Three of our Favorite tools for Instagram

business strategy Jul 10, 2019

Instagram is our FAVORITE platform to hang out on. No joke, we are on there every day celebrating, dancing, being silly, sharing content, and just documenting life. 

We have a TON of Instagram training inside our Lauren of Love Membership for anyone struggling to grow their Instagram account or not sure what to post or how to post it.

But today we wanted to take a moment to share our top three FAVORITE tools for running our instagram accounts.

 There are a TON of instagram applications, and while we can't speak for anyone else, these are our top three favorites to use. 


But first.... we want to give you a free offer! For anyone who is struggling to figure out what to share or how to share it. 



Our three favorite tools for running a business on instagram


1. Planoly. We love Planoly for all of its amazing plan ahead features. While we are a firm believer in creating natural organic and original content, we also think it is smart to plan ahead. Planoly allows you to drag images around to get a feel for how your layout would look. It allows you the opportunity to schedule posts in advance and actually schedule story posts too! The app connects directly to your phone so you can navigate a seamless transition from your computer to your phone.

 2. Haute Stock Photography: See that header image in this block post? That's from Hautestock! Now guys, don't get me wrong it is so so important to have natural original authentic photography in your instagram feed. People do not want to see generic photos of random shit that isn't yours. However, not going to lie, there are definitely times where we need photos of specific things that we just don't have the time or space to capture: Photos of cell phones, photos of offices, pretty photos of rooms or plants - GIRLLLLLL We are busy business women and sometimes we cannot capture EVERYTHANG. Welcome to Haute Stock. This is the most amazing database of beautiful photography. We LOVE it. 

3. Lightroom. We get a bazillion questions about how we edit our photos and create images with a pretty blue glow or with a dark poppy edge. This, my darlings, we do through lightroom. Lightroom is a photo processing app that allows you to adjust certain features of a photo like light, exposure, saturation, and sharpness. My favorite feature of lightroom is the ability for saving presets. Let's say you absolutely love how you edited a photo for example. You can actually save your edits as a preset so the next time you bring a photo into Lightroom, all you have to do is press one button and then BAM. It's edited. We highly recommend lightroom on your computer because it is a bit more dimensional but the cell phone app works amazing as well! 

These are our three favorite tools for Instagram! What are yours? 

Lauren Eliz Love.

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