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hey there!I’m Lauren
Eliz Love

I’m a small town Connecticut business owner, podcaster, and
educator. I have a fire in my heart to elevate the planet by helping
women live in their power. I’m a big fan of house plants, high-vibe
crystal shops, and derpy dogs (especially my own three mushy
babies.) I’ve been learning how to be a human since 1989.

I didn’t always have a successful profitable online
business, a relationship with spirituality, or a deep
confidence in myself.

In fact, just a few years ago you would have found me
in a tiny basement edit room working overnights as a
television news producer, and drinking to cope with the
stress. I was totally in the dark. Literally and spiritually!
I thought I had landed my dream job, but it turns out I
was in a corporate ladder nightmare.

When I was 26, in the middle of my 'wake up,' I came
home from work crying one morning because I was so
unfulfilled with my job. I blurted out to my now
husband, 'I feel like I am meant to do something bigger
in this world. I just want to quit my job, start a blog and
try to grow an online business.' He said okay, and after
a few long talks and a ton of panic attacks (on my
part), we left our city life, put our things in storage, and
moved in with his parents for a year while I
'tried this crazy business thing.'

In retrospect,
I probably should
have known that
the girl who had
a dream of
becoming an author
and speaking on
stage was meant
to become
an entrepreneur

The biggest and
darkest moment
of my life…..

Everyone has those big quantum-shifting life experiences that make them who they are. For me, it
was a really traumatic experience my Freshman year of college. At age 19 I was date raped, and
shortly after, attempted to take my own life with a drug overdose. I spent the rest of my semester in
a psychiatric facility and was diagnosed with several mental health conditions. It was the darkest
time of my life. I spent the next several years of early adulthood masking my pain with alcohol,
medication, and drugs. I got married to a man who was a heroin addict and I continued to live
below the poverty line and with an immense amount of scarcity, fear, and darkness. When my
grandfather died in 2012, it woke me up to how I was truly living: I had spent so much time playing
a victim to my life and decided I was ready to rewrite that story. So I got a divorce, started my life
over, and experienced a spiritual/personal awakening to my higher power. If it wasn’t for this
darkness I would not be the woman I am today.

My spiritual
finding my

2016, growing my business from Matt’s childhood bedroom. (and rocking a pixie cut)

Remember that moment I told you about when I told
Matt I wanted to quit my job to start a blog? A few
months before that I was in Sedona climbing Cathedral
Rock. I felt spirit for the first time in my life, and that
was when everything started to change.

They say when you wake up, 'everything inauthentic
falls apart.' And boy is that true!

Starting a business was ROUGH! We were living with
his parents and I was surviving off of credit cards for a
year. In my mind, I could see this really big vision for
my brand helping thousands of women all over the
world, but I wasn’t quite sure how that was going to

But I kept trusting, having faith and showing up to share
vulnerability with my audience. I wrote about my entire
life on my blog: my eating disorder, my divorce, my past
with alcoholism, drug abuse, mental illness, and my
sexual trauma. I put it ALL on the table of my blog
because I wanted to show every woman out there that
she could own all the shadowy parts of herself too.

2016, growing my business from Matt’s childhood bedroom. (and rocking a pixie cut)

Less than a year later
I had a multiple six figure
online business.

Less than
a year later I had
a multiple six figure
online business.

the secret to

(and finding

When I started to grow my business, I realized that my ability to create wealth was deeply tied to my personal growth. The more I worked on myself, the more success I was able to create. I realized that part of my purpose was to help wake women up to the innate power within themselves. I knew that women out there needed the business strategy to create success, but I also knew that without all the inner work and personal development I had done on my own journey, I would not have achieved my goals. So I decided to design a brand that put all of those things in one beautiful place.

The Business Babe Brand is a resource for women to learn the strategies of growing a business, how to shift their mindset, and the ways to adapt a spiritual practice. We have courses, online group programs, live events, a book, and a podcast to help women in all three of those areas!

As for me, today I am sober, medication free, and fully awake. My life’s mission to teach other women how to step into their power as I continue to learn. When I am not teaching on wealth consciousness, business mindset, or personal transformation, you can find me either in my zen den journaling a mile a minute, watching some crazy documentary on Netflix or planning some plant ceremony trip (Checkout the podcast episode about my Ayahuasca journey!)

I firmly believe my purpose on this planet (in this lifetime) is to provide women the personal development and business tools they need to become their best and build a profitable business at the same time.

because growing a business is really about growing yourself.


  • Travel to Sedona and have my first spiritual awakening
  • Quit my job
  • Move in with Matt’s parents to “give this business thing shot”
  • Launch my blog on a free wordpress site
  • Deal with my parents who think I’m absolutely crazy


  • Spend the entire year growing a business from Matt’s childhood bedroom.
  • Make my first $200 off of an online group program… “The Perfection Program”
  • Go to my first personal development event
  • Do my first video training online
  • Start an online Facebook Group now called the “Business Babe Community”


  • Get published on the Blogher Network
  • Hire my very first coach for $8,000
  • Hit my first $10,000 month
  • Make enough money to buy our very first home
  • Get engaged


  • Sellout my online coaching roster with 17 one on one clients at a time
  • Start creating online courses
  • Build a $60,000 a year network marketing business (and then close it down)
  • Launch the first ever Business Babe Academy
  • Self Publish my very first book, Unleash Your Badass Business, on Amazon




  • Become sober
  • Heal my body from being addicted to antidepressants
  • Deepen my spirituality and explore plant medicine
  • Run my first ever Business Babe Retreat
  • Go to Rythmia and have an even bigger spiritual awakening
  • Create the Rising Sisterhood Mastermind
  • Have my second half-million dollar year


  • Start the Business Babe Podcast
  • Get my very first speaking gig
  • Get married to Matt (in Sedona of course)
  • Have my first six figure launch
  • Invest in a six figure mastermind
  • Travel to India for a deep spiritual awakening
  • Have my very first half-million dollar year


Here we are!

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Sobriety Story: Coming off of Alcohol and Antidepressants for good.

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Three Steps to Creating your own meditation space.

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How I hit my first $80,000 cash month.

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