How to Stop Comparing Yourself on Social Media

mindset mastery Apr 09, 2019

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"Her life is cooler than mine."

"She's just prettier than me."

"She has more followers than I do."

"Her outfits are always so on point."

"When she poses she looks like such a model. I can't do that."

"She looks like she has her shit WAYYYYY more "together" than my life ever is."

"Her and her boyfriend look so happy all the damn time. Do they ever even fight?"

"Her business is doing so much better than mine is...."

"She made HOW MUCH last month? I can't even talk about what I make on social media... I would be so ashamed if people knew how I was really doing."


Does any of this sound familiar?


If it does, take a deep breath and come join me in Six Figure Biz Babe, my signature group coaching program. We will fix all of it. But for the time being, let's talk about comparison and how to manage it.


Comparison: Thinking you suck and everyone else is awesome.

There is really no better way to describe it. Comparison is that shitty feeling you have when you look at other people's amazing content and suddenly feel less than. It comes up when you read other people's instagram posts about their amazing personal lives or even their business success. You see her following numbers, then you look at your stats and suddenly you start to feel like you aren't exactly where you are "supposed to be." You can see my instagram post about this to get more of a breakdown and my own little heartfelt narrative around comparison.

   Comparison is caused by two things: 

  • Thinking we are less then or less capable than others
  • Feeling like the amount of time we have invested has not given us the result it "should" have based on where other people are

As a coach in the online space for business owners, I have seen this countless times. And yes.. I am human so I totally have to manage my own comparison from time to time. 

Here is something that really helps me:

1. Asking "Is this really true?" Any time I fall down the rabbit hole of comparison, I look at those thoughts instead of run from them. Honestly, when a trigger comes up it isn't a reason to run away, it is actually a reason to explore and look at your limitations and ask, "is this really true?"

Is it really true that someone else's success is a reason for me to feel less than?

Is it really true that if someone else is better than me then I will be less likely to make a living doing what I love?

Is it really true that just because I have a so called "average life" that people wouldn't want to follow me on social media? 

Seriously... when did you decide all of this? 

"Well... because I believe that if there content is better than mine, then my ideal clients would flock to purchasing that person's product instead of mine."



Checkout episode 107 of the Lauren of Love Podcast: How to Heal Comparison 


P.S Did you know the Business Babe Podcast used to be The Badass Business Podcast?

That one question: "Is this really true?" Can change everything.







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