How to Align With your next level of business

mindset mastery Mar 21, 2019

I’m showing up in my next level. Have you noticed ?

😉 At every level, I always ask: what are my rules?

In other words, “what do I need to believe to get to the next level?” Here are mine right now:


-I have intuitive abilities that are my innate gifts which I built a successful business around (and all of that feels easy.)

-I don’t believe in being a one woman show ( tried it, it sucked.)

-Customer service & happy customers are our #1 priority (2nd to Team Culture.)

-I promise to protect my team/employees/staff like a momma lion and mentor my staff as much as I can. I let them show up in their gifts, I can show up on mine (I coach, create, and everything else gets delegated.)

-Building a million dollar business by yourself is totally possible, but also totally ridiculous IMO. Intentionally running a business solo at a big level is irresponsible and unsustainable. Not to mention, pretty unfulfilling if you ask me (I want to spread the wealth, not hoard it all to myself at the “top”) Note: I also believe that a lot of businesses fail because they (out of fear) choose not to expand into a team and never break past an occasional $15,000 month. #upperlimitissues

-I should never spend more than 5 hours working (as a projector I should only be working 2 but am pretty overzealous most days)

-I refuse to ever choose between being successful and having a happy marriage, kids family, friends etc.

-My health will NEVER suffer because of my business. (I decided. Done.)

-Teachers are meant to come in and out of lives (remember that as a student, you’ll have mentors who leave and as the Coach, remember you’ll have students who outgrow you too.) When a sacred connection ends, it’s often because they are no longer aligned with the person you’ve become.

-Authenticity and Vulnerability are my superpowers and I need to work on my craft.




Start building your dream business ASAP.