PT 2 on Memberships! Creating Epic AF membership offers that sellout.

business strategy Jul 08, 2019

Hey babes! Let's talk membership sites for a hot minute. A while back, we released a blog post with tips and things we wish we knew about creating membership sites (before we got the ball rolling for our own membership.) You can have a look at our part 1 blog post here. Today, our membership site, The Lauren of Love Membership creates multiple six figures of revenue for us in our business, and I firmly believe that anyone, if they are passionate enough, can create a monthly subscription offer for their audience that is as equally profitable as ours. 

I would really encourage you to go back and look at that first blog post because it makes some really powerful points around membership offers and I know it will help you. But just to recap, Membership sites do have pros and cons: You have to create content every month, you will have more customers to take care of, it will take time to fill your membership, and sometimes, if you are like me - you will feel compelled to over-deliver.

For the businesswoman who loves to create content for her audience, subscription offers are a really good way to go for your business. 

But today, I want to talk about FILLING your enrollment for membership sites. Because after-all what good is a membership site if we are not receiving strong revenue from our offer! 

Filling an EPIC membership site with content and with students.

1. Remember that continuous never-ending promotion is necessary. It's true, the more you promote something, the more likely people are to buy it. At the beginning of our membership enrollment (like when we first started trying to build our membership community), I would post about the offer and then be discouraged when one or two people would buy it. Now, we increase our enrollment of The Lauren of Love Membership by about 18 percent each month. This is happening for us because promotion is a non-negotiable on our social media platforms and in our email offers. We have a very serious dedicated commitment to mentioning, talking about, referencing, and linking to our VIP Supported offer. I would encourage you to come up with a content creation strategy for your promotion and make it an obligation to mention it often on your feeds.

2. There is a lack of time-sensitive offering that can slow down the enrollment process. This was a really unique feature of running a membership that we noticed early on: There was a lack of urgency in enrollment! let's face it, enrollment is open every single day every single hour of every single month and there is never a sense of urgency for the customer to purchase. Often, people who are interested take time to think about the offer and put it on the backburner of their brains because they know that the offer is always available for them. To fill your membership a little faster, we encourage our students to create a time-sensitive offer for enrollment, maybe the first 20 students to enroll in one month get a bonus call, or perhaps enrollment is only open for a certain week of each month. You can also do value-added time-sensitive offers, for example, giving students bonus content if they enroll prior to a certain date.

3. Content creation can get super messy if you aren't organized. Oh man oh man I feel so deeply connected to talking about this. As your membership grows, you will feel hunger and desire to continue to add value and create more content for the community. It is really important to establish a production process for yourself or for your team if you are working with others in your business. Get really organized with your content and ask yourself, "What do I release in this membership every month and when does it get released to my students?" Here is how The Membership works

First Thursday of the month: Magazine gets released to our students and our featured coach of the month has content that releases on that Thursday (this month we have Stephanie Snyder offering a training video on time management for moms in business.

Second Thursday of the Month: We have our team training series release. This month, Faith is releasing a Pinterest part 2 training and Cora-Lynn is releasing a Shadow work mini-course. 

Third Wednesday of the Month: We have our new members call where students can introduce themselves to me and I can get to know their unique needs! 

Third Thursday of the Month: I release my training of the month and we have our live group coaching call 

See how organized this is? This allows me and my time to produce our content in a really organized fashion. Nothing falls through the cracks and everything is planned. On the backend of this schedule, we also have a schedule for when we CREATE theses offers. Creating a calendar for your production process and for your distribution will make things incredibly organized for you and easier to manage! 


 Do you have a membership site? Or are you thinking about creating one? 


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