The Personal Development Books I Read This Year That Are Blowing My Mind.

mindset mastery Oct 16, 2019

Guys.. I'm not going to lie I am a big reader. I read.. like.. a lot.

A while ago I had this deep desire to keep track of all the books I am reading this year (I want to see just how many I can read in a 12 month span.) I've been posting them on my instagram in the reading highlight so I can keep track, but a few of you have asked me to share a list of all the books so that you can go grab copies of the ones you like too!

 So here it is! A list of everything I read so far in 2019.


Note: I only started keeping track of this 22 weeks ago, so I am sure there are way more that I read before that, I just was too lazy to go back and figure that out.


All the Wonders : Collections from the Moth  A great collection of stories of growth, healing and power. If you loved Chicken Soup for the Soul books when you were a kid, you will love this book.

Warrior Goddess Training by Heather Ash Amara  Tap in and honor the feminine. For anyone who is ready to embody their goddess energy, this is a great read.

The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle I will admit I threw this book across the room when I first tried to read it. Second time I LOVED it. Lots of lessons in being present.

Wicca by Harmony Nice Curious about what Wicca is? I was. This book was an easy read and taught me the basics of a beautiful spiritual practice.

Rise Sister Rise by Rebecca Campbell I love Rebecca and this book was so in the goddess energy around sisterhood, power as a woman and reclaiming your truth. Definitely recommend.

Slow Sex Nicole Daedone This is a method of connecting with your partner more deeply sexually. I recommend it for anyone who wants to deepen their connections with their spouse or for women who aren't truly comfortable owning their sexuality.

Subconscious Power by Kimberly Friedmutter A basic yet powerful read for anyone who wants to understand subconscious work more deeply.

Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsh I LOVED this. It was so powerful, so moving and so inspiring. If you are looking to connect more deeply with source, this is your book.

Earth is Hiring Peta Kelly This book had me all full of love for Mother Earth and the magic that we as creators are here to do. This speaks specifically to millennial go getters and achievers but can be relatable for anyone! 

Becoming Super Natural by Joe Dispenza I LOVE Joe. All his books are MUST reads. I am re-reading his other book right now Breaking the Habit of Being yourself.

Expert Secrets by Russell Brunson If you are in business trying to be an influencer, this is a must read.

Traction by Gino Wickman If you are in business trying to grow a company and be a ceo, this is a must read.

Explosive Growth by Cliff Lerner If you are building am membership site - this is a must read.

How to Write copy that sells by Ray Edwards If you write sales copy for your site, this is a must read.


LOTS of must reads.. but ALL so very good! I hope this helps you guys!