September income report!

We are BACK! Oh my goodness. Income reports are here again!

If you’ve been following our income reports each month, you may notice I took a break from sharing all the juicy details of how much money Lauren of Love was making.

For the record, it had nothing to do with me hiding anything. Don’t worry babe, I am not keeping any secrets. We just got super busy. So before you think anything sensational like, “OMG Lauren’s business is falling apart, and that’s why she isn’t sharing anything,” take a deep breath girl. We doin’ AWESOME.


How to create a passive income through payment plans as an online coach:

July I was traveling a LOT, August we had our first six figure launch and September? Well …. September the dust finally settled, and I was able to sit back and actually type something up for you showing our September numbers!

I know how many of you babes love seeing these income reports and I don’t want to stop giving them to ya! So here we go! September income report drum roll please!!!……..

Total September Income: $46,101.91


  • One on One: $19,774.92
  • Group Coaching: $19,038.35
  • Passive Income Cours sales: $7,288.67

Things to Remember:

This income report is smaller than our last month of August. August our cash flow was $57,742.20.  And I think that is really important to show you. Being an entrepreneur you will have ups and downs: It’s NORMAL.  August was a launch month which meant we were filling a group coaching program. Since we had the cart open for SIX FIGURE BIZ BABE, we had a lot of students pay in full for that program in August and then didn’t see that residual income coming through this month because they weren’t payment plans. And that’s okay! I used to see dips in my income and think that I was failing. It used to freak me out. But honestly, now I embrace the rollercoaster! This month (October) We open the cart for the COACHING MENTORSHIP PROGRAM   doors open tomorrow!) and I know we will have a new group of students coming with new payment plans and new pay in fulls.

Things We did Differently.

Reducing One on One Clients: So lately, I have been focused on reducing the amount of one on one clients I have. I reached a point in my business where we are craving more time freedom so I have intentionally reduced the amount of one on one’s I work with. Yes, I actively chose to leave money on the table. I said NO to things. I walked away from a financial opportunity because I know that not every opportunity is the RIGHT one. In this case, I am now being very very selective with who I chose to work with one on one and after three years of saying yes to everyone, I think that’s okay. The income we used to receive for one on one was probably a lot stronger than the number it is right now, but I know in my heart that this was the right decision for me. I went from having 12 one on one clients at a time and being burnt out to making a conscious decision to reduce down to 4 or 6. Now I have free time. Now I can breathe in my work day. And I love it. These next few months I am letting go of a handful of students who are graduating and I am sending them off with love. It’s important to remember the old saying, “What got you here won’t get you there.” I hit my first big 10K and 20K months with one on one students, but I know that filling up my schedule with call after call won’t let me feel truly fulfilled in my business.

The 12 Month Payment Plan: One of the greatest things we shifted into for our brand was the 12 month payment plan. And this is working out very well. Students who are on a budget can enroll in my group programs (Six Figure Biz Babe and the Coaching Mentorship) and pay off their program over the span of 12 months. This has actually been a huge win win for both us, as a business and the clients! Students who are on a budget don’t have to stress and then we know as a company was have residual income building for a full year. It is beautiful because with each launch, those passive income numbers just start to grow on top of each other launch after launch after launch. It makes me feel really good to know that I am helping every girl create success in her business – even when that girl is on a budget.

Things We are more focused on now.

Focusing on Course Sales: Every single quarter we are actively choosing to revamp and expand our passive income courses. Last month for example, we revised our Podcast Course and made it stronger, better and more sexy for our audience. This is something we are going to continue to do so we can provide value to all the women in business no matter what there needs are.

Growing the Email List Growing the Email List is a HUGE point of focus for us right now. I have to thank my team for this one. Gina, my amazing strategist and integrator was really adamant about how important this was for us moving forward- and she was right! As we grow, we want to keep track of our following and have more direct access to them outside of social media. Growing the email list is KEY. We made a beautiful subscription service where we offer free coaching to all our subscribers and that has helped us a TON.

Saying No, Staying out of the Chaos  and Delegating whatever feels shitty. Oh my god you guys this is a huge one for me. Last month (or the month before, I can’t remember) I made the decision to no longer be involved in the payment process for my clients. Students, enrolled and interested, would message me daily via Facebook and email asking about their payment plans, declined charges or how to switch out their credit card information to fix their payment plan. It was weighing on me. So one day we made the decision as a team that I would no longer be involved. Want a refund? Talk to my team. Need to swipe out your creditcard info for your account? Talk to my team. I am seriously totally removed from this and I love it. In addition, we also made the decision to hire a personal assistant for me. She is helping me book appointments, get travel plans in order, and manages my email inbox. Yes you guys.. I no longer manage my email inbox. It’s been BLISS. I was so scared to create this separation in my business, but honestly, I knew I was ready to do the scary thing. I’m learning that the bigger the business grows, the more I need to protect my energy and keep my mood in the best space possible. When my mood is off, I can’t create the content that lights me up and serves all of you! So I’ve been saying no to what doesn’t serve me. I have stepped away from what stressed me out, and I delegate whatever lowers my vibe.

Did you enjoy this income report? Share it with your biz babe friends so we can spread the word: you CAN create abundance in your life. It’s possible. <3


Your Coach, Lauren Eliz Love

P.S. Did you know the COACHING MENTORSHIP  doors open tomorrow? Come check it out!