April 2018 Income Report

Hey guys! I am back with the Lauren of Love monthly income report! Sorry it took me so long to report the month of April to you guys (I am actually going to be sitting down and writing up May’s report today too!)


Don’t worry – I wasn’t putting it off because our numbers were bad or anything like that. We’ve just been so busy! I did have this fear pop into my brain that maybe people thought I wasn’t reporting my income in April because we had a bad month or something. We had a very good month (even though we spent half the month away traveling!)

Note: Our numbers were strong for April and May, but I DID have a TON of emotional growth -and not all of it was easy. (I’ll be definitely diving into this in another blog post soon.)  Me and Matt working together has definitely brought on some new challenges, and managing a team has been a huge new thing that is actually not as easy as I thought it would be. (More on that in May’s income report.)

Okay. Let’s talk April. I know you guys are wondering. How did we do?

April Income: $46,399.43

Let me preface this by saying April (and May) were some of the most challenging months of my life. No joke it has been ROUGH emotionally as I shift to new levels.

April we went away and got married, which was so amazing and beautiful… But I had to deal with all the fear that comes up around taking a break from business. At my core, I am a hustler. I work hard every day and try to push towards my goals in business every single minute of every day. Taking breaks is NOT in my wheelhouse. Especially not two and a half weeks of a break!

We went away for our wedding and honeymoon and spent five days in Sedona, seven days in Maui and seven days in Kauai.  It was beautiful. We had the best time exploring together. (I think I should do a blog post about this because so many people were asking about our tribe and I still haven’t shared photos!)

When Matt and I were away, the day after our wedding (our trip had just started), we sat down with my coaching calendar. He realized I had all my coaching calls still scheduled while we were in Hawaii (yes I was planning on working.) “Cancel them all” he told me. I cried. And then I did it.

  • “Will my audience still be there if I stop showing up?”
  • “Will my clients be mad if I cancel calls for a full month and extend their contracts?” 
  • “Will we plummet in income if I take a two week break?”

For anyone who’s a hard worker, let me tell you: your business will be okay when you step away. The whole time traveling and being away from the little office I have at home, I was scared shitless about my business. I really felt the fear around walking away and trusting everything would be fine. I was constantly worried, checking my emails, and feeling so much fear around canceling coaching calls so we could celebrate our honeymoon. It was HARD. But honestly, I had nothing to worry about.

Income Breakdown for April:

  • Courses and Coaching: $44,376
  • The Unleash Your Badass Business Workbook Sales: $1,221.43
  • Affiliate Revenue: $588.50
  • (doTerra Revenue not listed because my computer isn’t letting me pull it up and I’m on the road right now but just know that number is not included in this breakdown or the total.)

What worked for the month of April?

Trusting and Surrendering. Look. Let’s face it. None of us want to grow a business that requires us to sit behind a desk eight hours a day. We want freedom! And we have to be okay with taking a side step and disconnecting from our work. Even when it’s hard.

What didn’t work?

Honestly, controlling, obsessing and micromanaging. I am soooooo done with trying to obsessively manage my business. And we all should be. The truth is your audience wants to follow someone who lives an inspired life! And you aren’t living an inspired life when you are stuck in the office all day.

Stay tuned in for May!

I think these reports have been so eye opening for my following, but quite honestly, they have been really eye opening for me too! It’s easy for us as business owners to run past each month hustling and just trying to go towards the next goal, but these reports have allowed me to slow down and keep track of my achievements. And it feels good!

( If you haven’t been watching the monthly income reports, or if you want to go back to the beginning, you can check them out in the INCOME Reports Category on this site!