The epic Email I sent out last week.

Uncategorized Feb 22, 2021

I have two really important emails to send over the next few days. One to all of you, and one to the students in my membership. So if you are part of the membership, stay tuned, because there is epic information coming your way. 

This is hard email for me to write. Hard, because I have been putting it off for so long that there is so much I want to share (it will be hard to fit it all into an email.) And second, it's hard for me because my deepest layers of fear, vulnerability and rejection are coming to the surface with what I am going to share with you.

"Will I be enough for them?" 

'Will they still want to follow me and be on this journey of life and growth and transformation with me once I share this?" 

"What if I anger someone or upset them in shifting my direction?"

It feels scary. But it's time.


How it all started to unravel for me...

I started to see the signs from the Universe that something big was coming about a year and a half ago... maybe 2 years now. It was right after my first mushroom journey and I was more tapped into the Universe than I ever had been before... little signs and flags started to show up that my business of helping "just women in business" was about to change...  I started to see a vision for something bigger beyond that... something that could help every woman... not just the woman wanting to grow an online empire.


Anyway... I ignored the signs for a while because... well.. that was TERRIFYING.

My business and financial reality was built on helping a specific type of woman...a woman wanting to grow a BUSINESS. Would it be absolutely crazy to change my entire niche in the middle of the game? To shift my perspective to something bigger? Everything I have built is focused on the entrepreneur (cue panic attack here.) What if I am not enough for that vision? What if I fail? What if the world doesn't even want that from me? 

Then I got Lyme disease... and it was like Spirit was forcing me to listen to her and let go of my business as it used to be to shift into something bigger. She threw me into the deepest sickness of my life and forced me to fully pause from my work  and rest in a deeper way than I have ever known. I thought I was going to die I was so sick. My body was in so much pain that suicidal thoughts were common place for me during those dark times.


So I left for Sedona because after trying everything else there were no other options for me...I could barely walk, traveling made me viscerally ill (even going to the grocery store was painful.) So I gave this message from the Universe a shot. I decided I would be there for 7 months healing my life. It was a big financial sacrifice. It was a big leap to risk stepping away from my business. It was a big challenge on my relationship being away from my husband for so long. 


This was the biggest craziest message I ever listened to from the Universe. But I left.

During my time in Sedona I continued to see signs that things were shifting for me in my business... things beyond my control...

People started asking me more about my healing path....

I started getting inspired to share more of my healing and the visibility of that content skyrocketed...

It all felt so beautiful ... and also so scary because it was showing me what I needed to do.

And after seven long months of healing my life, I came back home, ready to fully listen and embody the guidance and wisdom that the Universe was giving me.

So it's time to follow my heart. Even if it felt scary.

I need to step into this. And I am going to. Deeply, and fully, and with all of my heart.

I am here to serve....

People are struggling out there.

People want more for their lives than just sitting at home working all day.

We want TRUE fulfillment. We want to heal our wounds and our old stories... we want to deprogram our minds from old limitation and finally believe in ourselves. And most importantly, we want to look at our selves every day and feel true love and appreciation for the women we are.

My mission has never been about growing a business... It's been about growing yourself so that everything you want you can truly have in your life. including the business.


The Realization of Self.

My passion is so deeply rooted in helping you create the life of your dreams. And with your permission, I'd love to start a new chapter with you where together, we can go deeper into our study of becoming the best versions of ourselves in this lifetime.

Let's dive deeper into understanding masculine and feminine energy... and not how it affects just your business, but how it affects EVERY area of your life.

Let's talk about full moon circles, spiritual practices and how I create ceremony space. Let's dive deep into talks about consciousness and plant medicine and the healing work I have been doing the last seven months. I want to share it alll with you!

I want to dive into childhood reprogramming, explore the subconscious mind, and hold space for you all to do really, really deep work.

The Transformation work.

The work that doesn't just bring in abundance, but also allows you to heal and shift your entire physical reality. To Quantum Leap time and space to create a new beautiful world for yourself.

Let's heal and grow together. In all areas of life.

That's my desire. That's how I'd like to show up for you all. 

And with that desire I have all this fear coming up for me.....

Will it be what you want? Will you no longer feel like you want support from me the more spiritual I become and the more I evolve into sharing that vulnerably with all of you?


When I came home from Sedona a few weeks ago, I felt like a completely different human.... I still do. After all the work I did I feel so changed. And I was so scared that Matt wouldn't love and accept me for who I had become. He did, and slowly I am opening up more and more as I am home. This feels like a very similar process with all of you... and it feels like this email is me ripping off the bandaid saying HI THIS IS ME!

So now what?

I guess I am just writing this email to let you know that over the next few months I am going to be sinking deeper and deeper into the voice I want to have in the online space, and the message I am feeling a call on my heart to share.I am going to follow my heart and create what feels the most inspiring to me and most supportive to you. On my instagram, I am going to be releasing more of my spiritual practices, rituals and activities that help me so that they can help you (there are some videos linked below for you if you want to explore.) And as far as Facebook, I have a beautiful community of 25 thousand women.  I'll be doing more live trainings inside there --> Sacred Success Facebook Community talking about lessons I am learning in my business, and also tips on navigating your healing and transformation in the process. I am also really called to the idea of coaching some of you live inside there for free, whether that's a Q&A style or maybe a video coaching call face to face live streamed into the group!

On the podcast, I am going to be documenting my own experience of healing in a story telling format. I'll be sharing with you all the steps I am taking, the lessons I am learning, and all the ebbs and flows of the process that I am navigating so that you can feel more supported in your own healing and transformation journey!

This is the vision I have right now. And it feels really good. And I really hope you stick around for it. My deep prayer is that my content inspires you, helps you, and serves you deeply. 


And to also be my fun, full expression of self. No one should ever have to choose between being successful and being themselves. The two go hand and hand.

In fact, how could anyone feel successful if they weren't feeling themselves at the same time?


Anyway... I love you all. So much. Thank you for listening. I'll see you next week for a fresh start of life!


Lauren Eliz Love

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