My amazing soul sister trip in Austin

lauren's life Jul 01, 2019

When I left this amazing trip, my first thoughts were, "I MUST document this experience on the blog."

Not because I want to brag or boast about the magical trip I just experienced, but because I never want to forget this experience. Ever.

Running a business can be incredibly lonely. We can feel like no one in our community understands us and finding support on the journey of entrepreneurship can be incredibly challenging.

On top of that, a lot of us have so many stories and patterns around relationships with other women. We believe women are catty, untrustworthy, and are often thought of as being dramatic or gossipy. 

About two years ago I made a decision to work on my own limiting beliefs around friendship. Truthfully, I had a ton of fear around sisterhood. But a while back I sat down and actually asked myself: "What are the exact qualities I want in my friends?"

Slowly, over time, the Universe started to show these women to me. Now, we have a beautiful soul sister family. All of us are entrepreneurs dedicated to serving our audience while also being the best version of ourselves. We are also spiritually, awake, conscious women which definitely does wonders for our friendship.

We definitely hold space for inner work, open communication, and deep spiritual conversation.

Together, we have created our own little mastermind. We hold each other accountable, we allow ourselves to be seen, heard, and supported.

This past week we all met up in Austin for a spiritual retreat. We made it up as we went along and the truth is, we had the absolute BEST TIME!

Let this be an expander for you ladies: If you struggle to find sisterhood, we created our own beautiful support team just by getting clear with the Universe on what we wanted. We didn't sign up for a fancy mastermind and we didn't even enroll in an inclusive retreat. We simply rented a house, picked a location, and decided to have fun, grow, and heal together.


You can checkout my instastory highlights from the trip to Austin, but I thought it would be cool to give you a little recap of our trip. Ashley Gordon, Kathrin Zenkina, Jen Casey, Stephanie Bellinger and Stephanie Burgos and I all decided we would have a week of play in a new city. (oh, and this is Lauren by the way if you are new to this website and blog) 


Before the trip, not all of us had gotten to know each other super deeply,  but we were all on the same level, and had the same intention for the trip: We wanted to have an amazing sisterhood experience however that looked. So before we even got to Austin, we were in our play - sharing on social media, celebrating and getting excited. In our group chat before our trip, I just kept telling the girls, "Our lives are going to change forever". And I think on some level we all kind of knew that magic would unfold.

From the moment I got to the airport, I knew this trip was going to transform me. I had all of this growth and inner work that. I was craving to do, but lately, my schedule has been so busy and I wasn't really prioritizing my own inner work. Ladies, even if taking a trip to another state isn't within your budget, prioritize your growth! Make time on a Saturday to spend a few hours to yourself. It is super powerful for your business when you work on YOUR energy and your vibration.

Monday we all flew out, got settled and just kept it low key at home. The girls went out to a really nice dinner the first night but I was too tired and wanted to ground into my experience after flying, so I decided to stay in. Remember, on retreats, you don't have to do everything together, having alone time is important too.

On Tuesday we set out for an adventure. We had an amazing lunch at Flower Child which is quite honestly one of my favorite places to eat ever. They aren't just in Austin P.S. so go check them out. 

We had planned for a really deep spiritual night full of meditation, crystals, candles and palo santo, so we spent the afternoon getting ready and calling in the energy of our experience. 

With an obvious crystal shop stop on our to-do list!

Natures Treasures in Austin was awesome if you've never been. If you are ever in the area, I highly suggest taking a trip.  We each picked out a candle to use for the evening in our Spiritual ritual. I brought some crystals and spiritual card decks with me on my trip, so I didn't grab anything new besides my candle for the evening. Then, just as we were about to leave I saw this beautiful crystal necklace I had to have. It is astrophyllite for anyone who wants to know. Any time I find myself growing or evolving into a new level of myself, I tend to document it with a new piece of jewelry. I set an intention, put it on and refuse to take it off until that version of me has truly come to fruition. Obviously knowing this was going to be an epic trip, I grabbed this gorgeous jewel to symbolize my next level evolution.

Pause for Spiritual Goddess Circle

There is some documentation of this night on my Instagram stories (you can scroll up for a link) but we kept this very private and intimate. In my experience, Goddess circles are some of the most powerful soul shifting containers we can create as women. That night was absolutely incredible full of spiritual awakenings, tears, sharing, and deep deep conversation. It was like we stepped into this powerful vortex of energy and didn't come out until we left Austin. More on how to construct your own Goddess Circle in July's training inside VIP Supported

That night, my Feminine energy came out in the most powerful way.

The next day we kept things light and easy. Some of us had coaching calls that day, so we didn't want to do too much running around. We spent most of the day inside, catching up, sitting in Goddess circle and sharing our breakthroughs from the night before. 

We DID make a trip to Barnes and Noble of COURSE. Stephanie Bellinger had a coaching call so we got her a few books as a gift!

Oh.... and we also asked some random dude to take a picture of us in the bookstore because we were all rocking our Spiritual Gangster shirts and looked SOO cute.

The rest of the trip was full of PLAY and high vibration.  I did, of course, take time for an epic fun photoshoot in the house we were staying in. Side note - when I travel I love picking homes that have fun instagramable features like this amazing gorgeous outdoor bathtub.

Thanks, Ashley G for the epic photoshoot! 

We went out to a fancy dinner at Ra Sushi in Austin,  and honestly, it was SOOO Fun. I have been working so hard I haven't gotten dressed to go out with a bunch of sisters like this in a LONGGG time. It was so fun to be seen and supported in honoring the feminine energy together.

That night we had the best time trying out some new product from Spiritually Intimate. We meditated, called in new high vibrations and allowed ourselves to receive from the Universe without attachment. Thank you so so much Andrea for sending us these amazing goodies! 


The next day we had a FULL ON girls day. We went and honored our higher selves with a beautiful day out! We went to an amazing lunch at the Punch Bowl Social which is now officially on my favorites list. And then we did some epic shopping.

I got some epic new outfits and beauty products that made my SO high vibe. I also bought my very first piece of Baby clothing for Matt as a surprise (no we aren't having a baby, just talking about it right now.) Honestly, I haven't gone shopping with soul sisters in so long and it was so so so fun. I felt so abundant.

I think we all did after looking at our car trunk after our trip.

Oh.... This is my absolute favorite photo of our trip. Land of the Free and Home of the Babes!

And we ended our last night out with an incredible trip to Milk and Honey Spa!


Seriously.... we had the best time ever.

If you're reading this and feeling called to have a girls soul sister trip with your friends, share this post on instagram and tag your friends that you are feeling called to travel with! <3 <3  I know our lives are changed forever. Take a trip like this and yours will be too!


Lauren of Love