Do you see a vision for your business where you are leading the masses and creating epic change in the world with your unique gifts but struggle to find the audience or gain the following?


Do you crave a larger, more potent social media presence for your mission in the world...but when you post, you feel like your engagement is low and no one is listening?

Do you see other people growing platforms wishing that you could build the visibility and brand status that you know is needed to build freedom in your business?

And do you struggle for people to trust your authentic voice as a leader? Maybe you feel like even when people engage, they aren't trusting you enough to actually buy the things you have to offer the world.

Maybe you've seen marketing tactics over the years that feel totally out of alignment with you, and it leaves you wondering how on earth could you build a brand without sacrificing your time, freedom, or your values of integrity and without burning yourself out.

Maybe you have overwhelm around knowing what to post on your platforms, feeling like you're being pulled in a million directions at once.

Perhaps you feel like an imposter, when really your soul craves to be a fearless leader in the online space, but you just don't know where to start, how to get clear, or what aligned steps to take.

If you are ready to magnetize your power and monetize your passion, the Conscious Creator Mastermind is for you.

It's time to overcome your self-sabotage, create consistency, and heal the wounds around being seen.

And when it comes to building your business in the online space...

Nothing is more powerful than having an audience who loves, knows, and trusts your brand.

That's why I created the Conscious Creator Mastermind to bridge the gap between where you are right now and where you want to be. 


About the Conscious Creator Mastermind:

The Conscious Creator Mastermind is a 3-month immersion container led by me to guide you, hold you accountable, and provide you the quantum leap you've been waiting for in your business and online visibility. This is a mastermind space where we as creators will come together as we build our personal brands on social media, heal the resistance that is holding you back, and shine fiercely as the conscious leader you know you were always meant to be.


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She generated over $2M in the last three years.

"Lauren was the first person to notice my teaching abilities and said 'You should create a human design certification program'. That single idea changed everything. That single idea has led to 250+ people becoming certified human design coaches in the last three years. That single, life-changing, idea has led to me going full time in my business, retiring my husband from the military, creating over 20 full and part-time jobs, and generating over $2M in the last three years."

-Eden C.

 "...I’m sitting here totaling the launch of my program with 39 signups and $234,235 dollars in sales.."

"I’ve been running my business intuitively for a number of years now and over the last two months going through this process of releasing and rewiring things, I released and rewired new things in my business and I’m sitting here totaling the launch of my program with  39 signups and  234,235 dollars in sales! That’s freaking INSANE."

-Holly H.

Here's what this container will look like:

- A group of women masterminding 3 times a month on live virtual calls to discover what works and what doesn't as we increase our visibility on social media and master our content creation strategies, marketing efforts, and messaging!

- Direct support from me to provide you personalized custom feedback on your brand, your content, and your social media presence so you can finally break through what has been holding you back and correct the patterns that have been keeping you stuck.

- A virtual chat support group for daily accountability so that as we grow, we can support each other, celebrate what's working, and thrive as a collective.

- Education in real time on the personal strategies that are working for me. I'll be sharing everything I am trying and what is working so you can repeat the model!

- We won't just be talking strategy. Get ready for the deep-dive healing rewrites your soul has been craving!

- Hot seat support coaching is available every call so you can get the direct support you need to make the changes that will transform your brand presence AND your visibility online.

- BONUS: Live calls with my team so you can learn all the things THEY do to help me grow too (And no...before you don't need to have a team to get the results you crave)!

Why I created the Conscious Creator Mastermind:

When conscious, alive, and inspired women come together to mastermind - we are unstoppable. When we all get together to share what's working for us, we create an amazing container of growth and rapid results transpire. We get to cheer each other on, learn from each other's lessons, and quantum leap TOGETHER.

The goal of this mastermind is to hold you accountable for building your platform by sharing cutting-edge strategies, marketing tactics, and soulful branding strategies that have changed my own life and business.

This mastermind is perfect for you if:

- You are ready to THRIVE in building your social media presence, personal brand, and visibility as a leader of your industry and an expert in your field (even if you don't feel that way yet).

- You are new, experienced, a beginner, or an expert. 

Wherever you are in your timeline right now is PERFECT. Even if you don't know for certain what your product is or what your offer looks like.

- You want better engagement, more visibility, and more empowerment in your business and you're ready to do it the AUTHENTIC, organic, soul-aligned way!

- You're ready to show up FULLY and be seen FULLY.

- You are ready to take the leap to heal the comparison, imposter syndrome, and overwhelm to find your authentic voice in the online space (and build a loyal raving following).

- You are looking to find your soul sister family of women who are ready to cheer you on, empower you, and celebrate you for your progress!

So, here's what I'll say...


If you are ready to FINALLY become the leader you have always wanted to be, it's time to embody your CONSCIOUS creator.

My greatest passion is helping women who have a deep drive in their hearts to make a difference in the world...

Because no one should ever feel held back as they try to help the world heal.

So come join the journey.

"...I'm so grateful that I was able to meet her when she was teaching business coaching because I probably would have never become a coach myself if I hadn't seen her..."



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What past mastermind students say about working with Lauren:



"...As I shifted with Lauren's help, the energy of my business shifted too..."

I first worked with Lauren in 2019/2020 through a mastermind container, and I knew she had a powerful ability to hold space for people as they move through deep inner work. Last year when I reached a place where it was becoming clear to me that my trauma was playing a destructive role in my most significant relationships and creating limitations in my business, I knew that Lauren was the person I wanted to work with through that journey because she creates so much safety in her containers. My intuition was spot on! Working with Lauren again for the last 8 months has been so powerfully transformative and healing. I have experienced a deep sense of being seen and held, offering me the opportunity to energetically, physically, and emotionally release trauma patterns that have been immovable for me for decades. I started experiencing quantum leaping in my relationships, seeing very broken connections repaired, and unhealthy relationships move into healthy places. And while I didn't go into working with Lauren with the intention of focusing on anything in my business, I knew my healing work would impact my business too. As I shifted with Lauren's help, the energy of my business shifted too and I experienced growth in following, new creations pouring out of me, a shift in my content, and even a $234k launch total (more than double what my previous biggest launch had been!). For the first time in my entire life, I truly feel free. I am a radically different version of myself, with a much, much lighter energy. I am, and will always be, incredibly grateful to Lauren for the work she does and the healing she is able to facilitate for others. Working with her has been such a wise investment!

-Holly H.


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