Spiritual Healing in Costa Rica.

spirituality tips Dec 06, 2019

I haven't blogged in a while....

Like, actually wrote a post about my life and what's happening in it....

SO before I do, just know there are probably an F ton of spelling errors in this article.... don't judge me.


So tomorrow at like... the crack ass of dawn I am getting my butt to the airport to travel to Costa Rica.


To do plant medicine.


Now.. if you don't know what that is, it is basically a new age term for taking psychedelics in a healing/spiritual environment.


I did this with my husband a few months back but we used Mushrooms.

It cracked me open and was so incredibly healing. And our relationship has been amazing ever since (we were pretty good before, but we were fitting way more than we do now.)


So now I am going back down the spiritual rabbit hole to have an experience with Grandmother Aya. 



This psychedelic plant has been used in Ceremony for centuries.... and I am now going to have the honor of experiencing it myself!


And I am scared shitless.


"What if I throw up"

"What if I poop myself."

"What if I come back changed forever and like not in a good way."


But this experience is teaching me to surrender in an entirely new way. And I am ready for it.


Finding Spirituality

Spirituality has been a big part of my life since I started my business. I had this quantum awakening back in 2015 on the top of Cathedral Rock in Sedona. That was the moment I felt spirit for the very first time.. After that, I tried going back to my corporate job but everything changed. I felt this deep calling in me do bigger things, and so less than a year later I was putting in my resignation and jumping into the world of Personal-Development-Based business.

Matt and Spirituality.

One of the biggest questions I get asked: "Does Matt get all woo woo with you?" And the answer is no. I don't feel the need to bring him along on my spiritual practices.. I honestly think that leading by example is way better in a relationship than trying to change your spouse. He doesn't try changing my practice of being connected to spirituality so why would I try to change his practice of not being into it?

We love and respect each other and he has his own ways of meditation, prayer and practice that look different than mine.

And I love that. Gosh could you imagine if we were both the same? It would be nuts!


Where am I going and who am I going with?

I am going to Rythmia which is a safe facility that handles the entire process with care and the utmost security.

93% of their guests report a life changing miracle during their stay, so that is pretty cool. I am super ready to receive it!

I am going with my friends Jen Casey, Stephanie Burgos, and Kathrin Zenkina. And it's going to be amazing to have that sisterhood energy there during the entire experience. The sister wound is something I am working through real hard.


What am I packing?

Light clothes (you can only wear light colored clothes during ceremony) My Magic of I planner and notebook (because of course I'm going to be writing down a TON of spiritual breakthroughs) and electrolytes - I got Nuun Hydration Tabs.

I am also bringing some new reads like Kundalini Rising and the Divine Matrix.


What intentions am I setting?

This morning I was writing in my journal about this, and I narrowed it down to a few really solid intentions of what I want to work on during this trip

1. My relationship with my body. (I am still struggling with low energy and random headaches during the day)

2. My relationship with the mother wound. (my mom and I have not spoken in about four months.)

3. My relationship with my business (I am ready to channel the next level of what I am called to do.)

I am also detached from what I expect to receive because I know that I may get there and Grandmother Aya may have an entirely different plan in store for me. SO I am surrendering to it all.


And if I poop.... well... I poop.





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