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"The first 38 years of my life were completely difficult….going from that to where I am now, a spiritual teacher… it’s phenomenal. In the first round of HEAL. I lost 22 pounds, & manifested $38,000 in my business in 48 hours. Magical shit will happen to you in this program!"

Aurelia Corvinus
HEAL Student

"I would not be here without Lauren. This is the part that gets me emotional. For so long I thought that I was going to be who I was and that was never going to be able heal or be that confident person I wanted to be. I spent so many years in therapy thinking, "why am I not better yet why I can't I let go of these insecurities why can't I heal the past." I didn't know it was going to take a spiritual journey and I am so so grateful. Beyond words. You have no idea. It's been the best thing ever joining this program." "

HEAL Student

I'm just going to say it...


Whether it's an unhealthy eating pattern you haven't been able to break....

A chronic illness you haven't been able to repair...

A relationship with money that still feels abusive (after hours of mindset work)....

A trauma response of anxiety, depression or stress in the body...

A pattern of limiting thoughts, fears, and self-sabotaging tendencies...

Or a constant feeling of not being good enough, that you cannot seem to break...

Whatever it is, healing yourself IS possible.

In fact, it's not just a possibility.

Healing is your destiny.


Hear from our graduates

The Magic inside HEAL. is REAL.


Hi, I'm Lauren. I healed my life.

I used to be the girl who struggled with a laundry list of things....alcoholism, anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, chronic illness, severe financial stress... just to name a few.

Healing any area of my life always felt hard. Whether it be my relationship with my parents, my partner, myself, or even my relationship with money. It felt like the steps weren't clear and the journey felt long and complicated. "How do I navigate this?"  

I felt lost in the process of "overcoming the struggle." I was tired of constantly trying to be a better version of myself without ever fully reaching my limitless potential.

No matter how much I tried, I still felt stuck in the same patterns. Whether they were patterns of insecurity and limiting belief, or they were patterns of physical self-sabotage or even upper limit (like the Universe just wasn't throwing me a break) ... they felt like patterns that were truly impossible to break. Patterns that I needed to heal, but didn't know how to back then.

 Most days I felt at the end of my rope emotionally and financially. I was spending thousands of dollars on therapists, reiki healers, chiropractors, supplements, personal development programs, and coaches trying to "feel better." But the more support I received and the more information I had, the more overwhelmed I became with my process.

We are taught "personal development is the pathway to our outcome," yet we learn all the information and don't apply it. We believe that our thoughts are things, yet no one gives us the tools for how to be in control of our own belief system. We are led to believe that we hold the power to create our destiny, yet so many of us are stuck in a reality we do not align with.


Here's the truth:

Personal development isn't the path to your dreams. HEALING is.

"Every time I see a post about a new round opening up, I just want people to know it's life changing! I am five weeks in and the teachings you are offering are so much more than ever expected! It's been amazing!" "

Georgia C.
HEAL Student

The goals you have and the dreams you long for are all waiting on the other side of your healing.

Achieving your dreams is more than just mapping out and visualizing your dream life and then waiting to have it unfold for you. It's more than just thinking positive thoughts or reciting affirmations. And it's certainly, way more than just journaling every day, listening to a personal development talk on youtube, and meditating once a week.

It's more than just being a disciplined, dedicated, person who "works hard" to go after your dreams.

There's a deeper layer of transformation that takes place on the other side of HEALING. And getting your results happens even faster when you know the steps.

When I finally had this lightbulb realization of what worked and what didn't,  I was able to heal every area of my life. I went from being $60,000 in debt living in my boyfriends parents house at age 25 with chronic mental health issues, to growing a million dollar personal brand, healing my emotional health completely, marrying my soulmate and travel the world.

Because when you know what works, it really, really works.

About the HEAL. Program:

HEAL. is a 24 week sacred transformation online group coaching program taught exclusively by Lauren Eliz Love.

Inside HEAL. you will take a specific area of your life, whether it is your financial reality, your self confidence, your relationship with health and your body, or your relationship with your partner, and you will walk it through a deep dive healing and transformation process.

This is the only program you will ever need when it comes to healing yourself into your dream life. 

Together, we will walk through the 12 step heal method process of elevating into the highest vibration of our lives to become the best versions of ourselves.

What you'll get inside the program:

-The 12-step 12-week HEAL. method program (containing all studies and training )

-12 weekly live group coaching calls starting July 25th! 

- 3 additional check-in calls following the completion of HEAL. for integration. 

That's 12 weeks of course study and 12 weeks of integration support on your six-month journey. 

About the work we will do:

This is a container for women who are dedicated to becoming the best version of themselves and diving deeply into their self study together as a group.

HEAL. is an experience of deep self development and self study.

Understand yourself on a deeper level than ever before and rewire your belief system so that it supports you in being more of your truest highest self.

HEAL. is a process that can be applied to every area of your life.

Whether it's business, health, relationships, and self-worth.

HEAL. is a place for us to release old patterns and become our highest self.

This program is for the woman who is ready to finally break the old patterns that have been holding her back.

It’s for the woman who is ready to fully redesign the areas of her life that have not been truly meeting her expectations.

Whether its a physical struggle like being overweight, struggling with chronic illness, or burdening mental health challenges..

Facing financial struggle or reaching upper limits of abundance in your life..

Carrying an emotional struggle like an inner trauma or childhood wound that continues to show up and hold you back.

Or just seeing a life in front of you that is less than the standard you truly have a calling for on your heart.

If you're ready to do a new, never before experienced deep layer of healing together... let's go!

For the woman who is ready to LET GO of it all to become who she is truly meant to be.

Just having the taste for an overall more fulfilling and expansive life than the one you have now is what brought you here.

Let’s make it happen.

"I encourage anyone who wants to basically feel better about themselves and start their own beautiful journey and enroll in this course!! I've made such good friends (we now text each other) and are all so supportive of each other's journey. There's ZERO judgment in this place where you can feel completely safe. I feel lit up just thinking about how many light bulb moments I had and continue to have with Lauren. If you want to be the change you wish to see around you, go sign up!! Lauren is amazing and so approachable and always there when you need her. Not to mention she will lift your spirits every day. I encourage you to look deep inside... anything you wanna improve about yourself? Feel insecure? Like I did? Well then... this is no coincidence you're in the right place! Your WHOLE perspective will change. And you will finally KNOW that you are AWESOME. "

-Kristen Cary
HEAL Student

About Your Teacher, Lauren Eliz Love

Hey gorgeous! I'm Lauren Eliz Love and I've been on a long wild ride of healing my entire life.

It started in 2012 after my grandfather died. I was newly divorced, starting my life over, and in desperate need of creating a new story for myself. I cried myself to the personal development section of the bookstore and never looked back.

Since then I have studied with some of the best personal development experts and spiritual teachers on the planet on a quest to become the best version of myself. I dove deep into my inner child work, looked at my shadow, and repaired parts of myself I didn't even know needed repairing.

I reclaimed the woman I was always meant to be.

I realized the secret to attracting everything I ever wanted was through HEALING. 

Once I discovered the secret to transformation was in healing work, my entire reality shifted. I manifested my soulmate, created a million dollar business, lost 60 pounds, cured my alcoholism and mental health struggles and finally found peace, happiness, and self confidence.

Now it's your turn.

HEAL is a journey.

A Sacred Container

This is a collective group of individuals who are ready to begin their healing now. duct.


Instantly get access to our virtual community of sisters and dreamers.

Virtual Learning

You'll learn some of the most powerful and authentic ways of healing that have also helped me.

A Life Long Process

I will walk you through this step-by-step process I have created so that it can support you for the rest of your life. 

Bring this work to HEAL. 


✓ Transform your relationship with your body

✓ Your relationship with money

✓ Your romantic relationships

✓ Your relationship with your parents

✓ Your relationship with self confidence

✓ Your relationship with health & vitality

✓ Your relationship with spirit

✓ Your ability to believe in yourself

✓ Any old subconscious fears, blocks or limitations you haven't been able to repair

If you've been struggling with even ONE of the items listed here, HEAL. is the perfect program for you.


"I give gratitude towards the HEAL program every single day. This IS the program that every single Soul has been searching for...the program that WILL activate your Highest Self so you can step into the results you desire. This program has already been so life changing for me. I feel overwhelmed thinking about how much has shifted within me this first round. And, to think that I'm in this program for this entire lifetime...whaaaat? I'm finally in a space with incredible Sisters and a fucking INCREDIBLE facilitator...a space where I feel like every single Sister is showing up in integrity with themselves and truly embodying what they're healing. "

-Kyla Cone
HEAL Student

The sacred, affective & simplified healing process inside HEAL.

Phase one: build a strong foundation for the work

You can't expect to build your life dreams without first getting clear on the work you have to do to heal. In the foundation phase of this work, we are going to get really clear with the Universe about what your soul is calling you to work on, and getting true pure powerful leverage on making your change a MUST. If you've been "wanting" change for a while but haven't been able to make it happen, this will be a powerful step of the program for you.

Phase two: Learn the True Healing Protocol and unlearn your old stories

I don't have to tell you that almost everything you've learned about personal development and getting the "outcome" you want isn't true. I know this because you wouldn't be on this page if you had gotten the results you desired. In this phase of the program we will cultivate your own sacred healing path that is rooted in EFFECTIVE outcome. I'll teach you my healing processes, rituals, and systems for rewiring the subconscious mind and reclaiming your dreams with a path to healing that has results!

Phase three: Uproot the past programming

Together we will release all the limitations you've been holding onto. This is the biggest reason people don't get results inter life - they are operating with unconscious patterns that attract a life they DON'T want. In this section you'll release any and all subconscious resistance to the dreams you desire. We're going to implement affective tools rooted and backed by neuroscience and ancient spirituality to release all your past beliefs that are keeping you from the life of your dreams.

Phase four: Stepping into Ceremony Healing Work

In honor of the work you are doing and the deep dive of self discovery, together in our CEREMONY phase we will go on a two week deep level of self study to personally unlock our dreams and embody them in our entire being. I'll share my deep spiritual study with you and together we will all expand into re-membering and re-learning who are souls truly are and why they came here and what they deserve to have. This is a powerful part of the process where we unlock our power and step into our greatness - where manifestation is effortless and we can be do and have anything we desire.

BONUS: During this phase you will also get a 3 part Breathwork study with Doctor Stephanie Burgos to help better support your expansion. Stephanie is a Doctor, a certified yoga instructor, Breathwork specialist and guardian of plant medicine.

Phase five: Rewire & Integrate 

In the fifth phase of our study together we will integrate and apply our learned knowledge together with tools for brining this medicine into your every day life. If you've ever been in personal development study before, the things you learn can energize you and feel good at first, but then we tend to lose our focus, get distracted and forget our work. Inside HEAL we will go deep into our integration process and rewrite our way of living to continue to say in a high vibration and encode new empowering beliefs into our subconscious minds.

"This program is the BEST investment EVER! Within a few short weeks of doing the program I had breakthroughs I never thought I'd have in my life! I cannot recommend this program enough!" "

Stacey Good
HEAL Student

The Magical Value of the HEAL. program!

See what students are saying about working with Lauren

"This program is taught so beautifully and so powerfully that I am actually blown away. I've been listening to the content on repeat because there is so much information! So many notes! I am so grateful for this program."

"Oh sisters! The breakthroughs that have happened for me this week are insane! It's like the program could end here and I got all that I needed. I cannot wait to see what's next. I am in complete tears it is so beautiful."

"I am having such profound breakthroughs and I am doing so much better in my life! I was able to do things with no fear and this is huge for me! I feel so confident and a live for once in 15 years!"

Let's Paint the Vision Together

What if?

you did this program and your entire life changed?

What if?

you made this commitment to heal yourself, and by doing so, your physical reality transforms into the video game you always wanted to play?

What would happen if?

you finally had full ownership of your emotional state and total awareness of how to master your life, your relationships, and your full power?

What would happen if?

you never got triggered by how mom and dad treated you, or better yet, what if, with the magic in this program you could also change how you were treated by everyone in your entire life?

What if?

you could establish such a layer of high vibrational frequency that you simply only resonate with attracting wealth, abundance and total prosperity into your life (and biz if you have one!)

What if?

you could heal chronic health issues, or alter your physical state simply by doing this work? I’m not making any promises, and this process has worked incredibly well for doing all of those things for me. And if it works for me, it will work for you too.

What if?

this program was THE moment where everything in your life changes.

Do you believe it?
Can you see it?

HEAL. is a TWO PROGRAM process!

Inside the program you get access to HEAL. - the three month transformation method AND HEAL. INTEGRATION - the three month study for spiritual, emotional and physical mastery.

HEAL. Is a Sacred Journey to Support YOU!

Healing can have a structure and a process, rather than feeling like it is a never-ending crazy journey of navigating your old wounds. Inside the HEAL Program you’ll never have to ask, “how do I heal this” ever again. You’ll know for the rest of your life and have this sacred process to walk yourself through whenever you need!

(And an amazing community to support you through your process!) 

Testimonials from the community

Here's what people are saying inside the HEAL. container:

Video Testimonials


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We will be together for 12 weeks live, plus 3 additional months of group support during HEAL. 

We will meet for 12 weeks on Tuesday's at 6pm EST. 

Yes, if you can't join us live you can catch the replay in your course portal!

Lauren Eliz Love & What is Perfection LLC. do not guarantee specific results inside this program. It's up to you to put in the work, show up fully, and give it your all to apply these principles! That being said we believe that every single person who goes through this program can get the result that they desire by completing this process!

This program is PERFECT for you if you are

  • Someone who is ready to create the life of their dreams
  • Someone who's tired of their limitations standing in their way
  • Someone who believes firmly that they have the power to transform their reality 
  • Someone who is not afraid to go after what she wants in life
  • Someone who is ready for tough love, and a big transformation
  • Someone who is ready to see this step as an INVESTMENT in their future.



This program is NOT the best for you if..

  • You believe "I already know that."
  • Stuck in the belief that you cannot be successful or create your dreams
  • Someone looking for a quick fix
  • Looking for someone to *fix* you

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