How to Create Content that Actually Converts into Customers

business strategy Jun 12, 2019

It's no lie, content creation is one of the most important elements of growing a business.

Also figuring out WHAT to post can feel totally challenging and confusing.


A lot of us are creatively guided, and just post as we feel called to post. But that can lead to a lack of clarity and consistency in a message (and can also lead to total burn out).


Below are some simple tips for content creation that converts to sales. We recommend looking at these three elements and asking yourself, "what can I do to go deeper into this quality of my content?" and "What has to change in order for me to really own this part of my messaging?" 

Three Qualities of a powerful sales-converting post

1. A powerful post has a strong narrative. If you have never studied the art of narrative writing, I highly recommend you spend some time practicing your craft here. Narrative is an element of writing that is often referred to as "storytelling." This is your ability to paint a picture for your audience and give them experience from reading your posts.

It isn't enough to say, "I help people lose weight because I used to struggle with my weight too." A powerful post has narrative within it; it tells a story about your journey.

"I remember when I cried in front of the mirror trying to put my pants on because I felt so exhausted and burnt out. Now today, I can put on this pair of jeans and feel sexy and proud AF (includes a snapshot of a little selfie in the mirror)".

See the difference between that and just saying what you do? There is more emotional energy behind the narrative. I would really encourage you to spend some time looking at your posts and ask yourself, "how can I tell a story here?"

2. A powerful post has credibility. In the world of online storytelling and online marketing, a world where everyone is selling something, you want to spend some time really molding and sharpening your credibility. Remember - people are buying a RESULT when they enroll with you.

Maybe you are a jewelry maker who creates high vibe spiritual jewelry. Make sure your social media content emulates that high vibe energy and quality of a leader who specializes in that energetic wavelength.

Perhaps you are a fitness coach who inspires people to live a high quality prosperous and wellness-filled life. Make sure you are embodying that credibility and letting people know you are an expert in that energy. The best thing you can do is show people that not only do you GET them, but you also can get them epic results.

3. A powerful post has a call to action. Oh man, this is my favorite. I recently had a conversation with a friend who has 30,000 Instagram followers but has not been actively growing her email list. She has tons of free offers like E-guides and trainings but has not put intention behind letting her audience know these are available to them for FREE.

A CALL to Action is simply that: a suggestion to your audience to do something after they read your content.

First, they read your content, then they take action.

Now, yes, maybe you have a high expensive coaching package you are trying to sell, but you don't need to have that be your call to action every single time you post something.

Spend some time holding space for CTAs that are free. At the bottom of your post, ask people to have a conversation around your topic in the comments. "What do you do to stay healthy?" or "Post below one healthy action you will commit to today." These are great FREE calls to action that will get your audience engaging with your work and getting them used to taking action with you.

If they get comfortable engaging with your content, they are more likely to buy your offer when you talk about it.

In addition, scatter some CTAs around your social media fro your free e-guides or trainings. You want to make sure you are always giving your audience a chance to connect with you on a deeper level.