There are several ways to come into a sacred contain of working with Lauren.

The first option is one on one coaching which is currently closed for 2020!

The second is the intimate group coaching experience which runs seasonally (please check before enrolling on the site for this offer) 

The third option is an in person intensive Business Rebirthing Experience (reserved for deep inner healing and a woman who is incredibly ready to do transformational work.) * BY APPLICATION ONLY

Pleas read the entire page to feel into the options of transformational work available to you.

It is also suggested to reach out to Lauren personally before making an investment on this page. Connect with her directly on instagram @laurenoflove or in email [email protected] subject line: ONE ON ONE if you need support in making your decision.

Option One: One on One Coaching & Mentorship with Lauren

Coaching one on one with Lauren is a sacred container of healing, transformation and financial expansion. Combined with Spirituality, Mindset and Business Strategy (depending on your personal needs) Lauren shows up to hold space for your personal and business growth for 6 to 8 months. You can be experienced, new, or business curious. if you feel called to this work with Lauren, it's right for you.

How One on One Works

Once you start working with Lauren, you will get on a full hour and half breakthrough session call to identify your needs, your goals, your desires, and your game plan in your time working together.

During your 6-8 month container, you will receive 9 coaching calls and direct support via voxer. Together, you will pick a timeline for your coaching that feels best to suite your needs and goals.

The cost of working with Lauren in this container are listed below and there are payment plans to suite your needs.

Lauren only works with a handful of one on one students at a time, so if you feel in your soul this is a good fit for you, you can shoot us an email directly or reach out to Lauren privately on instagram messenger.


OPTION 2: The Intimate Coaching Experience

*only available seasonally* Wanting to work with Lauren personally, but are entry level business and feel like the one on one option is a bit out of your budget? Read below about the intimate Coaching Experience to see if that is a better fit for you.

About the intimate Coaching Experience

The Intimate Coaching Experience is a three month group coaching container of no more than seven women.

The container come with three live group coaching calls each month.

Upon purchase, Lauren will connect with you to learn about your specific needs as a business babe and place you in the right group based on your needs. Generally, students who come into the Intimate Coaching Experience container are making around $2,000 a month or less. There are also groups available for new students who are just starting their business, are new in their industry, and are in need of direct support.

The intimate coaching experience does not come with private one on one calls but you do get direct Voxer access to Lauren for the three months you are working with her!

OPTION 3: Business Rebirths (in person)

Takes place in Sedona, AZ. The details are below and again - please speak with Lauren before booking.

About Business Rebirth Experiences

Business Rebirths are a chance for you to escape the 3D, realign, activate, and shift into an entirely new vibration. This is the most powerful container Lauren holds underneath the Business Babe brand and the most intensive in terms of transformation.

Fly to Sedona and spend an entire day in full ceremony: Reconditioning, healing, and resetting all aspects of your identity and business.

Come together at early sunrise in the morning for a ceremony  to set intentions, call-in and activate the magical experience you are about to have. Then spend the day in play, fun,  and healing in Sedona's beauty. We will step into an elevated energy healing old wounds, shifting into a higher vibration of joy for your life and business, and fully celebrating who you are and the work you are here to do. The entire day is a space for YOU sister. We will tailer the entire experience to you and your journey; Gorgeous spa time, nourishing food, and crystal and book selection with Lauren are all included in your package.

Pause for a late afternoon back at your hotel solo, to relax, decompress, and really step into the healing that is about to take place in the evening.

By application only*


The Evening Ceremony:

At night we will go into full on shamanic ceremony. Lauren will welcome you into her Sedona home and together, you will use the power of ceremonial plant teachers to call in your healing journey. You will uproot and release any and all fear, resistance, and stuck energy that is holding you back from success. She will activate a new space of clarity and abundance for you in your journey. *Shamanic Ceremony can last anywhere from 3-6 hours *

The Next Morning: Integration

Spend the night in Sedona, wake up the next morning and meet again in the morning to deep dive into a strategy session to integrate and come up with a game plan for how the work will continue when you get home.

Other important information you need:

 *If it is within your budget, it is suggested you come to Sedona the night prior and sleep in the energy of the land before we begin... It is also suggested you stay in Sedona an extra day to integrate the lessons you learn in your experience before heading home.

*Dates are flexible and are about YOUR preference in what works with Lauren's schedule.

*It is best to contact Lauren directly about this offer before you book it.

*Cost of hotel and flight are not included.

*It is your responsibility to get to and from Sedona.(it is about 2hours from Phoenix Airport. Car service is available and ranges from $170-$260 depending on the service you select.)

*You get two virtual integration calls to use when you get home as you need and if you need.

*Lauren calls on the spiritual powers of our sacred plant and animal teachers during ceremony, but you are not ingesting any of these teachers during your healing.*

*You will have a call with Lauren prior to your visit to honor your intentions, talk about your Diet to prep for our healing, as well as, any other preparation or homework suggested to do prior to your visit.

Payment Options for Your Business Rebirth Experience

Please wait to enroll until discussing with Lauren to make sure this option is available in this season. Note: if you would like to combine one on one to include an in person Rebirth, please speak with Lauren directly for a special payment option to combine both.









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