Overcoming Fear and Self Doubt In Your Business

mindset mastery Sep 03, 2019



  • Speaking your truth online and being polarizing 
  • How do I overcome self-doubt as a new coach with no clients?
  • Overcoming the ego 
  • Normalizing fear and taking action when you're afraid
  • Fear-based vs soul-centered action
  • Allowing time to pass easily
  • Using fear as a motivator without bullying yourself
  • Patterened conditioning, tapping into your intuition and thinking like a successful person
  • Focusing on achieving one small step at a time


  • Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert
  • The Three Ways You Are Self-Sabotaging In Your Business. Episode 127 of the Lauren of Love Podcast 
  • False Beliefs That Keep Coaches Stuck. Episode 130 of the Lauren of Love Podcast


 "I'm quickly realizing if you're not polarizing you're not being heard" 

"I think a lot of us get online and we're like "what can I say that will make the most amount of people happy" and my thing is what can I say that I know to be 110% true that is going to be of service"

"I truly believe that about business ideas, you will know when it's yours because it doesn't leave you alone"

"I think the fear of showing up to have a polarizing point of view is what stops a lot of people from showing up to create the business they really want to have"

"If you think about everything we're afraid of it comes down to judgement"

"If you go on the internet and speak your truth and the haters come out of the woodwork they don't get a fucking say"

"If you believe in your product and you've seen results from it why aren't you shouting that from the rooftops. That's your responsibility."

"It's important to remember that fear is normal. A lot of us have fear and self-doubt and we think that's a sign that we shouldn't be doing that"

"Creating action in your business that's based on fear is actually what gets your business to fail"

"Imagine where my life will be if I waste another year wanting this dream and not taking action. Imagine that pain."

"When you're looking at other people I encourage you to focus on all the reasons why you can have what they have too"


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-Lauren of Love