Spiritually Intimate talks about business partnership and conscious parenting

We are keeping this blog post short and sweet because this podcast episode is SO incredibly valuable. I am so honored and so excited to feature Blair and Andrea on the Lauren of Love Podcast.

We brought these amazing soul sisters on the podcast because we felt called to have a deep conversation about business partnerships. As Cora-Lynn and I have come together in more of a partnership style, it has been incredibly soul shifting and eye-opening to grow together. But growth isn't always easy, and being in a partnership comes with its own set of unique challenges - especially with conscious women.

 In this episode, the four of us have an open real raw conversation around partnerships. Later, the conversation shifts to partnerships in marriage and business, and also on conscious parenting. Andrea and Blair answer questions about being full-time business owners and moms and what it is like to juggle it all.

 This episode is POWERFUL and we are so excited to share it with you! 



xox Lauren Eliz Love and Team


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