Importance of Self Confidence in Entrepreneurship

mindset mastery Sep 05, 2019

  I want to give you powerful breakthrough today around STORY.

 No, not the story you watch unfold in the new episode of Handmaids Tale, or the story you read about in that steamy Fifty Shades of Grey Novel….

 I am talking about the STORY you are telling yourself in your MIND that is holding you back from achieving what you desire.

 The story that says, “Making money is hard.”

The story that says, “I’ve financially struggled my entire life and I can’t image what my life would look like without that struggle.”

The story that says, “Everyone is already doing that thing you want to do, so why even bother trying…”

The story that says “you will probably fail.”

Or, “You aren’t good enough for that dream of yours.”

 Have you ever heard that little annoying narrative voice your brain that’s constantly playing out those limiting STORIES?

 Take a moment to think about the last time those stories popped up in your head. 

 Now ask yourself…. “Where did I learn that story?”

Because somewhere along your way of life, you went from being that creative adventurous fun-loving dreamer of possibilities to being that woman who settled, stayed in her fear and played smaller than her soul wanted her to.

 Someone taught you that. Who was it?

 Did your mom condition you to be “practical” and “realistic?”

Did your grandfather tell you stories of his epic financial hardship at the dinner table each holiday - leading you to believe money struggles are an inevitable part of life?

Did your father tell you that your creative dreams were too big or did a friend in grade school laugh at you when you told her what you wanted to be when you grew up?

 When I was a kid, I wanted to be a Broadway star…I had crazy magical dreams of performing on Broadway and receiving Tony awards for my supporting roles.

“That’s really a hard industry to succeed in,” my mother said. “Do you want to be a waitress your entire life?” - Her story became my own. I decided her story was TRUE, and I abandoned my dreams for something more “realistic.”

After college, when I was applying for TV production jobs in NYC, I heard dozens of people tell me that getting a job in the #1 market of the country was going to be challenging.  “Oh, that’s a really competitive field good luck with that.”

And when I quit my corporate job to pursue my wild dreams of being an online influencer, coach, and inspirational mentor for women who wanted to change their lives, I heard the same thing:

“That’s a saturated market. You probably won't succeed."

When I look back on my life, I spent way too much time believing what other people told me was true instead of forging my own path to greatness.

I would receive feedback, unsolicited opinions and guidance from people who - quite honestly - I didn’t actually want to be like or live life like.

I loved my mother, and my father, and my grandfather and my friends…. And I believed that if I loved someone, then their opinion about my life was always accurate.

I took on what other people believed to be true and made it what I believed to be true simply because someone I loved said it to me.

But it wasn’t true. None of it was.

 The stories we tell ourselves become the stories that make up our identity. 

The stories we tell ourselves are such an important part of who we become and the lives we create. And if we aren’t careful, we will create an identity full of stories that we never really wanted to believe in the first place: stories that other people planted in our head as “truth.”

 We all have the power to choose again and find our own UNIQUE truth.

 We can form new stories that empower us instead of derailing us from our dreams.

We can choose to believe that our creative passions are OUR unique calling.

We can decide that our story around money is that it is easy to receive and that wealth is our God-Given birthright.

We can form new beliefs that say we deserve everything we crave and that we are ALWAYS meant to do what our soul CALLS us to do.

We all have the power to rewrite our narrative. We all have the ability to break the mold of our conditioning and be something bigger and better than the generations that raised us. And we all have the power to break the mold of our environment and step out into a higher vibration of living.

We just have to DECIDE to form a new story.

We have to choose to surround ourselves with people who are doing what we want to do.

We have to be conscious about finding mentors who we can model and reading books from experts who are accomplishing the things we crave to be possible for ourselves.

When we tap into that energy, deciding to create our reality becomes a hell of a lot easier.

I went from making $9,000 in my business one year, to making $187,000 simply by doing too things: 

  1. I DECIDED I would be successful.
  2. I INVESTED in studying with someone who was doing what I wanted to do.

So what will YOU decide babe?

What will be your NEW beliefs?

CHALLENGE yourself to create a life full of beliefs that YOU Chose. Not the beliefs someone else gave you.


Your Coach, Lauren Eliz Love.

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