Navigating the world of healing yourself while building a successful business is challenging.


Throw in other day-to-day stressors and the desire to interweave strategy and sustainability, and the terrain gets even trickier.
 I understand and I'm here to support you!

Current offering (prices will increase in the new year):

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A Personalized Coaching Plan:

Whether it's business scaling strategies or integrating spiritual practices, we craft a roadmap aligned with your specific goals. This includes dedicated attention to your personal journey, ensuring your business thrives without compromising any other part of your life.


Live Support Calls via Zoom:

Every 1:1 Mentor student of mine gets access to 11 one to one calls to use within a 12 month time. These calls are deep deep dives into your inner world, as well as strategic in providing you the direct support you need. We combine the inner work with a deep action plan to create massive results. You can record every call and every session I give you homework to apply, implement and integrate our study together! Calls are 50 min. long


Toolkits Curated For Your Specific Journey:

A handpicked box with tools designed for your spiritual, physical, and business journey, delivered right to your door. I ship you a little love box of goodies tailored to who you are, where you are, and where you are going!


Voxer Support: During our time together, you get direct access to a special app where we can talk daily! You can ask me questions, get support, celebrate, and feel guided every step of the way. 

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