In a world where we are taught that “success” is the outcome of how hard we work….


Where working more is glamorized and burnout, sacrifice and exhaustion is the standard…

In a culture that programs us to believe that we are only worthy if we achieve and that what we achieve is never enough….


The feminine is rising…. And she’s calling BULLSHIT.

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Welcome to your sacred invitation to do things differently.

An initiation into the new realm of entrepreneurship that doesn’t require you to lose a part of yourself in the process of “attempting” to create wealth.

No more sacrifice, exhaustion, hustle, and burnout on the crazy “it’s never enough” train. 

No more feeling energetically resistant to money, blocking your magnetism or disconnecting from your wealth channel.

No more yo-yo-yearning for the life of your dreams, giving it your all one minute and hiding away the next.

No more emotional rollercoasters believing in yourself one minute and doubting yourself around every corner.

No more living by the fear based beliefs like, “I have to make money now,” or “what if this doesn’t work” that slam you with stress, worry, and unworthiness.


Say hello to comfort, freedom, & flow.

Say hello to manifestation, money magnetism, soul aligned creation of your passion business.

Say hello to a version of you who expresses her FULLEST self and receives money FULLY in that power. 


It’s time to welcome the vision of a business on YOUR terms created YOUR way.

It’s time to visualize and call in the version of yourself that is the leader and creatrix of her reality.

It’s time to embrace your inner confidence, walk in alignment and call in the true expansive success that you know is out there waiting for you.


Are you ready to learn the secrets to finally letting go of the old stories, patterns and blocks?

Are you called to manifest freedom, abundance and opportunity in your life?

Are you shouting yes to a life that embodies all parts of you and a reality where you are your most authentic empowered self?

Are you prepared to step out of your comfort zone and into the frequency of activation that your soul truly craves?


It’s time to become an EMBODIED, WILD, WEALTHY WOMAN.

And it’s time to learn the codes to make that happen.

THIS is Wild Wealthy Feminine:

A sacred initiation into the new embodied version of you who operates her business from the freedom perspective. 


She is empowered, in charge, and fully in her purpose.

She doesn’t hold back.

She speaks her truth.

She is fully in her leadership.

And she is a freaking magnet for the desires she has in her heart.

Listen to learn everything you need to know about The Wild Wealthy Feminine Program

Drop into my story for a moment.

My name is Lauren Eliz Love and I am a master teacher and spiritual guide for women on the path of personal transformation.

In 2015 when I started my journey as a coach, teacher, thought leader and mentor, I was living off of government assistance, had $60,000 in credit card debt over my head, and was sleeping on the mattress in my boyfriend’s parents home trying to “get my business off the ground.” I was broke, stressed, burning the candle at both ends trying to become successful and to feel worthy of success. I always felt stressed, and I constantly, constantly, doubted myself. 

When I cracked the codes to entrepreneurship (the codes you’ll learn about inside this program), I was generating nearly $700,000 a year in my business. I started sharing what I had learned about entrepreneurship and success with the world as a “business coach,” and I watched students of mine go on to hit their first $10K months, $20K months and even become multi-millionaires with the support of my work! 

It was incredible, but there was something missing. I wasn’t fully embodied or joyful. I was still feeling stressed, still doubting myself, still feeling unworthy and still holding back the truest potential of the work and the mission I wanted to put out into the world. There was a deeper layer of my power, my happiness, and my abundance waiting to be turned online and expressed in the online space. I knew I had to go deeper into myself and I knew that the key to my abundance was buried within the relationship I had with myself. 

So I went on a journey… Asking the important questions… “Why do we resist receiving in our businesses?” and “What holds us back from receiving the downloads that are the million dollar business ideas?”, “What wounds do we have around worthiness that affect our ability to be magnetic in the online space?” and “What does someone need to cultivate to be able to be a full embodiment of wealth and abundance?” As I dove deeper and deeper, I realized that there was a wild wealthy feminine essence within all of us just waiting to be turned on.

And then, birthed within me, I found the NEW codes to success. The codes that not only attract wealth, but also allow us to be our most authentic, empowered, confident selves and to be wildly compensated for it. This perspective allowed me to build an ENTIRE new legacy and mission from the ground up, and to do it on MY terms where money FLOWED, my feminine was FREE and I got to live in my fullest, most divine expression of self. There was no holding me back. 

Combing my already studied abundance codes with these new activations of wild feminine frequency, my entire life BLOSSOMED. I completely changed my body, my sense of self, my relationships, and my business skyrocketed. Most importantly, I feel aligned, free and in FLOW with my mission… something we as women ALL deserve and can receive when we abandon the old masculine patriarchal ways of force, hustle and structure.

And now, my darling, it’s YOUR turn to unleash your wild wealthy feminine POWER to manifest the abundant business of your dreams.

What EXACTLY are we diving into together? 


The Wild Wealthy Feminine program is a six week intensive, subconscious reconditioning experience that will support you in rewiring your DNA, mindset, and energetic frequency to CLEAR what has been stopping you from generating that luscious wild lucrative wealth in your life…. And to CALL in the freedom vision of the life you dream of.

No longer be plagued by the sufferings of…


-overwhelm and stress around achieving your entrepreneurial dreams.

-creative blocks or creative ideas that do not generate money you desire.

-the yo-yo rollercoaster experience of believing in yourself one minute and doubting yourself the next.

-the yo-yo rollercoaster experience of being inconsistent in showing up.

-feeling blocked in your voice, your power, and your divine feminine currency. 

-feeling blocked, stuck, wounded, or resistant around money.

-insecurity, feeling small and playing small.

-the disconnect of your embodiment, aka feeling unable to be fully in your power in the online space.

-lack of engagement and client attraction (not generating revenue you want).

-not being able to fully ignite, take action and create the vision of your business that you see in your soul. 

-not knowing what steps to take, actions to implement or game plans.

-burn out, fatigue, brain fog and any health challenges that have risen during your journey of entrepreneurship.

-sacrificing your family time, your self care and your self respect for a dream that hasn’t fully brought you the miracle life you desire. 

-never quite ever feeling like you are enough.

Start welcoming the magic of…


-feeling aligned, flow filled, and peaceful when it comes to your entrepreneurship journey. 

-an abundance of creative channel activations that show you exactly what you need to do to generate wealth in your business.

-embodying a total sense of confidence, faith, and personal power as you relate to the mission you are building and the woman you are leading to it.

-smooth sailing consistency (in a way that provides you plenty of time freedom.) 

-a beautiful aligned healthy relationship with money.

-a divine connection to your true souls knowing.

-a fully activated voice channel where you authentically speak your truth and show up in your divine wild feminine power. 

-a full sense of knowing integrated in every cell of your being that YOU are the one the world has been waiting for.

-client attraction magnetism like CRAZY!

-a lit up soul fire in your body that moves you to take massive aligned action (without feeling doubtful, insecure or exhausted).

-the sacred FULL vision of your mission turned ON within you! Knowing exactly what actions are soul aligned hell yes’s within your body (say hello to the clearest sense of intuition you have ever had in your life!) 

-aliveness, energy, connection, and sourced power in every moment of your magical entrepreneurship path.

-and tons of time freedom. No more sacrifices. It’s time to start living the life of your dreams NOW.


 If you relate to anything I have just shared on this sales page, start getting excited! The codes to rewiring all of these elements of resistance are inside this program.

How the Wild Wealthy Feminine Process Works.


Wild Wealthy Feminine is step by step IMMERSION process led by Lauren Eliz Love. Every week for six weeks, you will receive multiple modules of video study around one of the six areas of Wild Wealthy Feminine Mastery that will teach you the secrets you’ve been longing for. In addition, every week you will also receive a deep dive journal workbook, meditation, and sacred ritual to guide you further in your process. With more than 18+ video modules, we are going to dive deep into learning the things you may not yet know and discover the secrets to abundance and embodiment. The wounds and programs we carry from our past are DEEP and we have DEEP work to do so get ready for the most intense reconditioning of your success journey yet! Finally, every week you will have a LIVE Q&A Call to get support on your study so you have your questions answered and feel deeply held in your unique process.

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The magic that waits for you inside this program:

What you'll receive each week:

  • Multiple video trainings
  • A de-conditioning and re-conditioning hypnosis
  •  A weekly journal workbook tailored to each week's lessons
  • A weekly sacred ritual practice to help integrate the process
  • A weekly live coaching call with Lauren Eliz Love
  •  Homework after each week's call



"I changed my entire outlook on my business and my coaching practice while working with Lauren. I am so grateful to Lauren for helping me shift into the person, the businesswoman, the coach I was meant to be!"

Robin Peacock

"Working with Lauren has given me the clarity to leverage what I have already created in my business and shown me exactly how to execute and up-level my launch strategies to go from $20K to $50K months!"

Ashley Gordon

What the study looks like:

Your Sacred Initiation Study into the Wild Wealthy Feminine Mastery


Week 1: Desires Fulfilled.

LIVE CALL TOPIC:  Mastering your niche, ideal client, & vision.

Week 2: Money Healed.

LIVE CALL TOPIC: Mastering your brand, your unique identity, voice, story, & content creation.

Week 3: Creatrix Activated.

LIVE CALL TOPIC: Identifying your unique offers, multiple revenue streams, and creating programs.

Week 4: Business Ignited.

LIVE CALL TOPIC: Aligning with soulful sales and marketing strategies.

Week 5: Calibrate.

LIVE CALL TOPIC: Coaching, leading, holding space, and teaching others - lessons and tips for mastery.

Week 6: Embody Freedom.

LIVE CALL TOPIC: Freedom Call - Emotional mastery of your business, money, & entrepreneurship


Everyone’s journey is different. Find the right package for you:



12 monthly payments

Lifetime Access + 3 Bonus Programs

  • The Business Babe Method
  • Lauren’s Six Figure Launch Process
  • Sell With Your Story Masterclass



6 monthly payments

Lifetime Access + 3 Bonus Programs

  • The Business Babe Method
  • Lauren’s Six Figure Launch Process
  • Sell With Your Story Masterclass

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Lifetime Access + 3 Bonus Programs

  • The Business Babe Method
  • Lauren’s Six Figure Launch Process
  • Sell With Your Story Masterclass