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I always have incense dust all over my desk,
and it’s totally a vibe.

As business owners, our job is to always be growing, so I’m always
hanging out in my office lighting up some palo santo and studying.

The more knowledge we have the more potential power we hold to
create our dream vision. On this page you’ll find digital downloads and go at your own pace online courses that I created just for you. Also - did you know we have a workbook on Amazon?!

Courses & Masterclasses with Lauren

*LIMITED TIME ONLY* Go Deep With Spirit and Awaken Your Power

Become a master of ceremony work and create sacred ceremonial space for yourself at home! 

Self Healing Step by Step Program

Discover and apply the 12 Universal Laws of Self Healing to transform any area of your life in 12 step self-paced program! Complete with video trainings and journal workbook!

Break the patterns of NON-SUCCESS once and for all!

Learn the magical secrets of calibrating your energy to embody TRUE success in your life.

Learn about ayahuasca, kambo, cannabis and more.

This masterclass from the love talk series covers ALL The things you need to know about plant medicine!

Overcome fear & failure.

Drop the struggle and heal the emotional blocks that keep you stuck in your business. Clear your subconscious mind with this reprogramming course.

Tap into your wealth consciousness and become a magnet for money.

Drop the money blocks and become a magnet for wealth. This 30 day reconditioning program is a step by step process to removing all of the limitations related to money, success and financial freedom.

Find Clients with ease Online

Learn the process that changed our entire business and helped build our loyal audience. This is your guide to never struggling to find clients ever again. 

Announce & Sellout an Offer

Wondering how to launch a product or digital course online? Learn the step-by-step process of how to put your offer out to the world with strategic launch strategies that transformed our business.

Launch Your Biz Step By Step

No more waiting, second guessing, or over analyzing your dreams. Learn how to niche down, create a brand strategy, and get everything up and running before you launch your business. (a must for any woman who isn’t making money in her business)

Create Your Own Digital Courses

Ever wonder how to create an online course, product or digital offer? Learn the step-by-step process so you can create freedom by designing your own digital product in the online space!

Unleash your badass business

the ultimate guide for
manifesting the money
and life you crave

For the entrepreneur who is ready to make a massive impact
and get out of her own way, this four part workbook is
designed to teach you how to Manifest big money in your
business. I’ll walk you through the transformation process of becoming a true leader, getting clear about your vision,
aligning with your purpose and building a life you crave.

learn step-by-step how to achieve
all of your goals, dreams and desires with
our lifestyle plan.

Master your day by day business tasks, Success routines and planning for your
business as you work towards the business and life of your dreams.

You'll receive our entire 60 page Success Plan
that includes:
  • Our Seven Secrets to a Successful Biz Creator
  • Our moment by moment business breakdown plan.
  • The Fulfillment strategy we use to achieve our goals at LOVE HQ.
  • Social Media Growth Planning Tools and Worksheets
  • Our Seven Pillars of Prosperity
  • Nine Transformational Journal Prompts
  • Ten Tips for Success and the Prep for Success Weekly Checklist
  • Our Powerful Align Time Recipes for Subconscious

by Lauren

Some of my favorite tools and resources for
growing your business and yourself!


How we built our entire website, course
portal and online business.


Lauren’s recommendation to get certified as a
success Life + Manifestation coach, NLP, EFT
Practitioner, and Hypnotherapist

Lauren’s Favorite Things!

See Lauren's favorite Planners, products and more!


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