How I hit $50,000 cash months as an online coach

Oh my gosh. So let me just say March was the most beautiful month ever. Let me also say that I made a lot of big changes in my life this month, took a vacation and also disconnected from social media more.

And yet we hit 50K in revenue. BOOM.

Full transparency, we actually set the goal to hit $40,000 this month and ended up going beyond that, which was so cool. So let’s talk about it shall we?

March Income: $50,733.22

  • -Course sales: $48,783
  • -Book sales: $1,126.22
  • -Affiliate Revenue: $797
  • -Doterra Oils: $27.00


Okay. Let’s talk about what worked and what didn’t.

We had huge breakthroughs in a few different areas in March. We ran a 24-hour flash sale for the 30 Days to Launch Your Biz program that did REALLY well. I’ve run flash sales in the past, but I never really promoted them – I just woke up one day and said, “I feel like doing a flash sale” and that never performed well. This time around, we did it differently. I spent a few days talking about the sale with my audience and reminding all of you gorgeous babes that the sale would happen. Once the cart opened for 50% off, everyone was already waiting for it! It was so beautiful.

-This month I also stopped focusing on essential oils – a side gig in my big picture business – because I was hitting the ground running with my courses and programs. As I am growing, I am becoming more intentional with my time and am really making sure that I am showing up where my audience needs me. I realize now that one of the big problems with network marketing is that (depending on where you are in your business) the money doesn’t just keep flowing in when you take breaks. As you can see, we crashed in this area for March. And that’s okay! What’s important is that I am serving my audience and I feel like I can serve my audience best when I am focused on the programs and services that they need!! So I am listening to my gut and paying attention to where I am needed most.

Another amazing thing for March: We launched the Unleash Your Badass Business workbook !!!  We had a beautiful month sharing and talking about this gorgeous workbook – it was so fun to share my heart with you when this book came out – I poured my heart into it and now that it is out I Feel so happy and excited about the results our students are getting with the self-reflection prompts inside. It was seriously a BLAST to create it and it feels so good to finally have it out there. My vision is to ultimately make a six-figure income through my books but I know that will take time to nurture and grow in the online space.

Things that didn’t work this month: Honestly, everything was really beautiful. March I felt really called to grow in personal ways – and I think the universe really showed up to give me that. I learned some very valuable lessons about friendship and love that made me stronger on this journey of life. I think one of the things I realized about business growth (that I talk about all the time) is that you must be growing in order to get the business to grow. So this month, I really made sure I prioritized my own soul’s journey and not just the business.

Next month (April) Intentions

  • Hit $60,000.00
  • Enjoy our beautiful wedding in Sedona
  • Experience a magical vacation in Hawaii
  • Pour my heart into my year-long Badass Business Academy students
  • Gear  up to start Life Coach Babe and Six Figure Biz Babe
  • Practice an insane amount of gratitude all the time
  • Focus on honoring my feminine energy more. Healing and growing as often as possible.

I hope you ladies enjoy these monthly reviews and breakdowns! I would love it if you could share it with your fellow business babes who need some inspiration!