From $0 in Sales to $100K in sale in 3 Months

business strategy Jun 13, 2019

Today on the blog, we have the honor of Featuring Amanda King, one of our Business Babe Members.

Amanda is a kick-ass entrepreneur crushing it in the online space. She recently crossed a beautiful milestone in her business, so we reached out to her and asked if she could share a piece of her journey with us on the blog.

Here she is! 

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When I originally pitched this idea to Lauren and Cora-Lynn about this blog post I said I wanted to talk about the ONE Mindset Shift I needed to make in order to go from $0 in sales to $100K in sales in three months. But when I sat down to write this post, I started to realize it wasn’t just one mindset shift and it would be an injustice to everyone just to say it was one because it wasn’t. Honestly, it was three different mindset shifts I had to make at various times throughout growing my business that led to the success and completely changed my fucking life. 

So here we go.

Three Mindset Shifts that got me to $100,000 in three months.


The first step I had to take was by far the hardest.  I had to face my fears head-on. Last year I sat in a world of fear.  At the time I was trying to launch a healthy eating dessert course and cookbook (I used to be a Corporate Pastry Chef, another story for another day) and it was a massive fucking flop. Looking back on it now, I realized it was because I didn't show up in my business.

I sat behind websites, sales funnels, and email marketing and all of these big things that I THOUGHT I needed in order to create my business.  I sat in fear behind them and I used them as a crutch not to show up in my business. I was so afraid people would judge me without a website, that they would think I was unprofessional or not polished. I wanted everything to be PERFECT and because of that never showed up.  I was afraid of failing again, cause this bitch had failed so many times before, I mean fell so hard that I was looking like Sloth from the Goonies (hhhheeeeyyyyy you guys!)  I was afraid of succeeding because that meant massive responsibility and what if I couldn’t handle that responsibility? What if I crumbled under pressure?  What if people think “Oh my God there's this girl AGAIN. She was in network marketing and now she's doing coaching like WTF else is she going to do?” . So, I sat there in fear. I sat there in debilitating fear not moving, until December of 2017.

My biggest fear in life is to be broke. I had been struggling my whole life with money I had been struggling living paycheck to paycheck ever since I got out of college. But I've been making a by and this was the first time that I was broke, I mean dead ass broke at 32 years old. Feeling like a complete and utter fucking failure. I'm 32 I'm supposed to have my shit together right? Our 30s are where we're supposed to grow, we are supposed to mature, we're supposed to have the families, the house, the stable job and I'm sitting here fucking with zero dollars in my bank account, having to call my dad to ask to borrow money. There I am facing my worst fear which is being broke right in the face.

I knew entering the Coaching realm HAD to be different. I knew I couldn’t just repeat the same old shit and expect different results. So, I decided in January 01, 2019, to look face my fear dead on, and do them anyway.  I said to myself “if you're going to do this you're going to go big or you're gonna go home, bitch and if you will fail, well at least you will fail in a blaze of glory!”

In January I said to fear, “FUCK YOU REALLY I DON'T CARE. I'm going to take the power away from you! I'm going to learn to harness you and every time I get scared I'm going do it anyway” Every time I feel that sickening nervousness tightness like my heart's going to explode out of my chest feeling, I'm going to fucking do it anyway. I'm going to press play, I'm going post the post that I've always wanted to post that I've been too afraid that people are going to think I'm a bitch. Every time that I'm scared I'm going to move forward I'm going to do it anyway. I'm going to get off my ass I'm going to do something I learned to use fear as a motivator rather than something that debilitates me every time. I don't run away from fear any more I run towards fear, like a bat outta hell, because every time you face fear it's the most FREEING experience of your life. It feels like the weight of the world gets taken off of your shoulders and let me tell you the grass it's so much fucking greener on the other side. When you face fear and you run towards it you take the power back! The biggest lesson I had this year was to face fear, grab it by the balls, and make it my bitch instead of the other way around.


The second mindset shift I HAD to make was to focusing on IMPACT not INCOME. I know, I know, you are saying, “Well I gots to make the money, hooker” and you are right, you do, but when you focus on impact rather than income, the money flows. I am talking P Diddy on a yacht chunking $100 bills off the side just for the fun of it.

All the coaches say that the first year is the hardest in their business. They say they only made $8,000 in their first year of their business. So, I came in in January and I was like “alright I'm going to make eight grand this year so I'm not going to focus on income I'm going to fucking focus on impact. I am going to make an impact on people's lives. Why? Because I don’t just want to make money, I want to leave a damn legacy.

Every single day, I'm going to show up so that one person who's watching says to me. That ONE person who may need to hear my message in that moment. That one person who is praying to the Universe or to God for help and guidance, I want to be the answer to their prayers. I'm going to focus on cultivating relationships with people. To help me stay focused on my journey and not to lose sight of why I really started Coaching, I created an Impact Board in January. Every single time someone would comment on my LIVE videos or my posts with “thank you so much.” “I needed to hear this today” “This totally resonates with me” I would screen shot it, print it out, and post it on the board. I am a late 80s early 90s child so I love my arts and crafts! Whenever I would feel a moment of frustration, a moment of scarcity, of self-doubt I would step back and look at my impact board and all of the lives I was touching, just by being me. This board kept me going EVERY. DAMN. DAY. This board gave me hope, it gave me faith!

And let me tell you something when you start focusing on impact verse income your income will come, it will come flowing to you easily effortlessly. Why? Because you’re NOT focused on it. You aren’t holding it in a death grip squeezing the life out of it. You aren’t even paying attention to it, you don’t block it energetically, so it flows like the Nile into your bank account.  I always love comparing it to the old saying “a watched pot never boils.” If you are constantly stressing out about the all mighty dollar, it will not show up. Focus on your clients, on the people jumping on your lives, on the people who adore you, not a piece of paper.


Finally, the third and one of the biggest mindset shifts I made was, I stopped living in a world of “IF” and started living in a world of “WHEN.” Not “IF I am going to be successful. IF I am going to have a $10k launch. IF I make a $100k”

WHEN! “WHEN I succeed. WHEN I have a $10k launch. WHEN I make a $100k”

This one simple mindset shift will literally change your entire life. IF comes from a place of uncertainty. WHEN is a place of certainty. WHEN sends the intention that you are not dicking around. That you are certain that you are going to make it because you have FAITH in yourself and your abilities. That you are letting the Universe know that you are serious, that this isn’t a game, not a hobby, this is your life. When you show up from a place of certainty, the Universe, she takes notice and falls into line. She GIVES everything she can in order to make you succeed because YOU believe that you can, so she does too!

But if you're sitting here and you're saying “I'm going to make 100k but then you keep saying IF I make 100k, IF my program sells out, IF I get any clients, you won't get any clients. Why? Because that's uncertainty that you are showing the Universe. You are showing her that you do not have faith in yourself, that you don't have faith in your abilities. And how are other people and the Universe supposed to have faith in you if you cannot have faith within yourself! It all starts with YOU!

I act like the money is already in the bank and I talk about how I'm going to spend it ALL THE TIME! Adam (my fiancé) and I will talk about our wedding and I'll say WHEN we pay for our wedding in cash it will feel incredible. WHEN we go on the sickest honeymoon ever. We set that intention to the Universe and my God does she deliver. There are times when I almost let that two letter word slip out of my mouth, but I shut it down before my lips can form the word.

At the beginning, this will be hard, especially around those who don’t support you and your journey, but you have to realize this is YOUR journey not theirs. As long as YOU believe it, no one can stop you. You are Captain of your ship, so sail that bitch!

When you put these three things these three beautiful magic steps together your life and your business will drastically change. But you’ve got to actually believe it. You've got to believe it with every fiber of your being, with every bone in your body, with every vein coursing through you! You've got to have faith within yourself and your abilities. Do not expect other people to put their faith in you if you cannot put your faith in you. It all starts with YOU. That is the scariest and most thrilling thing you can hear in the entire world. Because that means you are in complete control. So be in control.


Amanda King, 

Women Empowerment Coach