Podcast Customer Reviews

Jen Baucom ,

Whoa Baby!

This was truly an eye and mind opening Episode for me and so helpful. Lauren nailed this one!(#133) Lauren and Cora Lynn are so real and raw and share everything on their heart & it has helped me shift my thinking on investments I have made, my soul purpose & who I want to serve and teach. This Podcast Rocks & I love Faith too! Subscribe NOW! These Badasses are the real deal!

Love these BBB!!

I love listening to Lauren & Cora-Lynn. I take away something each episode- whether it’s related to business, spirituality, or just life in general. They are both so real and vulnerable and relatable and inspiring! Thank you ladies for sharing yourself here in such a beautiful way!

paulariggs ,

Speaking to my soul

I stumbled on this wonderful podcast and am so glad I started listening. I love the honesty and openness on each episode. I feel like it is speaking from my past and future. Definitely the motivation I need. I love it when coaches are honest and real.

mycrazybubble ,


After following Lauren for a while now I have to say it’s become refreshing to hear more of her “down to earth” side. Adding in Cora-Lynn provided the right mix of depth. I think it’s brilliant to share the space together- absolutely helps show that female entrepreneurs can be amazing together! Great topics ladies!! Thank you for all you guys do!

thegirlisamom ,

Get into that high vibe life!

I’m not a coach and I love love love Lauren and CoraLynn. I hang out with them while I work. I have my own business and they legit keep me in that high vibe. They always give me things to think about that weren’t on my radar before and they always make me laugh. They don’t know it but they are two of my BFFS lol. So good for women. So inspiring for entrepreneurs!

Trackin' ,


I love listening to these women so much. I have been a listener for awhile now and I have learned SO much from this podcast. The wisdom, the heart, the woo and the laughs...Lauren and Cora Lynn are an incredible team. This podcast left me craving more knowledge so I invested in a program from them and I’m SO glad I did. I am growing more than ever before and this podcast inspired a lot of that! <33

brookelynndodson ,


Any time I’m feeling stuck to stagnant. She lifts me out and into the motivation I need!

AmberC319 ,

Thank you

I love how real Lauren is! She genuinely shows up and provides amazing value!

Ifeoma’s Mac Book ,

Love, Love, Love!💕

This is a great podcast. I love the content!

The Psychic Life Coach ,

Absolutely Amazing! Fav Podcast!

Wow!!! I love YOUR stuff! I’ve binged on all of your excellent content! I especially love the recent real & raw vulnerable episodes bc I can totally relate! Thank you for sharing your heart! All of it is gold!

@alainasanders ,

Seriously obsessed 🤩

I listened to one of Lauren’s podcasts and immediately binged-listened to every single episode. Lauren’s authentic, loving soul is such an inspiration and has completely changed the way I view money and business.

imafruitfly ,

Lauren is amazing!!

Lauren is so inspirational, honest and real. If you’re looking for a new, high vibe and authentic podcast this is it 😍

sourmoonshine ,

Great job Lauren!!

I love Lauren’s message and authenticity. This podcast is full of awesome info!

overjoyedmom ,


Lauren is amazing!! She is such an inspiration and really know what she’s talking about. I love her honesty!!

Coachcarvey ,

Best mentor and business coach hands down

I spent so so long stuck in my business. Every business coach I worked with wasn't helping, until I found lauren. She's truly transformed my business and I absolutely LOVE listening to her podcast ❤️❤️❤️

StringBeanMom ,

The Best

Lauren provides so much value in each episode! She is an amazing business coach!

Stephanie Wess ,

Love this

I love this podcast! Real deal there nothing that is off limits! I have followed Lauren’s journey and I love her coaching skills and how authentic her message is! Money, business and of course we all need wooo wooo in us

BreaOwenfitness ,

Best decision I ever made!

Coaching with Lauren was everything I needed to level up in every area in life!!

Thankful every single day for making this move! Limiting belief gone and the tools in place are unnnnn reeeaaal with her guidance!

buildstrongvibes ,

Addicted to this podcast!

Lauren is so amazing! There seems to be an episode for everything I need to hear. She's so genuinely herself that it just feels like you're having a cup of coffee with her! Thanks for always coming through with amazing content, can't wait to hear more of it! <3

omchantichanti ,

Love it!

Lauren is AMAZING! I love her energy. It's so easy to follow along and understand!

babydollinny ,

So good!

Lauren delivers the real and raw in a way I can process and use in my own life. Keep up the great work!

answeritsmelissa ,

Lauren stands out!

I’m a bit of a spiritual podcast junkie, and I can get bored of listening to the same person after a bit, but Lauren is able to keep it fresh and new.

I love the mix of business, life, and spirituality advice she gives sprinkled in with her own life experience. She is able to not only explain how she succeeded, but also how you can too.

I definitely recommend her podcast!

Jackie Wist ,


Lauren’s energy is infectious and her vulnerability mixed with solid and proven strategy advice is a winning combination. I am always looking forward to her next podcast episode among other forms of her awesome content!

NisaaK ,

So glad I found this podcast!

Lauren is amazing!! She is inspiring and raw and real. I'm so grateful for how she shares her story and herself with her listeners. I'm new to listening to business podcasts and am so glad I found hers!

@tiffanylouvacarter ,

So refreshingly authentic

Looooooove this podcast. In fact, I’ll binge listen to them.

Her info and insight is clear and helpful.

Im a 7-figure entrepreneur, and her tips, advise, suggestions...really hit home for me.

Klmdsn ,

Favorite podcast!!!

I love this podcast because it’s the perfect mix of inspiration and action oriented advice. After 5 minutes of each episode I always feel pumped to work on my biz. Love love love Lauren!!! She’s so real and easy to connect with.

J. Barshop ,

Awesome show, highly recommend!

Lauren and her guests provide some incredibly actionable and compelling content on how you can live your life with more intention and meaning.

Highly recommend listening and subscribing to the Badaass Business Podcast if you want the knowledge AND mindsets to become the very best version of yourself (and reach your overall goals as a result)!

Reihneeee ,

I love all the things about Lauren!!!

I fricken LOVE listening to Lauren! Her energy, her personality, her insights...just everything about her is magical. Her episodes are a gold mine, especially for new & seasoned entrepreneurs! Thank you for sharing your knowledge, your energy, and you spirit - I appreciate you so much!

bossmombarbie ,

Raw inspiration

I am about to start working with Lauren and I absolutely love everything she shares and teaches!

DMoney0921 ,


Simply amazing! I love listening to Lauren every single morning!! This podcast has helped me so much ❤️

I have learned so many great tools for my business + am super grateful for all the value Lauren brings !

Xo @dominique.fitmama

venusmist ,

Simply the best!

I’ve have learned so much from this woman and I’m so happy she has a podcast that I can get and listen to her and keep learning on the go!

TheKetoWives ,


I have been in a state of funk and this pod cast is genuine it is raw it is honest and it is open. I definitely can’t wait to listen to more. ✨🖤

Jackiemacdaddy ,

Lauren is legit the best

If you’re looking for real deal coaching and real deal results, Lauren is your girl. She has been one of the biggest blessings in my business and my life. Her approach to business is so refreshing and everything she teaches is gold.

This podcast is a MUST listen if you’re alive and breathing.

Emmys Mommy ,


This amazing woman leads with service straight from her heart. She’s soo inspiring and is probably one of the few people I take advice from. Every word she says resonates with me and I think how in the world is she speaking about what I’m going through. She’s a must listen! Lauren, thank you for all that you do I truly feel like you will be changing this world one by one.

Rachelray29359 ,

The Bomb!

This girl?! Love her podcasts and her posts on social media. So inspiring to listen to someone keep it honest!💕


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