spirituality tips Aug 12, 2019

>>SEX, BUSINESS & CHAKRAS << My sacral is blocked. It’s smaller and not as bright as it should be. I had an in-home reiki session yesterday with @vanessajlove And she hit the nail right on the head: your sacral is small and timid,” she told me.

The sacral, the lower abdomen womb area, governs pleasure, sexuality, desire, sensuality, and procreation. I've always had trouble here and I’m not afraid to admit it.

Speak your truth and honor that throat chakra? No problem.

Open your heart and love others unconditionally? Piece of cake.

Be comfortable with my sexual desires and be openly sensual and claiming of what it is that I want in life? I’m sorry ... you want me to whattttt?! Years of damage abuse and shame have kept my sacral chakra stuck.


Getting grounded as a teenager, being told I was acting “slutty” -hiding to be a “good girl.” I’ve done a lot of work around this but suppressing desire is the story of my life.

“Lauren, you don’t deserve those energies.” I was conditioned at a really young age to suppress my sexuality and to not “own my desires.” (Side note - this could have something to do with growing up with a gay father who hid his desires for his entire life... or maybe it has something to do with my mom who lived on the other side of that and whose father died at a young age and caused her to care for everyone else before herself.)

Either way... I’m here.

Our ability to attract wealth is directly connected to our ability to claim our desire.

The last time I wrote an “official” manifestation list was back in 2016.. since then I’ve been struggling with feeling comfortable owning my next level desires, not because I feel guilty for wanting more, but because I actually have no freaking clue what I want to call in.

It’s almost like it’s hard for me to identify what it is I want in my next chapter of life.

So I’m going to spend my morning inside my zen den figuring that out.

Desire is a right. And it’s my right.

We *deserve* our *desires.* This is your gentle reminder to explore and honor yours - whatever they may be.

Some of us may only be on this planet once - how would you feel if you died never having lived in your desire?



-Lauren of Love