My Three Favorite Oracle Decks and How I Use Them

spirituality tips Oct 10, 2019
I remember the first time I learned what an Oracle Deck was. I was talking to this woman who sold essential oils and she told me that every morning she bathed herself in Vetiver oil, put on some spiritual music and then played with her Oracle Deck.
Played with her Oracle deck? Um.... I'm sorry what?
At the time, I had never even heard of using cards to connect to your spiritual self. To me, card decks were reserved for playing BlackJack and Go Fish. 
But of course, being spiritually curious, I was like, "why the heck not" and I immediately asked her what deck she used and I ordered it on Amazon.
Today, I now have like 12 different decks that live in my meditation room. Some decks come with their own theme (for example I have a self-care deck, a creativity deck, and an animal spirit guide deck) and other decks are full of variety and loosely based off the Tarot (the traditionally structured 15th-century Rider-Waite deck that many psychics use to guide their readings.)
My favorite three oracle card decks and how I use them.
Even though I really do enjoy so many of my decks, I often find myself reverting back to the same three boxes every single spiritual session. There are many ways to use oracle decks and there is no wrong way (in my opinion) but because these three decks are very different, I do find myself using them very differently.

The Goddess Guidance Oracle Card Deck by Doreen Virtue

 Whenever I am trying to shift, expand, up level or grow (whatever word you would like to use) I can easily find myself in this place of hustle, force, drive, and effort (again, whatever word you like to use.) Expanding and becoming more of my higher self is very much a feminine process, but because of human conditioning, I often fall into my masculine where I try to hustle to make everything happen. This oracle deck is the source of guidance I go to whenever I am trying to achieve something but do not want to do it from a forced sort of energy.

Just as an example, a few months ago I set the intention to deepen my relationship with my husband. Quickly I fell into that masculine space where I was coming up with a structured game plan to spend more time together and forcing him to do activities with me that actually didn't feel truly aligned for our relationship. I wanted a deeper connection with him, but I was certainly not going to receive that by forcing our relationship. So I turned to my Goddess deck and asked a simple question: "What part of the feminine do I need to honor to build my relationship with Matt?" I shuffle the cards and either whatever card pulls me in or whatever card falls out of the deck when I am shuffling it is the message for me.
P.S. - sometimes more than one message comes out of the deck and that's okay too!
The next time you need some guidance for honoring your feminine to reach a specific desired outcome in your life, ask your deck, "What part of the feminine do I need to honor to receive this goal?" She will certainly show up for you.

 The Work Your Light Deck by Rebecca Campbell

This deck, for the artwork alone, is worth the investment for your spiritual practice. The imagery by Danielle Noel is so light and glowy and inspiring I just love it.
The Work Your Light Deck is one of those boxes that just contains so much high vibe energy you will instantly feel changed just sitting down with it. The messages are centered around the cosmic sacred energies of heaven and earth coming together and I swear, every time I pull cards from this deck I just feel so inspired. The way I pull from this deck is a bit different than the way I use the Goddess deck. The messages inside Work Your Light are so inspiring that I rarely ask the deck a question before I pull. Usually, I simply say, "Universe, delivery me the message I need right now" and whatever comes through comes through. Sometimes I will spread all the cards out on the floor face down and hover my hand over them to see when I feel a warm tingle or energy jolt. Then I know that's the card I need to pull. Both the Goddess Deck and the Work Your Light Deck come with books that explain what each card means so often I will journal around the message I received after I pull.

Threads of Fate Oracle Deck by Brit June and Blaire Porter

This deck gives me goosebumps every damn time I use it. My favorite part of this oracle deck is how powerful it is for me. I swear every time I pull a card I get such a clear divine message that it often sends goosebumps all over my body.
The Threads of Fate Oracle Deck is designed to provide you messages within the context of the card and the imagery itself. This deck is based on the Rider Waite deck themes and also combines the four elements into 32 different beautifully designed cards.
So... because this deck is so dimensional, I use it quite differently. This is the deck I call on when I really need an answer to something that I simply can't find within myself.
When I am not sure about what decision I need to make, I call on the deck.
When I am not sure why something is happening in my life, I call on the deck.
When I am trying to figure out the meaning behind a particular experience I am having, I call on the deck.
-I once wasn't sure why I was getting sick, and I pulled a card that had symbols of teeth all over it to realize I was eating something that was upsetting my stomach.
-I once wasn't sure if I was supposed to talk about Manifestation for a new course I was designing and I pulled the Manifestation card.
-And this one time I asked what my body needed to overcome stress and the card said MOVEMENT.
Seriously. They are spot on.
Again - sometimes more than one card will jump out of the deck and I just use it as an opportunity to ask multiple questions. (I basically assume the Universe needs to give me more answers.)
UPDATE: MY NEW FAVORITE: Earth Warriors Oracle 
So recently I purchased this deck in Sedona and I have to say it is SUPER POWERFUL. The book the deck comes with is by far the most intentional oracle deck book I've used in my life. The interpretation is POWERFUL. I pick a card every morning now and do the spiritual assignment within each card reading. 


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