New Moon Rituals for Calling in More Abundance.

spirituality tips May 06, 2019

This weekend was incredibly healing for me.

I had plans to rock it in my zen den for the new moon on Saturday, and the experience exceeded my expectations so much so that I felt like it would be a beautiful blog post to share with all of you.

Every New Moon and every Full Moon, I take time to ground myself in rituals of self-care. Sometimes I go for walk outside, or meditate in my bed; other days I stay in bed all day watching tv or take hour long bubble baths.

I cultivate routine around the moon to honor myself every cycle. And while that does look different every new moon and every full moon, there are generally some overall themes and patterns that are there in my rituals regardless.

1. I am doing something that I truly want to do. I give myself permission on these days of the lunar cycle to say no to the things that don't feel good. I don't do chores that aren't lighting me up. I don't say yes to family events or activities that don't align. I use the new moon and the full moon as days where I say YES to myself and no to everything else.

2. I am doing something that slows me down. I am a  big hustler/go-getter/overachiever/whatever you'd like to call the kind of energy that doesn't stop. The energizer bunny kind of?  It's a blessing and a curse because I do get burnt out super quickly. When it comes to my ceremonies around the moon, I always make it a point to SLOW down and be more present. I don't jam pack my schedule on these days of the cycle, and I certainly do not rush around to get anything done. 

3. I am doing something that allows me to go inward. This can be meditation, journaling, going for walks or even just disconnecting from technology for a few hours. I always make it a point to go inward and use the moon shifts as a day to check in with myself. "How am I feeling?" "What do I want to achieve next?" "What do I feel called to let go of?" And "What am I trying to stretch into in this next phase of my life?" are great questions to ask yourself.



My Take-Aways from New Moon Ritual for May

The new moon in Taurus falls on Beltane day, which is the shift between the spring and summer months.  A lot of this new moon was focused on growth, rebirth, and abundance. We have been planting seeds and intentionally birthing new ideas into the world, and now we are transitioning into the summer months where things blossom and grow above the dirt.

For me, I very much felt that shift on Saturday in my ritual. I was rising above the dirt and letting go of things that didn't serve me. I did a ton of release work and wrote, "thank you I love you, I'm sorry" more times in my journal than I can count. Once I did that, a FLOOD of new ideas and breakthroughs came to me so fast I couldn't keep up writing them all down in my notebook!

I grew. I shifted. I evolved. And I thanked the universe so much for an amazing ritual experience processing all of it.

What I actually Physically Did in my New Moon Ritual for May 

No sensational fancy narrative writing here. I want to lay it out for you step by step without any fluff because I get so many questions about this.  "What exactly do you do in your new moon and full moon rituals?"

Side note - I share this in video tutorials in our Spiritual Rituals Course if you want to study the full moon and new moon cycles and my routines and rituals associated with them.

This round, here's what I did. 

-I went to the flower shop and got $30 worth of flowers. "Feminine and Wild please," I told the lady at the counter.

-I completely reorganized my zen space, cleaned out the clutter and made it feel fresh and homey. I redesigned my alter space too which is shown in the header image of this. blog post.

-I woke up, drank a big glass of water, sat down and watered my plants (with that same glass) and then called on some candles and oracle decks that I decided to let guide me. (you can see my favorites on the essential page

-I journaled my intentions, desires goals and resistance elements (an exercsie I'll share on the blog soon) and then I went into my card pulling.

I played music, burned incense, diffused oils, meditated with crystals, said prayers, wrote letters to Universe and when I was done, I said thank you to the Universe.

What came out on my paper were the most powerful breakthroughs I've had in a long long time. It felt amazing. <3