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We all have big goals and dreams for our lives, but sometimes we feel stuck. Some of us are held back by strategy, and many of us know that our mindset gets in our way of achieving greatness. We want to go to the next level, but we find ourselves getting in our own way. This is what many experts call, "hitting the upper limit." With the processes inside the Lauren of Love brand, you'll learn how to break that unconscious resistance, but you'll also learn the strategy, practices, & rituals for creating the life of your dreams! Stop getting stuck in your own way and create a life you truly love!

Below, we've curated the best content by topic - from episodes from the Lauren of Love podcast, replays from our video trainings inside the Sacred Success facebook community, blog posts and more! Enjoy the journey of exploring this content. Send it to a friend who is interested in personal transformation too!

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Lauren Eliz Love is the CEO and founder, a recognized coach, spiritual teacher, and speaker specializing in healing your life through personal development, spiritual connection and inner work.