The Secret to Creating a New Reality

mindset mastery Oct 16, 2019

Hey It's Lauren

Pretty soon we are going to be releasing our epic new Success Guide to our email list. If you saw me on instagram you know what I'm talking about.

The new release of this product (which teaches you all of the magical lifestyle secrets to success) is so near and dear to my heart because quite frankly:

Success is something I have always wanted, but for a long time felt so far away from me.

And if you are reading this email, you get it babe.

We all DESERVE success, but for so many of us it feels so far away.

Especially in business.

We WANT success, sure, but we often feel: less than, not good enough, insecure about our offer, fearful of our failure, doubtful of our worthiness, and above all else, we often RESIST money because we have never really created big beautiful wealth before.

ALL of that energy is what is pushing away your opportunity for financial freedom.

I had subconscious programming that stopped me for a LONG time in my business.

Did you know the majority of what you know about money and success is learned between the ages of 2 and 12? Back then, my parents fought over money, we lost money often and I felt guilty when I told my mom I wanted the new N'Sync album or a manicure for my school dance.

In addition, I had all these subconscious stories about worthiness plaguing me. I had been the girl who wasn't really seen for much of her life.. I was bullied, didn't have many friends as a young kid and I felt like I wasn't good enough for the popular girls.

Oh... and I also was super insecure.

When I jumped into business it felt like ALL of those stories were popping back up for me again.

-I was afraid to ask someone for the sale because I felt guilty for taking their money.

-I was afraid of success because subconsciously I had been conditioned to believe that success requires hard work (and I had little time available for more responsibility.)

-I was fearful that if someone bought my product they may not like it and ask for their money back or WORSE.. maybe they would say NO When I offered it to them.

-And the entire time I was trying to grow my following and audience on social media, I had this fear in my head like, "OMG what if they don't like me or what if I get a nasty comment or what if I'm not 'cool enough' to grow this business."

Mannnn was I in my head.

Hear me sister: you cannot create a new reality with the same personality.

Insecurity, doubt, fear and lack of confidence are an OLD version of you that you need to choose to let go of.



-Who would you be if you were truly confident in your business?

-How would you act if you 100 percent believed you were incredible and that your magic you were putting out into the world WAS in fact MAGIC?

-What financial opportunities would open up for you if you reconditioned your subconscious mind to be a MAGNET for money?

Now... if you are asking HOW you change this, you are in the right place.

I spent the last seven years coming up with a method to recondition my subconscious mind and I am so excited to share it with you.


The process is simple: Go through the trainings and learn:

-the three mindsets of operation, the four energies of receiving, and the seven steps to radical transformation.

Identify your subconscious beliefs, walk them through the seven steps, and then do the accompanying journal prompts and the 20-minute hypnosis to reprogram your subconscious mind.

This is MAGIC. Just hear what our students are saying:

-"This is amazing. I cannot believe how much has shifted. I love the meditation and it has opened me up. I have had so many shifts. OH.MY.GOD."  - Erin H.

-"I cannot describe how earth shattering the lessons were for me. I can't believe how different my decision-making and daily thoughts are having gone through just TWO of the four areas (so far) #Mindblown" - Lauren R.

-"I am only halfway through the program but holy shit with the breakthroughs I've been receiving from this!.. I have been in such a higher energy and vibe from these and I cannot thank you enough for this program." - Adelia G.

Are you ready to have your shift? Are you ready to finally become that confident, high vibe version of you who no longer lives in fear?

Here's what's happening babe. The Good Enough Reprogramming is usually $222 but until Friday, I am gifting this to all of you at 50% OFF!

Grab your copy of Good Enough Reprogramming and start redesigning that subconscious. It's time to let go of the fears, the doubt, the negative energy around money, the resistance to success....

It's time to FINALLY become that woman you were always meant to be.

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Your Coach, Lauren Eliz Love