But do you find yourself getting stuck?

Are you on a path to creating a SOUL aligned passion based business, but you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, blocked and resistant to financial freedom?

Do you experience moments of self sabotage, upper limits and fear based thoughts that keep you settling for less than you financial deserve?

Are you tied of playing out the same patterns of energetic resistance and are you ready to create a new channel of abundance and prosperity in your life?


The Sacred Success Masterclass series is my step by step process of how to rewire and realign your energy for financial freedom and abundance. 

So often we play small..

so often we hit resistance and let it slow us down.

so often we get in our own way and let fear, insecurity, and unworthiness overwhelm us....


If you are ready to unblock your channel and create a magnetic frequency for success, this masterclass series is for you.





  • How would it feel to know that you are a magnetic force of nature who receives massive abundance in every area of her life? 
  • What would it look like for you to wake up every day having success come to you in every single direction of your life? 
  • What would it sound  like to receive praise and recognition for the magnetic leader you know you are in your heart. (And to believe in your own divine power
  • What does success taste like? Are you ready to receive the zesty, wealthy, juicy freedom you've been feeling like is outside of you?
  • Get ready for the magic medicine of this study. It's the solution you have been waiting for!




YES! I am ready for my inevitable success!


The magical step-by-step process to embodying magnetic success.

The Sacred Success Masterclass is a series of trainings designed by Lauren Eliz Love to teach you the secret principles of success activation.

Inside the program you will learn: 

-How to embody success energy in your life as a constant flow of abundance once and for all.

-How to break your patterns of insecurity, self sabotage and resistance.

-How to spiritually tap into a magnetic flow of prosperity that feels aligned, (say goodbye icky energy!)

-How to become a success magnet so wealth-filled opportunities come to you with little effort.

-How to constantly calibrate your channel to receive more and more! Endless abundance is your birthright!


Everything you want for yourself is waiting on the other side of this program.

A life that feels INCREDIBLE.

A level of financial freedom reality that feels SAFE & EXPANSIVE all at once.

A world of FLOW, FREEDOM and PROSPERITY that allows you to be in true divine power at all times.

A relationship with your goals that feels full of self love and total 1,000% belief in yourself.

A full RELEASE of all fear, resistance, self-sabotage, insecurity & doubt. Bye bye stories... hello successful you!


How this Series Works:

-Once you enroll in the Sacred Success Masterclass series, you will get instant access to the course modules to dive into your study!

-Go at your own pace! You get lifetime access to this healing experience and can call on your study whenever you need!

-Inside the Series you will receive video trainings, slides, meditations and journal workbooks that will awaken you step-by-step in this process.

-Step-by-step you will learn the process of deprogramming lack of success and how to fully activate your Success Channel.

-You'll also receive the protocols and processes for continuing this work beyond your study with spiritual rituals, energetic body work, abundance activations and more!

>> The magic medicine of this program is unlimited!. Are you ready to remove your own limitations and show up fully in your power? 



Some more of the medicine inside this program:

because seriously.. it's never ending.

-The four energy processes to master success at any level of your life or business.

-How to identify resistance that shows up in your journey and move the energy effectively and with ease.

-How to actually work with low vibrational energy as a gift and become a creatrix of your life and wealth.

-The mother method of business creation to birth anything powerfully abundant.

-How to Quantum Leap in your business . no more slow moving success trains.

-The practices to collapse your timelines and jump into new levels of wealth in little time.

-How to identify the imbalance cycle and get off the train of resistance at any moment it pops up.


 PLUS.... There's more:

  • How to Navigate Failure and the FEAR of it: Have you ever worried as you went after your goals that you wouldn't hit them? Did you ever feel like even though you wanted success, it still felt scary and unsafe to go there? Together we will move through fear, study it, and become a master of fear so it no longer holds us back. (Don't worry, I'll show you how inside the series.)
  • How to combat a negative energy as it shows up on your journey: You'll learn how to transmute the energy as soon as you need to the minute it arrises so that you don't get stuck in low vibrations of fear, doubt, self sabotage, or avoidance.
  • Understanding the frequencies of doubt, self sabotage, fear, and avoidance: In this training, you'll develop a new found understanding for these things as they show up in your life and learn how to break your patterns once and for all so they don't continue to hold you back.
  • How to identify and embody your unique energetic blueprint for success: Ever wonder why some tasks work for others and they just don't work for you? If you ever tried to get to a goal trying to do it the way someone else has done it, this program will be a game changer for you in finding your unique path and knowing exactly what to do on your journey.
  • Fully BECOME an embodiment of success: Through some incredible study I will show you how to tap into your unique frequency of success and how to harness and hold that energy in your life, your body, and your spirit!

My story....

For those of you who don't know me yet, my name is Lauren Eliz Love. And I've had a lot of failures and a lot of successes too.

I left corporate America with 60K in credit card debt and zero back up plan to build a business that generated more than $700,000 a year.

I achieved my dream lifestyle, my dream self identity, and my dream reality doing this work I am sharing with you in this program.

Mastering my relationship with success energy is what changed my entire life.

Learning how to embody success, call it in, feel worthy of it, activate it, and work with its energy is what ultimately led me to achieving all of my dreams.

And now I am SO excited to share this study with you.






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