My Financial Transformation

I bought my first LV handbag to celebrate the growth and success I was receiving in my business. I think I had hit a $15,000 month or something like that.... The bag was $1,200 and I remember thinking: “omg that’s our mortgage payment.”
“My corporate job entry level was $500 a week... this is three weeks of my old salary!”
“My mom would think I was being so irresponsible spending this much on a bag.” .... allllll the thoughts of questioning the level up.

They happen when you’re growing.

They happen when things are changing.

Maybe you feel the pull to invest in something right now and you feel this fear-based ego screaming at you, “that’s not responsible!!!! Don’t spend that money!!!” Here’s what I learned: the reality I want to live in is a reality where I don’t bat an eyelash spending this kind of money on myself.

Whether it’s a spa treatment, a handbag, or a coaching program..... I want to live in a reality where it feels freaking GOOD to invest in myself... where 1200 bucks feels like a no brainer.

Where I don’t flinch at that amount of money.

And 2 years ago, in this moment I decided I was worthy of that level. And ever since then our income has been growing and growing and never once dipped below the $30,000 a month mark.

Because I DECIDED that this was the reality I wanted to have.

So.... have you decided to level up?

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