Building a business that relies on your creativity.

 I shared on my instagram today about the destructive pattern of consuming content on social media and how it can completely stop us from being creative and inspired in our own business.

Are you spending hours scrolling on social media reading other people’s content? Why?


Are you looking at others’ because your scared your content isn’t good enough?


Or are you just avoiding your own deeply powerful message because it scares the F out of you to show up in it?


Any time I fall into over consumption (and I do because I’m human) I know it’s a sign that I have something to say that I’m scared to say. That, or I’m feeling insecure and feeding that insecurity by reading everyone else’s great content.


Creatives, entrepreneurs, bloggers, writers, coaches, and spiritual influencers; listen the F up babes. Your creative channel must be mastered. In order to truly serve the world from an authentic space, you MUST BE able to translate your intuition into compelling powerful content.


When you are consuming other people’s content out of a space of fear of not feeling good enough or procrastination around your own unique message, then you destroying your connection to source. And creative message IS source itself.



Doing things like:

Reading your “competitors” content

Scrolling and trolling Instagram highlights of other people’s lives,

Double tapping for hours and wondering where the time has gone

Ive had a lot of women come up to me lately asking how I create so much content. And it's simple really: I just don't spend time scrolling social media.

Because when I am scrolling content, I become a totally uninspired being and feel totally lost in my own messaging.

A while back I made this hard and fast rule for myself: 

"Don't be so pulled into other peoples' messaging that you stop hearing your own."

Over the years I've gotten better at sinking more deeply into this mantra. And today, my content and how I show up on social media is stronger because I've tried to master the habit of avoiding consuming content....

See, I used to have this terrible habit of scrolling other people's gifts. I would read instagram post after instagram post from other people on the online space who were more successful than me and I instantly felt 

Rather than inspiring me or lifting me up, it made me feel incredibly small and uninspired.


Whenever I am uninspired creatively, here are some things I do to get out of my stuck energy and back into creative flow:

1. I surround myself with nature: going for a walk in the fresh air always clears my head. If you can, go for a walk without any music or technology to completely disconnect.

2. I participate in silent meditation: While guided meditation is always healing, I do find that silent meditation has a powerful impact on my creativity. I go into my bedroom, lay on the bed over the covers (under the covers I might fall asleep) and I just close my eyes with a 15 minute timer. This has a HUGE impact for me. 

3. I go on a social media detox. Sometimes I'll disconnect for a full 72 hours. You can read my post on my most recent tech detox here.

4. I commit to a 30 days no scrolling cleanse. Every once in a while, when my scrolling gets out of hand, I decide to snap myself back into creative mode by doing 30 days dedicated to no-scrolling. This helps me heal my comparison and puts me back on track for creating from a place of joy. If you need help reducing your comparison, read this post on comparisonitis.


In addition, my favorite thing to do is to shut down and do all of those things in one weekend. It is PURE magic! 

Hope these tips help you babe. 

Do you struggle with feeling creative sometimes? 

Side note: I also feel incredibly lacking in my creativity during certain phases of my cycle. On episode 11 of the Lauren of Love Podcast, I share about my cycle and how my period directly affects my creativity. Have a listen! 



P.S Did you know the Lauren of Love Podcast used to be The Business Babe Podcast ?

xox Your Coach, Lauren Eliz Love


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