How I make the most out of December in my business.

business strategy Dec 02, 2019

Hey girl hayyyy.

It's the last 30 days of the year. Crazy right?

Every December, if I'm not careful, I can easily fall into a space of judgement and criticism... I get hard on myself for not creating what I wanted to in the year, and feeling like I failed.

"I wasted so many months..."

"I wanted to do ____ but I didn't..."

"I feel like I failed this year."


If you ever fell into this judgement trap, take a deep breath. I want to share my tips with you for overcoming the Holiday judgement.

(Also.. speaking of judgement, I am writing this on the fly and I am probably going to spell a bunch of shit wrong... love me anyway.)

How I embrace December and what I do differently this time of year in my business:

1. December is never a financial milestone month for me. I know... in business. we are always promoting this "Set your goals and achieve" sort of energy. But honestly, I feel like my audience needs a break to celebrate and be in the NOW of the giving season. (I sure do!) Yes we put offers out there in the winter, but December is really the month where I give myself permission to sit back and let it be whatever it may be. Isn't it nice to give yourself a little break this holiday?

2. December is the month of reflection and Celebration (not criticism.) On our November live coaching call for the Lauren of Love Membership, I walked our students through an exercise of listing out every single thing they accomplished and should be proud of in 2019. I have to be honest, the first few minutes was hard for me! But after I got my pen going to paper, I realized there was SO much I had to be proud of this year! And not all of it was "financial achievement." I came off of prozac, got fully sober, ran my first live event (we have another live event in 2020) and I also opened up my first high level mastermind (next round of Rising Sisterhood starts in March!) Remember, perspective is everything! What did you accomplish this year? Give yourself a chance to fully celebrate it!

3. I do a 30 Day Experiment. So on our membership call, after we listed out what we were super proud of for the year, we took time to look at very specific areas of our lives outside of business, and we evaluated where we were still struggling. For my, I didn't prioritize my health and wellness the way I wanted to this past year.... but lovingly, I can acknowledge that not be too hard on myself - especially since writing my list of all the things I achieved in 2019, I feel SO good that it isn't so bad to look at the area I didn't perform all too well in. And then I jump into a 30 Day experiment. 30 Day experiments are opportunities for me to show up fully in a new habit. I tell myself, "Let's just do this for 30 days." Our Lauren of Love Members are all committing to a 30 day challenge with me this year! So awesome.

4. I focus on Giving more than Getting in the month of December. This one is a BIG one you guys. The month of December is all about giving back to the  Community. We put one really beautiful offer on the table for the month of December that is ALL about supporting you guys! So... with that being said... drum roll please..........



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-Lauren of Love