Three Ways I Make Money Podcasting (and how you can too!)

business strategy Oct 28, 2019


I LOVE podcasting. And not just because I'm a talker.

Side note... my very first time I was a guest on someone else's podcast, I was so excited that I had my mom listen to the episode and she was like, "Lauren... you talk a LOT." 

But honestly, that's my greatest gift. I am a speaker. I love sharing my truth.  And I love using my voice on the Lauren of Love Podcast to help others.

When I started my podcast, it was just for fun. But over the last year we have recognized that podcasting is not just a pleasure for me, but it is also a professional tool that allows us to generate really big revenue in our business.

And today, I wanted to show up to share how we use our Podcast platform to grow our business.



When I break it down, there are three ways that we use our podcast for business. THREE simple, powerful and money filled opportunities that you can easily apply to your own business.


1. Having a podcast allows us to show our audience WHO We are and that we know our shit. Podcasting is SO amazing for providing value. Honestly, have you ever thought about hiring someone or buying a product online and then you thought to yourself, "Wait... but does this person really know their shit? Podcasting is my opportunity to showcase my expertise and give value to my audience. I look at podcasting as my chance to show the customer that I have value to give, and that I solve her problem. When you show up to provide value outside of your sales page and "buy here," promotional posts, you are giving your audience a chance to form a deeper relationship with you. Nowadays everyone and their grandma is selling something on the internet. Showing up to podcast around the problem you solve makes your customer love you, relate to you and connect with you before she purchases... which will make her more likely to purchase and will make her more likely to continue to purchase. YAY!

Here's a tip: Think about the problem your product solves. Maybe you focus on self love or bringing more health and wellness into the world. Maybe you love your product because it stands for confidence, or maybe you help women navigate divorce or intimate relationships. Whatever it is: write it down and then ask yourself, "How can I provide more value here?" Many that are interviewing other experts on your show around your topic, or maybe it's offering free training on your podcast or simply sharing your story of how you founded your business. Whatever it is you do, you can create a story for your audience that keeps them captivated, engaged and connected to you. 


2. Having a podcast allows us to FIND new clients. I think my favorite part of podcasting is that it acts as such a powerful lead generator for us. The Lauren of Love Podcast is a combination of trainings, stories and interviews with me and other experts. When we bring guests on our show, we always give them cute sexy sharable graphics that we share across our media platforms when their episodes go live. And that allows them the opportunity to share that they are on our show - which in turn actually allows US a chance to be seen by new people. We have seen our Instagram grow with this strategy, our Facebook grows and we have also - obviously, gotten more visibility for our podcast. In the world of online business, the game is called VISIBILITY and when you share your platform with other people, you get a chance to be seen on their platforms when they share your episodes! Talk about easy effortless and free lead generation!

3. Having a podcast gives us a chance to DIRECTLY sell to our customers. Podcasting is the ONLY platform that allows our audience a chance to multitask while they consume our content. You can't exactly read an Instagram post and also drive, ya know? I can't tell you how many times audience members told us they loved listening to our podcast while they were in the shower or when they are going for a walk outside. Because podcasting is such a way to keep your audience captivated while honoring and respecting their time, you have a better chance at selling to them! On our podcast episodes, we have been able to monetize our show by creating ads, promoting sales and speaking about programs when they are open for enrollment. With the Instagram and Facebook algorithm always making it harder and harder to reach your following, the Podcasting platform gives you DIRECT and FREE access to your customer. Talk about a win!


Do you want to start a podcast?

I have a course that will teach you how to star your own Podcast. We cover everything from content creation, landing guests, pitching yourself to other platforms, editing, producing and hosting your podcast. Through this course, you'll learn start to finish how to create the podcasting platform of your dreams!


Come visit us at Lauren of Love podcast!