How Do I Stop Comparing Myself To Other People?

mindset mastery Jul 29, 2019

“How do you stay in your own lane, not compare, and not feel guilty for going your own pace?”


Gurrlllll. Comparing myself to other people and feeling guilty about my timeline has been THE hardest habit I have ever had to break.


Harder than quitting cigarettes, going sober, and becoming a vegan COMBINED.


I actually wrote about this in my  Love Letter inside Last month’s VIP Supported magazine - how I fell down the rabbit hole comparing myself to Rachel Hollis and feeling shitty for not being farther along in my business. Click to join The Lauren of Love Membership

I am constantly bringing myself in and out of comparisonitis 

 -I see people who have bigger followings and think, “why is my following not growing faster?”

-I see someone having a bigger launch than me and I think, “Why am I not there yet?”

-I sometimes try to connect with other influencers who I want to be friends with and get rejected, shut down, or ignored and then I think, “Damn… she must not like me or think I am worthy of her time.”


Here’s the truth: There will always be people who don’t like you and there will always be people who are farther along than you.


Stay in your LANE. Focus on your audience and the ideal client you are speaking to.


When I am focused on all the people who are doing what I am doing in the online space, I cannot possibly be focused on all the people I want to HELP in the online space. 


It’s one or the other. Where is your energy going lately?


Practice shifting your perception whenever you veer off track.


And be intentional about where you put your energy. I can choose to focus on how far I have to GO or I can focus on how far I have come.


Comparing yourself to other people or to the timeline you wish you had is your primal brain trying to keep you safe. The entrepreneur journey is unfamiliar, scary and uncomfortable. You’ve NEVER done this before, so your brain is looking around you for evidence of whether you are safe in this adventure or not.




Keep reminding yourself that you are being called to do this work, and you are being called for a reason: you are MEANT to do this.