxiety symptoms was key to creating true joy, and I designed this masterclass for all of you to learn how to heal your mind step by step.
In this masterclass you will learn:
  •  How to identify the cause of suffering that causes your unique mental state. (ie - how to see where your dysfunction comes from)
  • How to use your mind as a powerful tool for creation instead of a frustrating source of your own suffering
  • How to master your thoughts rather than being overwhelmed by anxiety, fear-based, limiting beliefs.
  • The empowered feedback loop: this is one of my most powerful processes for deepening and expanding my joy and creating more mental health and peace. 


What you'll get:

  • 1 hour and 38-minute training video
  • A downloadable audio version of the training
  • A 25-page slide deck pdf download
  • A 15-page journal workbook PDF download

+ Instant access & lifetime replay