Making a Money Receiving List (The Manifestation Trick that Changed my life forever.)

spirituality tips May 01, 2019

"What do you want money for?"

The question that left me stumped.

I was on a discovery call with a man who would become my very first coach. I had gotten on the call because I wanted to make more money and create more financial freedom in my business, and here he was getting down to the nitty-gritty of things, calling me out hard.

I wanted to make a million dollars and I didn't even know what I wanted to make it for.

That night, I got out a pen and paper and write down what I wanted money for. I added things that felt silly, things that felt exciting, things that felt hard and things that felt easy. I added all the things to that list. 

And when I was done, I hung it up on my wall and made myself a promise: "By the end of the year, I will make $150,000 and do everything on this list."

Like all good promises, sometimes they go forgotten. And after a few months, I reorganized my office space, and took down the signs on my wall; my receiving list included.

I forgot all about it.

 Two years later, Cora-Lynn was looking up full moon cycles and told me "manifestations you set two years ago are wrapping up and coming to complete manifestation."

"Oh. That's interesting," I thought.

I told her about my list I wrote two years prior. "I think it's somewhere in my closet."

I got off the phone and searched my belongings until I found it. I grabbed a yellow permanent marker, sat down and highlighted the items I had accomplished. EVERYTHING came true.

Goosebumps. Here's the reality of life my darlings: You can't get what you don't ask for. And you need to set intentions to receive what you desire or else you're just walking around trying to make money without having a clue what to do with it (besides pay bills, provide for your kids and put food on the table.)

So take a step back, and with a deep breath, ask yourself; "What do I really want?"

Don't be ashamed. Write it out and watch it come true. 


Start building your dream business ASAP.