I burned it all...

lauren's life Dec 23, 2019

This weekend  I did a thing.... I took all of my journals and notebooks and burned them in a fire pit in my backyard.

Since 2008 I have been journaling every single day. Most days, my journal entries were a stream of random thoughts, fears, and to-do lists that needed to get done. Some days, I had huge breakthroughs that transformed my life forever.

But either way, every day for the last decade I have shown up to journal.

About six months ago I got this message from the Universe that it was time to close that chapter of my past and let go of all of my notebooks. I had been holding onto all of them.. dozens of books scattered around my house for years! All these journals were just holding energy from my past. It almost felt like it was holding me back to have that energy lurking around me every day in my home.

But honestly, I was scared to throw them away. "What if I need to rely on these notebooks one day? What if I want to go back and look at my past or how far I have come? What if there is something I really need in those books?"

Instead of officially letting go of my journals then, I put them all in a storage bin and tucked them away in a closet. But they were still with me.

So this weekend, I found the courage... I discovered my power... I dragged that big bin outside and ceremoniously burned each and every one of them. I said goodbye. I burned the boats. I let it go.


So often we hang on to everything because we think we need to.

We are afraid to let go of what we know to be certain for an unpredictable future.

In business, this comes up for us often... Do you think about making decisions and question whether or not they are the right ones?... Do you spend hours, days and sometimes weeks holding off on making a choice because you are scared it's the wrong one?

Does this sound familiar?

Here's the deal babe: your intuition KNOWS. your intuition is RIGHT. your intuition is leading you ALL the damn time, and your real path to success is about trusting HER more than your fear.

This week I am calling on my own higher self and intuition to guide me again as I set my intentions for 2020. I am creating the vision for what I want, what I am feeling called to create and who I am truly meant to be in this next decade.

Yes.. we have a brand new freaking decade ahead of us. Can you believe it?

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It's time to create the life you have always desired. It's time to be transformed. It's time to have it all.

You deserve this babe. 

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Your Coach,

Lauren Eliz Love