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Hey mama, I’m Lauren
of Love

Welcome to my corner of the internet. A little about me and this world you stumbled upon: I am a spiritual mentor, and self healing teacher for women on the path to personal transformation.

Whether you are healing chronic illness, repairing your mental health, discovering your purpose, rewriting your past traumas or awakening to more prosperity - this is YOUR path, and you can transform ANY area of your life.

I firmly believe we can all find our way home to our personal freedom and limitless power.

While I have a deep passion for holding people in my virtual courses, programs and online communities, I also facilitate sacred medicine ceremonies in person through retreats and group containers. It's a big part of my work here on planet earth as plant medicine has changed my life and shamanic studies is a big part of my purpose.

My journey as a mentor and guide for women in their healing era and spiritual expansion started through my own personal initiation into healing & awakening. Keep reading to find out more.


I believe healing happens in layers, and awakening is an ever unfolding process that is our soul contract. Some of us are born into this lifetime with the soul's path of learning to heal, love, know and trust ourselves.

And it almost always starts with our childhood.

For me, I grew up in an environment with a lot of traumatic experiences that left me feeling unworthy of love & the life I wanted. This led to a lot of trauma in my early adult life: Sexual assault, rape, suicide attempts, addiction and poverty have all been part of my life path.

But I had a kundalini awakening back in 2014 after the death of my grandfather that changed everything.

On a vacation to Sedona Arizona at the top of Cathedral Rock, I felt spirit run through my body in a way I never experienced before. "I think I felt God for the first time," I said as tears streamed down my face.

That moment shifted my entire reality. I woke up to the realization that I was meant for more in life. I came home, quit my corporate job as a tv producer in NYC and began the journey of deep healing & documenting that process as a blogger - sharing my transformation process with the world.

I had no idea where my path was taking me.

I had no idea who I would become.

All I knew is I had to take a leap and trust my soul. I was being called to let go of the past and create a new future and an entirely new version of myself.


We hold the power
to heal
our entire reality…..

Walking my healing journey publicly for the world to see opened up a world of opportunity for me to be of service to the others. My business quickly took off as I started to design online courses and content. I started helping women collapse the timelines of their transformation journey to get results in their relationships, body image, and self confidence. I became a life coach, started facilitating events and continued my study traveling the world to work directly with some of the greatest personal development teachers on the planet like Tony Robbins and Kyle Cease.


My business was taking off, my financial reality was transforming, and I was helping others heal, grow and transform.

But there was still more work for me to do.

Deep underneath all the layers of my success I knew that I still had dark parts of myself that needed healing. I had repressed a sexual trauma from the age of 19 and the dark event of attempting suicide after the incident still felt unhealed within me.

I started to teach other women how to build successful online businesses and my mission was taking off, but I was having such a hard time navigating the expansion of it all... the overwhelm, the stress, the fear of it all crashing and burning away... it was all a lot.

The truth is I wasn't integrated in my power or my peace. And even though I was helping thousands of others transform, my own journey was just beginning.

My deepspiritual
finding my
true soul's purpose & freedom.

Remember when I said healing happens in layers? 

Well, back in 2018, at the peak of my career I had a complete dark night of the soul. My mental health came crashing down as a severe chronic illness took over my reality. I had no idea what to do. 

I was getting sicker and sicker, losing my mental faculties and my ability to even walk up a flight of stairs or hold a grocery bag. I was sleeping 18 hours a day and had a skin of on fire rash that was taking over my entire body. I was losing my hair. It was rough. It felt like my entire body was out of my control. I didn't know it at the time, but it was all of my unintegrated trauma coming to the surface to be healed.


Not knowing what to do,  prayed. I asked for signs. I begged for support. It felt like I was actually dying... like my life was being taken away from me... but really I was being birthed into a new beginning.


didn't understand it at the time, but looking back, this was the awakening I had been praying for. This was the moment where everything changed.

Less than
a year later I had
a multiple six figure
online business.

the secret to
to healing,

and finding

In a desperate prayer, getting no answers from the western medical doctors, In 2018 I turned to plant medicine for support. After experiencing a deeply profound mushroom journey for the first time, I found Ayahuasca, a psychedelic shamanic medicine of the jungle used for healing. I traveled to Costa-Rica to experience the Great Mother for the first time and my world of spirituality deepened. The experience I had with this medicine transformed my life and opened me up to the world of sacred earth medicine that I love and study with today.

Through the work of each ceremony, I was able to look at, rewrite and heal my trauma that I had been holding onto for years... and through that process I noticed how my mind and my body were healing with each and every ceremony.

I knew that Earth Medicine was the next layer of my study presenting itself, and that this was going to be the answer to my prayers.

So when I got back from my trip, within a year I was traveling to Sedona again (the place where it all started) to experience an eight month sabbatical of healing. I met my shamanic medicine teacher on Cathedral Rock (no coincidence here) and began my deep study with  him working with Ayahuasca, Kambo, Bufo, Sananga, Mushrooms, and Hape in deep eight month initiation.

By the end of my study I was entirely liberated of all the suffering I was holding onto. My chronic illness was gone, my mental health was clear and I felt FREE.


your life
is your greatest success

In one of the very last ceremonies I had in Sedona I asked Grandmother to show me the work I was meant to do in the world. She told me that I was mean to design a program that was the exact healing journey she walked me through... but without any plant medicine: All online, and all virtual.

Through that prayer I got a clear download of the HEAL Program and later went on to birth the Wild Wealthy Feminine Program  through that very same channel.

The courses in my shop have all been designed with that same intention - channeling the messages and wisdom plant medicine has offered me into a virtual space for women to heal, grow and transform themselves. You can see those courses here.

The truth is this work isn't about me. It's about the channel we are all connecting to: The channel of sacred self-healing.

Through this work and this deep prayer of content I have watched hundreds of women transform their lives through this work. And I know if you are here, your soul will too.

You are your greatest success story.

You are the one your ancestors have been waiting for.

You are the healer of your own body and life.

Don't ever forget that.

Don't ever forget how powerful you are.

Anything you feel, you can heal.


Today, I continue to sit wit these medicines regularly with my teacher and facilitate healing ceremonies on the East Coast, I am also deep in my own layers of shamanic initiation - studying the power of spirit, the plants and my sacred connection to source. 


Because this work is just beginning.

You can come be a deeper part of the journey by following along on the Lauren of Love Podcast



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