Are you a spiritual woman but you're feeling the call to go deeper into your connection with the Universe?


Do you have a longing to connect with your higher guides, source, and the Universe to give you the downloads you've been looking for?


Are you feeling the call to create ceremonies and spiritual ritual practices in your home but are unsure of how to do that, what steps to practice and what exactly to do to activate your connection? 


Are you craving a study of how to create sacred space for yourself to heal, expand, and grow in the comfort of your own home with the powerful rituals that transform you?



Welcome to the Ceremony Starter Pack

The Ceremony Starter Pack is a collection of in-depth video trainings and virtual recorded ceremonies that walk you through my step by step process of how to create sacred ceremonial practices for yourself at home.

You'll learn how to work with elements, plants, crystals, altar spaces, and more.

Plus you'll get virtual recorded  ceremony's that walk you through rituals that expand and awaken you!


Get ready to dive into your sacred healing in the comfort of your own home!  


So often we desire a deeper connection with spirit.... but don't know how to really turn that on...

So often we are not practiced in the art of tapping in and connecting, so our work feels surface level...

So rarely do we make that uninterrupted time for ourselves in prayer and intention work because we don't know what to do.

Now is the time for you to learn step by step how to create these sacred containers and rituals for yourself.

 If you are ready to unblock your channel and create a magnetic frequency for expansion, healing, and self transformation, this Ceremony Starter Pack series is for you.


YES! I am ready for the Ceremony Starter Pack!

Some trainings Inside the Program:

  • Intro to Ceremony Work
  • How to set intentions for healing
  • How to nest for your future higher-self
  • How to set up your altar
  • Align Time Ceremony Study Virtual Experience
  • Working with the Element of Water
  • Working with the Element of Fire
  • Working with the Breath of Life 
  • Breathwork Virtual Ceremony Experience 
  • How to work with, cleanse and charge your crystals
  • How to Work with the four sacred plants in right relationship 
  • Feather work and bird medicine
  • Working with Flower medicine
  • Working with Animal Medicine 
  • Earth Activation Meditation and Ceremony work 

Plus there is more being added to the program this month!

"I have been slowly making my way through the ceremonial starter pack as i really wanted to be intentional with integrating what i learn and going with the flow of how ever long it takes for me to naturally go through the course. I just got through the elements of water and fire and just wanted to send you a message of sincere gratitude for your work! This is the medicine i have been ready to receive in the next steps of my healing and study. Thank you thank you thank you!!"



The magical step-by-step process to creating spiritual container in your home.

The Ceremony Starter Pack is a series of trainings and recorded ceremonies designed by Lauren Eliz Love to help you deepen your relationship with spirit and with your highest power through Ceremony study.

Inside the Ceremony Starter pack you will learn: 

-How to create altar spaces that create the most magnetic portal of abundance.

-What Ceremonies are, and how to create impromptu ceremony containers in your home.

-The exact tools, products, and sacred items you can bring into your ceremony container to heal.

-What plants to use in your ceremony work and how to work with earth energy in your ceremonies.

-The step by step process to opening a sacred ceremony and closing a sacred ceremony.

-The exact rituals, practices, and routines to use and call upon for Ceremonial work. 

-How to spiritually tap into a magnetic flow of prosperity, wisdom, and empowerment that feels aligned and soul-centered.

-How to move energy through your body, connect with intuition, and flow through a ceremony container. 

-How to constantly calibrate your channel to receive more and more! Endless abundance is your birthright!



Are you ready to go deeper into your connection? 

Are you ready to master your divine channel? 

Are you ready to awaken your highest power? 

Let's create Magical Ceremonies together.

How the course works:

-Once you enroll in the Ceremony Starter Pack, you will get instant access to the course modules to dive into your study! **Course content is already available and more content will be added this month!

-Go at your own pace! You get lifetime access to this healing experience and can call on your study whenever you need!

-Inside the Series you will receive video trainings, Recorded Ceremonies, Meditations and journal workbooks that will awaken you step-by-step in this process.

-Step-by-step you will learn the process of creating ceremony space and how to fully activate your connection & healing.

-You'll also receive the protocols and processes for continuing this work beyond your study with spiritual rituals, energetic body work, abundance activations and more!

>> The magic medicine of this program is unlimited! Are you ready to remove your own limitations and show up fully in your power? 




  • How would it feel to experience Source and divine power WITHIN YOU  
  • What would it look like for you to wake up every day knowing your own power and to be fully embodied in source energy and to be in your power in every single direction of your life? 
  • What would it sound like to be in Ceremony work and clearly hear the messages from spirit and be a master of your relationship with the divine?  (And to believe in your own divine power
  • Get ready for the magic medicine of this study. It's the solution you have been waiting for!




YES! I am ready for the Ceremony Starter Pack!

My story....

Hi! I'm Lauren! And I've healed my entire life through the practice and study of Ceremonial Work.

When I was diagnosed with Chronic Lyme disease in 2019, I was a mess searching for answers and healing. I tried everything. My depression was at an all-time high, my anxiety was through the roof, my body was hurting and I felt truly disconnected from my source energy. 

Then I found Plant Medicine, and I went on a deep healing journey spending seven months in Sedona studying the inner workings of Plant Medicine and its healing powers. 

As I went on this journey, I noticed that CEREMONY was the most powerful component of this work that provided me huge results on my healing journey. Creating safe containers of healing even without the use of plant medicine, completely transformed my life.

I knew I wanted to bring that medicine home with me, so when I returned from my study, I started to embark on the study of ceremony work at home. Since then, my mind, body and spirit have healed in an even deeper way than I ever thought possible. 

And now I am so excited to bring that study to all of you!



It's time to start your spiritual expansion journey sister.

Are you ready to go to the next level in your relationship with spirituality? Let's do it.









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