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  • Healing Journeys* healing chronic illness, childhood trauma, self sabotage, mental health & more: Listen to the podcast where we talk strategy, steps and tactics for rewriting reality as you walk your self healing path.
  • Inner work* Awakening your divine power, developing self confidence, and activating abundance: Whatever inner pattern you are rewriting in this lifetime, you'll find support on the show. Learn how to completely come home to your sovereignty, let go of fear and find your freedom.
  • Spiritual study* On the podcast you'll learn a lot about spirituality, dark night of the souls, quantum leaping, and more. There are tons of episodes where we dive into spiritual principles, practices & teachings for living a conscious aligned life. I share deeply about my plant medicine journey,  & my perspective on divine consciousness to support you on your path to spiritual growth.



You’ll also get access to past episodes:


Episode 289: Things I did that changed my bank account & money relationships


Episode 285: My 4 day prayer portal transformation and how to create one for yourself


Episode 287: Talking to the Universe, Trauma Response & Creating Miracles in Your Life


Episode 294: Going to Peru, Ayahuasca, and My Four-Year Study with Plant Medicine


Episode 300: 2022 You made me true


Episode 302: 5 Decisions to Make 2023 the Best Year Yet

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Meet Lauren

Lauren Eliz Love is an internationally recognized self-healing mentor for women on life-transforming journeys. As the founder of the life transformation program & method HEAL, she has dedicated her life to helping women heal the layers of resistance, block, patterns, and trauma they carry so they can be & receive everything their heart desires in this lifetime. 


Holy Smokes. There is so much useful, helpful, rich content in every episode. I have to listen 2-3 times (and many more) to get all the juice out! I love her voice, her energy, and her language. I have so much work to do and this is where I'm starting.


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