A Recap of My Magical Trip to Sedona!

lauren's life Jul 09, 2020

Hey gorgeous humans! I am so excited to write this blog post! I'm not going to lie, I am still processing all of the magic that took place on our trip, and I haven't been able to form words for like... 90% of it.

I'm doing my best, but honestly so much unfolded inside that week long container that I honestly think I'll be processing the experience for lifetimes!

I want to take a minute to share with you guys a little bit about what we did and recommend some of my favorite places to visit and things to do in Sedona.

This was my third trip to the magical vortex epicenter of the USA and after many trips, I think I have gotten a really good list together of the best things to do. Although, this is just my opinion and I am always open to exploring new stuff on the many trips I will have when I return.

Note: I am currently manifesting a month long trip there with Matt for August or September, and a Dream Home to buy some day soon!

About my Girls Trips

Our Sisterhood is incredibly sacred. The six of us have been meeting together once a quarter for a year now, and it has allowed us to shift, heal and expand in ways I have never expected for myself. Sisterhood is so deeply important. If you want more about our magical experiences together you can read this blog post about our very first trip together, or you can listen to this podcast episode I recorded about sisterhood 1 year ago from our Austin Trip. I'll embed the episode here below for you. 


The lessons I learned from my Sacred Sedona Trip:

The week before my trip to Sedona I actually was thinking about not going. I was incredibly sick from Lyme and was having huge flareups that were preventing me from getting out of bed. I felt all this fear around traveling and was freaking out about the thought of getting on the airplane (flying takes a toll on my body.)

But something in my soul was telling me I needed to get to Sedona. I knew it in my gut that there was some deep healing for me waiting on the other side. I got my butt on a plane and I swear, it was such a profound trip I will be talking about it for a lifetime.

I learned a lot about my power, my purpose, and my calling to make a huge impact in the world.

Here's my IG post sharing a vulnerable reflection with you.


Now, so many of you have been asking about what we did on our trip, so I wanted to put together a recommendation list for all of you!

Lauren's Sedona Recommendation List: 

Food Suggestions:

1. ChocolaTree - You cannot go to Sedona without going to ChocolaTree. It's an Organic oasis of Vegan/Vegetarian food and they have a beautiful relationship with the Cacao plant. You can buy their hand made chocolates and learn all about them when you go in. They have a beautiful garden in the back. I Loved their Iced Chai and got like five of them when I was there. I also really enjoyed their Goddess Salad (which is super earthy by the way) and their Coconut Dahl. So delicious.

2. The Hudson in Sedona. Omg the Salads at the Hudson. NOM! We went here for a quick dinner after a long day of having a photoshoot but it was SO delicious I honestly wish we could have gone back a second time. The salads (we each got one) were all phenomenal. I got the Sedona Quinoa and it was to die for.

3. The Local Juicery. We went here a lot. They have fresh-pressed juices and the vibe reminds me of LA. I loved the Watermelon Juices there. Local Juicery is a chain but it was definitely amazing.

4. Indian Gardens Cafe. This is one of my favorite places to go to. It's just outside of the touristy Sedona section of town and its a gorgeous space with healthy foods. Unfortunately Indian Gardens Cafe was closed because of Covid this time, but if you are traveling to Sedona, definitely go check it out. 

Favorite Hikes and Nature Spots:

  • Cathedral Rock: it's a big hike but climb to the top it is so worth it.
  • Devils Bridge: it's an easier hike, a little shorter, less up hill, and the photos you can get are awesome.
  • Bell Rock: a powerful vortex and where we had our photoshoot.
  • Angel Valley: this place is freaking amazing and has such a vibe. There are beautiful medicine wheels and tons of magic in every area of the property. 

Favorite Crystal Shops: 

I love Crystal Magic. It's my favorite of all of them. It's big, bright, high vibe, and you can be in there for hours. There are a ton of Crystal places (stay away from the shops in the touristy section of town if you can, I find they are overpriced and really weird about letting you take pictures inside) Center for New Age Sedona is also a really great crystal shop too. They have card readers and psychics too.

Other Magical Things in Sedona: 

-UFO Tour: Center for New Age does night time UFO tours. We were told to book with Malinda, and she was probably the most... um... UNIQUE human I have ever met. And she talks a ton. But we had a ton of sightings if that's your thing.

-Photoshoot: For my wedding in 2018 on Cathedral Rock and this photoshoot we did for the trip on Bellrock, I use Katrina from Sedona Bride. She does incredible work, has quick turn around on her shoots (we paid her for a rush turn around) and is reasonably priced. Tell her I sent you! 

Healing Modalities, Faciliators and Healers We Loved: 

-Psychic Massages, and Reiki Sessions: I recommend going to Gateway Cottage Wellness Center.  Just note they are very particular about their cancelations and will charge you the full amount of your service if you cancel the day of, so just be sure to honor your appointment. The reiki I had was incredibly powerful and Kathrin had the psychic massage that she said was awesome.

-Wand Making: Visit Rachel at Bohemian Dreamer (tell her I sent you) Her studio is freaking magical and her artwork is incredible. You can have a wand making class with her and she also does card readings and serves tea while your creating. I adore this woman's vibe and energy. I was sick the day we had scheduled our appointment for this trip, but the girls all had a great time and made me a wand! 

-Kambo Ceremony: We sat with the Frog medicine on our trip and this was the most PROFOUND healing experience I have ever had in my entire life. I have so much to share on it and won't go into the details here (I'm still processing) but let's just say I healed my Lyme disease and released so much heaviness in my body. My mind is clear and my relationship with food is incredibly different. 

-Breathwork: If you are a fan, Anahata the creator of Shamangelic Healing facilitates an incredible experience for her guests. 

-Note on Sound Healing Ceremony: We also got to experience private sound healing with THE incredible Porangui. My heart was so full for that experience. IT was serious freaking DIVINE. This was probably a once in a lifetime opportunity but it was so awesome I decided I am manifesting a second experience of this one day soon. You can reach out to his team via instagram if you are curious about a private session. It can be anywhere upwards of $3,000 just so you know.