My $190,000 Launch and What I Learned

Uncategorized Aug 18, 2020

I've been sitting with this launch for a few weeks watching the ripples take place all around me. Last month we launched our signature Lauren of Love program - the Coaching Mentorship. This is an 8 week deep dive into branding, social media, limiting beliefs, coaching styles, selling in the online space, etc. etc. you get the point. It's basically jam packed with everything I know about coaching.

And guys, this was the MOST exciting launch for me in my career launching this program. 


Because I've found a sweet spot of managing my masculine and feminine energy. 

I use a lot of masculine energy in the pre-launch process - making sure I'm prepared, checking off all the boxes, delegating work, creating lists, and having a strategy in place.
But the trick to having a successful launch is using my feminine energy during the actual launch. This energy is all about receiving soulmate clients and having students purchase the product. No sleazy selling, no hard pitches, just an allowance of letting them come into the program because they were meant to be here. 

During the launch I focus on how many students I want to receive in my program knowing that I can achieve it. 

Then, I sink into the vision of this program. 

So I came up with these 9 things that allow me to really sink into the vision of what I'm creating. 
Here they are:

  1. I planned ahead
  2. I served endlessly
  3. Be in the moment of the process
  5. Be really intentional about  coming into the launch process
  6. Don’t obsess over numbers
  7. Anchor into my beliefs
  8. Rely on your team
  9. Invest as if my launch is already successful before it even happens

You can listen to the full epic podcast episode here:

Like I mentioned in the podcast episode, this is a long game guys! This isn't just a 5 day and done, this is over a month long strategy. Learning how to be in the present moment truly was a game changer for us this round. 

I hope you look more deeply at your own launch strategy and see where there can be shifts made. Because, you're either gaining money or you're gaining a lesson. 

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-Lauren of Love