I'm traveling to Cali to do some inner work.

Hey babes! As I'm writing this, it's four AM and I am sipping on some hot ginger and lemon water with my dog snuggling on my lap.

This afternoon I am traveling to Los Angeles. WEEEEE!!!! LA! MY FAVORITE!


This trip was kind of random and unexpected. A few weeks ago, I was on google booking a flight for my scheduled trip to LA in March, but I guess I was in a rush and accidentally booked my flight for February! 

So I turned to Matt and told him, "look... I accidentally booked this flight to LA, do you want to book a flight too and come with me?"


And he said okay! So here we go!

Now I am traveling to LAX three times between now and the middle of March. I have this trip, then I am running my high level mastermind called Rising Sisterhood, and then I am going back to LAX in March for my own personal soul sister mastermind (the mastermind that actually inspired me to create RSM.)

 Matt and I haven't taken a "real" vacation in two years since our Honeymoon to Hawaii. Yeah... it's been a while. I have been traveling so much for work and growing the business that we just haven't had room in our schedule to make it happen.

But that's an excuse... because we ALL know that you make time for what you make time for. So here we are! Getting ready to go to LA!

I have all of these ideas and an intentions for this trip and I wanted to write them out for myself. I figured I would write them out here too so that maybe these intentions can inspire someone!

1. I am going to relax in the sun. I want to enjoy my free time away from the cold and just be present in the beautiful environment that is LA.

2. I want to read. I LOVE long flights because I get to catch up on reading. This trip I am bringing the book I AM by Howard Falco and a new book about Quantum identity work by Deepak Chopra.

3. I want to spend quality time with Matt outside of our home. Changing up our environment always inspires us to connect.  Working from home, sometimes we get distracted from prioritizing our relationship. Getting out of our current environment feels exciting! I am looking forward to long walks on the beach and cliche bike rides along Venice.

4. I want to continue my juice cleanse full force. I thought about this for a while and decided that I would continue my juice cleanse while I am traveling. Even though I will be going to some incredible restaurants, I am going to really stick to my plan and be consistent with my cleanse. Today is day 20! So I have 10 days left! I am going to do it!

5. I am going to let my creativity come through and channel the next level of my business and myself. Any time I travel, I spend so much time brainstorming my next level, imagining my new offers, getting creative and playing in the vision of what I am building. This will be the same! 



So overall, I am really excited for this trip. It will be fun, relaxing, and everything I am craving!

If you have tips and suggestions for places to visit in LA, drop them below!

We also may take a trip to San Diego So give us some tips too!