Three Things I did to Attract Clients on Social Media

business strategy May 27, 2019

I used to have such a hard time finding clients online. I remember, when I first got the calling to start a business, I thought I would just create a blog that would magically have millions of viewers so I could make money off of advertising with google ad-sense and affiliate marketing.


I googled it for hours, "How do you make money off your website?"


At the time, the e-learning industry was blowing up, and I felt this desire to teach women beyond regular blog posting how to go deeper into getting the results they desired in their life.


Gary Vaynerchuk, in his book, Crushing It, says that you can make money off of teaching anyone how to do anything on the internet.

"If you house train ferrets, you can be a millionaire teaching people how to do it." he says.

Teach me all the things Gary V.

When I started my business, my first step was buying a website. I was blogging a ton about life, mental health, and my own journey to wellness. Over time, as my audience started to grow, I decided to create online courses around those topics.

The Perfection Program taught women to find love and confidence in themselves.

Broken to Beautiful taught women how to heal from abusive unhealthy relationships.

Brand New Me was a massive life transformation course for the woman that just wanted to reclaim it all!

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My courses were fierce, my product was clean, but I had a hard time finding clients. It seemed like everywhere I turned I found women telling me they couldn't afford my product (even when it was only 30 bucks.)

So I was left with the never-ending question: HOW DO I FIND PEOPLE TO BUY THIS FROM ME?

Whether you are selling one on one offers, an online course, or a physical product in the online space, listen up: There are THREE things that drastically changed my ability to receive clients. Here they are.

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Three Things I did to Attract Clients on Social Media.

1. I started speaking to the pain points of my product more. It wasn't enough to shout from the rooftops that I had something for people to buy. I had to nurture my audience into understanding why it was important to buy it. One day I sat down, took out my journal and asked myself, "What are the specific pain points my client has?" I made a list, looked at all of that information and then asked a second question: "Okay Lauren, What Instagram posts, Facebook Posts, and Videos can I create that speak to these pain points?" It is so important to emotionally connect with your viewer on what she is struggling with.  Below are some examples of how to speak to pain points on social media:

If you sell essential oils online, try speaking to the pain point of the chemicals that exist in regular products out there.

If you sell a protein shake, do some epic training videos on how to put yourself first or why you believe body image is something that is important to master.

If you sell life coaching packages or offers, why not speak to the pain points of not having your shit together? Let women know they are not alone in their struggles.

2. I started SOLVING the problem publically for FREE. Now before you say, "Lauren, I don't. want to give away my product for free," take a deep breath and listen up babe. When you provide FREE amazing incredible value in the online space that TEACHES people how to do something, you are more likely to get people coming to you eager to buy (without you even having to cold message.)

Think about your own experience as a customer.

"That movie trailer looks good, let me go buy a ticket."

"I listened to that soundtrack and it's amazing, I have to go rent the movie now."

"I read a few pages of the book inside Barnes and Noble and I loved it, so I bought it."

"I tried that sample at Costco and it was so delicious I bought the lobster dip."


Side note: That Costco thing actually happened to me. I also got a tub of raw cookie dough that had salmonella in it and ate both things the day I went shopping and got SUPER sick.... so don't do that.


But really babe, you are given an opportunity to sample, try, and fall in love with things before you make big leaps. Give your audience the same chance. Give them a moment to connect with you and learn how credible and educated you are about what you do.


If you sell a product that solves a problem, create some small Value Added pieces of content that allow your clients to fall in love with you. 

"How to _______"

"Steps to _______"

Three ways I ______" are great examples of videos, and written content that you can share on your platforms that let people know you are super credible with what you do.


3. I had a Find Clients Strategy for Growing my Social Media Accounts. Yes. Sorry babe, I hate to break it to you but a strategy is really important. So many women are just posting around on their Instagram and Facebook, but with a low engagement rate and a small following, it can feel super challenging to attract women who are a perfect fit for what you do. Make sure that you come up with strategies of ATTRACTION, aka, make sure you are bringing people into your viewership. Imagine if you were an amazing singer. but you were just standing on your front lawn every day singing wondering why no one was buying your greatest hits album. "Um.... Babe... No one can hear you."

GET in front of people babe. And if you need help, below is a FREE Simple checklist for finding clients on Instagram and Facebook. Enjoy!