Rising Sisterhood Mastermind in LA!

Oh my gosh you guys.. did I have THE MOST magical weekend of my career to date? YES. Yes I did.

 In 2019 I opened up an offer called The Rising Sisterhood Mastermind. This was for women who were ready to grow and expand financially, emotionally, and spiritually.

Every month I ran coaching calls to connect and and provide support to the women who were in this container. And last weekend, we had our live event together!

The space was incredible and super vibeyyyy. The women all came ready to learn, grow and transform. We did the most magical work together. I can't even describe it. Literally as I am writing this I am thinking, there are no words to explain how I feel about this experience that just happened!

It was magical. 

Our dinners were so special.

My favorite part of the entire experience was being able to get to know these women on a deeper level. Each and every one of them is so deeply special and talented and it was truly an honor to watch them grow over the course of the weekend.


We got super close. Lots of tears, breakthroughs and revelations. It was such a growing, healing experience. After two days of deep work in this space, our third day was about playful feminine experiences.

We started with the trapeze! This was an exercise in teaching the women how to trust their bodies, find strength in themselves and let go of the need to control. 

It was incredibly powerful. Then we went to a yummy lunch and finished our retreat with a ceremony on the beach! This was extra special. 


I am so excited for the next round of Babes who get to go on this journey! 

We have 8 months, and two live events to experience together! So deeply excited!


-Lauren of Love



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