Your Business get's to thrive & your Body gets to feel good doing it. 


Introducing Body and Bank: The DIY Program that teaches you how to become a true energetic match for freedom connecting your health AND your wealth.
Because you don't have to choose.
Body & Bank is designed for ANY self-identifying working woman who is ready to break the patterns of sacrificing her own wellness for her wealth. This program will walk you through a complete identity shift where you become someone who not only thrives in her financial reality, but who prioritizes her health too!

Maybe you've heard the lies...

"Hard work requires sacrifice."
"You have to spend all your time working to get where you want to be."
"Pay your dues! If you aren't giving it your all, you aren't working hard enough!"
If you're like the old me (before I discovered the Body & Bank connection) you are probably forcing and pushing and hustling your way to success building your empire on this one simple idea:
"If i just work a little harder....."
But that belief system has only led you to a reality that feels like it's "never enough." Your mind has a lot of anxiety, and your body feels overwhelmed, burnout, fatigued, and heavy.
If you're downing in a sea of exhaustion, upper limits, and overwhelm, but you're trying to get more, do more and be more.
You've been sacrificing your health, self care, and time freedom only to get a few more steps ahead... but you feel like you're on a hamster wheel getting nowhere.
Welcome to the secret energetic channel NO ONE has told you about:

Your body AND bank.

Yes through these two aspects of our human experience is one clear energetic channel. And when we use that energetic channel appropriately, our health and our wealth grow TOGETHER. in HARMONY.

Are you ready for this new way?

Inside Body and Bank

This program is a step by step program walking you through a learning, a reconditioning, and an activation of a NEW way of living your life. You can see the topics you'll learn and the experience you'll have in the training list below. Once you enroll you get instant access to all the content and lifetime access to any and all updates.
This DIY course is delivered in a NEARLY THREE HOUR video training complete with slides and a journal workbook.
Every step of the way we are rewiring and rewriting your belief systems about success, money, self care, and personal self love so that you are empowered, liberated and ready to walk this new path of achievement.
There is also an audio only version for anyone who needs to listen on the go! I love this feature for busy moms and students who travel far for work. Listening in the car is one of the best ways to anchor in these teachings!
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Things you need to know and will come to know in this program.

  1. Body and Bank is for any woman who wants to make money/ be successful AND also wants to be healthy. If you find yourself stuck in misaligned patterns around this, the Body and Bank program is for you.
  2. In Body and Bank you will deeply learn about the energetic connection we hold between our health and our wealth and I'll teach you how to get these two parts of yourself working in HARMONY so that when one thrives they both thrive.
  3. This DIY course is for anyone who feels like their HEALTH is suffering as they grow their business or career (and you'll learn how to radically break this cycle)
  4. This is a deeply feminine approach to business that ditches force for flow.
  5. This is the secret method I discovered through my own dark night of the soul around health and wealth.
  6. You don't have to choose between your peace and your power: you get to have BOTH.
  7. "The more you thrive, the more your business thrives," is a true statement. And you'll learn how to fully embody it through this work.

"Working with Lauren has given me the clarity to leverage what I have already created in my business and shown me exactly how to execute and up-level my launch strategies to go from $20K to $50K months!"


-Ashley Gordon


I grew up in a world that taught me I should "always be working harder." So I did. At the peak of my career as an entrepreneur I had a severe chronic health condition, was more than 50 pounds overweight, and was struggling with addictive coping behaviors like binge eating and alcoholism on the daily. I was so stressed out and so burnt out making nearly a million dollars a year. But for some reason, despite all the big milestones and achievements, nothing I did ever felt like it was "enough" for me to get a deep solid rest. Everything was work. I had zero room in my schedule, no time freedom and no idea what true self care was. But I thought, "If I could just make a little more money, then I can finally....."
But the harder I worked the more sick I became. My body and bank connection was broken. And I couldn't sustain myself. So I burnt it down and broke down. My health challenges got so serious that I decided to take a big leap. I put my health first and burned my business to the ground entirely. I took a year long sabbatical in the vortex of Sedona Arizona, and there I discovered the truth about business WITHOUT all these conditions about sacrifice, force and exhaustion we were once led to believe.
Our businesses THRIVE when WE Thrive. And through my own self care my true mission and message began its birth. Suddenly, a new flow was being created within me. The Heal Program was created, the Wild Wealthy Feminine method was discovered and I found the Body Bank Connection within me. The healthier I became, the more wealth I created.
I have never been healthier OR wealthier. And I cannot wait to teach these principles to you.
The truth is, we never had to sacrifice ANYTHING to create what we want. Freedom is our BIRTHRIGHT and it comes from our own health and vitality.


It's time to thrive in your health & weath.


Body & Bank


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