Why I refuse to Niche Down

business strategy Mar 08, 2019

A while back I made a decision: I wasn't going to niche down.

I didn't want to label myself as a life coach, or a business coach, or a mentor, or a guru.

I didn't give a shit about my elevator pitch because I had no interest in fitting into a box, and I didn't care how other people saw me.

So I made a decision that I was DONE with the niche.

(I also made the decision that I was never going to try and sell to people ever again, which ironically made me more wealthy than I could have ever imagined. But that's a story for a later time.)

Here's the deal, I am a vessel for *the work.* My purpose is to break the rules as often as possible so I can show women what's possible for them.

And as someone who is here to do THE WORK with people, I can tell you: The work is diverse, complex, and full of variety. It is NOT some simple sentence in my instagram bio, or some "I help ___ with xyandz" formula, robotic response to the question, "what is it that you do?"

I am a person of BEING. NOT a person of doing.

I am a facilitator, coach, mirror, lightworker, guide, and all the things. I don't need to pick one and I don't need to make it a pretty rosy colorful sentence. All I need to do is BE ME, listen to my calling, create the content, and the business will thrive. "As within, so without."

So as an influencer, I unapologetically choose to be ALL of the things I want to be. Because that's what feels good and expansive to me.

The more I grow, the more things change. And that isn't a sign I am "getting it wrong," in business or "being flakey" or "Changing my mind a lot." It is an example of why I am getting it RIGHT in business.

And if I forced myself to package all of my desires into some tiny fancy sales sentence for my instagram, just so I could check off my to-do list box that says, "I found an ideal client and niche," what message would that be putting out there for women? (Especially for women who feel shame and guilt because that they don't fit into any particular box.)

So when people ask me what I do, I tell them that I am here to give women permission to live their truth (whatever that may be.) And sometimes I simply say, "I am a coach," or "I help women make money doing what they love."

All of those are the right answer.

Because I help women create wealth, abundance, Happiness, Confidence, Feminine Energy, Powerful identities, Leadership, worthiness, I give more than one result, so I have permission to claim more than one identity.

Because it's not ONE thing. It never will be one thing.

So to the girl out there who struggles with her niche: Stop looking at your own business trying to make it ONE thing. It's never one thing.

You are a diverse human being who has a MILLION passions, desires, interests, hobbies, callings etc. And *all of it* can be your purpose.


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